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SCO for sanctions is not a barrier
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 22-10-2018
"No harm in trying", – says the proverb, but where is and demonstrate it as not at international summits? Is not the first time Moscow is trying to promote the Shanghai cooperation organization to the agenda, containing the elements of confrontation with the West.

Is not the first time the other members of the SCO meet these Russian initiatives with a polite "Yes, of course, you're absolutely right, and your opinion is very important to us." Then move on to a completely different, more interesting to them.
Slightly annoyed by this attitude of the Russian side, however, do not despair, convincing themselves that, apparently, its partners in the SCO is not yet Mature enough to understand all the intricacies of geopolitics. And you just need to wait until the moment when the initiative of Moscow will meet with polite attention, and warm approval.

Apparently, on Friday, October 12, held in Dushanbe meeting of the heads of government Council (HGC) of the SCO Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decided that the moment had arrived.

Then told the audience that "some States use methods of unfair competition, introduced protectionist measures, illegal unilateral sanctions". Moreover, "the main attack is directed against Russia, China as key members of the Shanghai cooperation organization and Iran partner in the SCO". Transparently, thus hinting to the others that this revelry and excesses of the "individual States" ought to do something.

Such a strict and very specific statement made by the Russian Prime Minister was, apparently, to stir up the participants in this traditionally technical nature of the meeting of heads of government of member States of the SCO. And time seemed from Moscow, where he wrote the script for the conduct of the Russian Prime Minister in Dushanbe, could not be more appropriate.
Indeed, Beijing and Washington are in a state of let and strange, but a trade war. India was in the "zone of risk" of a possible us sanctions over – albeit severely reduced in volume, but still signed a weapons contract with Russia for s-400. In addition, the administration trump annoyed rather evasive stance new Delhi in respect of a refusal to import Iranian oil – Indian party prefers in the matter of "not to cut the cat's tail at once, and to cut in pieces". In the same "risk", albeit for different reasons – Islamabad. Well, about Iran – though not a permanent member of the SCO, but for many years with the status of "observer" in the organization – and can not speak.

It would seem that the threat of sanctions for all public. And if the same Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, they do not directly affect their negative economic consequences for these countries, from the existing conflict between Russia and the West excludes no one. Moreover, this question is seriously examined in the offices of government Astana, Bishkek, Dushanbe and Tashkent. And let debate on this subject almost does not spill out into the media – this does not mean that they are not.

But the statement of the Russian side once again met only polite attention. "Never been, here we go again" Moscow's attempt to "sharpen" the agenda of the SCO and receive from members of the organization support in its confrontation with the West was politely but firmly rejected. No, not directly, of course. But really, the wording "may set the Russian side issues will be reflected in the new edition of "the Program of multilateral trade and economic cooperation of member States of SCO", the development of which the participants are only going to come – translated from the diplomatic language into human is a little different from outright rejection.

And okay, what points of Russian Prime Minister has not found a response only at a General meeting. It is, after all, can be attributed to the reluctance of his colleagues to publicly Shine their views on such a sensitive issue before a large audience. But, having met with Dmitry Medvedev and understanding during the talks with Premier Li Keqiang. Our Chinese Prime Minister said that Russia is ready to defend, excuse the expression, multilateralism, and even Moscow for free trade. And in response to hearing that "China is willing to strengthen comprehensive strategic cooperation with Russia, to expand the scope of cooperation and integration of interests to give a new impetus to bilateral relations."

SCO can be any number, followed by some experts to blame the weakness, vagueness and other sins. But these charges, and the failure of another Russian attempt to "sharpen" its agenda do not happen because of "shortcomings" of the SCO, but only because of deep-rooted misunderstanding of what is actually today the Shanghai cooperation organization.

And for China, and for most of its participants, with the exception of India and Russia, the SCO is an instrument of implementation of strategic initiatives "Belt and road", a platform where contours of the mates of the national economies with that of the Chinese mega project. Everything else this organization by and large not interested. And certainly it is not going to participate in the conflict one of his party with foreign players. And those are the principles of change that SCO does not intend, even for this their respected member, like Moscow.

Pankratenko I. N.


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