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Shale gas: a soap bubble or a real miracle?
Material posted: Publication date: 10-03-2013

Worldwide voice rises, disproving the myth about shale gas. The more you inflate this bubble, the more serious will be for the United States the consequences of this fraud. The Obama administration is confident that the country is moving towards sustainable energy independence.

Shale gas there is no debate; is actually talking about the miracle of American technology, like the fire of Prometheus, as we trumpeting about it from all sides of the Anglo-Saxon media, or is vulgar a soap bubble, inflated by the adherents of financial management, thesis, shielded geostrategic think-tank, located in Brussels? [1]

However, such debates have a right to be, because this conclusion depends on a new leading role, sought by U.S. a global energy superpower, capable to compete with Russia and the OPEC countries, if Mann's gas is confirmed, or the pathetic media attempt to delay the sunset of the only superpower in the past?

A friend of mine, a senior banker, who asked not to be named, believes that the hydraulic fracturing at a depth of 4000 m, requiring a huge amount of water, is a very dangerous operation and is absolutely unacceptable. Hydraulic fracturing technology is an abyss for investments, and proceeds from the sale of oil, not enough to Finance the necessary growth of this new industry, because open wells using hydraulic fracturing technologies are being rapidly depleted, and to maintain production at an acceptable level you need to constantly drill new wells. This is necessary, but it is not enough to maintain the required level of production.

"This technology has no advantages compared with traditional oil production, which was a generous source of clean liquidity, which serve to expand production or to invest in other sectors. No, fracking consumes all the resources he needs to giant loans, and the day will come when it will provoke a crisis. In the end, wall Street will take a new maneuver to attract small investors who are looking for new profitable investments will fall for this bait".

These arguments can be quite convincing, especially because recently, Aubrey McClendon, founder of Chesapeake Energy, a leading gas producing companies in the US, was dismissed at the request of investors because of declining profits and rising debts. The financial collapse of the company due to falling natural gas prices and lack of available funds [2].

In turn, the website declares that the end of the myth of the revolution, which will make shale gas will happen through 18, a maximum of 24 months. There are already established under the heading "shalegas-gate " and the drilling of wells is regarded as "weapons of mass destruction" (destroy the US), referring to the resounding failure of the company Chesapeaky Energy. In short, the expected dividends were very high [3].

Independent geologists and geophysicists, which was denied by the Ghost of big dividends on shale gas, of course, were excluded from participating in international conferences on oil and gas subjects. However, the hunt for witches are unable to silence the skeptics, and new York times was forced to assume that, apparently, the figures on gas production were falsified [4].

In recent years in the United States there has been a significant increase in natural gas production, which made it possible to conduct a detailed analysis on drilling of new wells, and it can be seen that gas production was significantly lower than forecasted.

Geologist Arthur Berman who has worked in Amoco (Chicago oil company, formerly Standard oil) 25 years analyzed the three known deposits: Barnett, Feltwell and Hansville. He spoke about the tremendous mismatch between forecasted dividends and that he concealed from investors, blinded by the bankers, not versed in the specifics of shale gas.

On the contrary, there is a report of the International Energy Agency, which several times caught on the operations of misinformation, announced that large deposits of gas associated with oil fields Eagle Ford, Utica, Bakken and Marcellous, will allow the U.S. to become the world's leading producer of hydrocarbons in 2017, overtaking Saudi Arabia [5].

However DeDefensa in turn quotes the words of engineer Harry Swindell, which divides into two fabulous production at the Eagle Ford wells [6].

And the British Reuters, expresses, in turn, questioned and on the fabulous wealth of Utah – miraculous Utica field [7].

Anyway, despite the evidence, the gas industry neglects the opinion of some experts who oppose the infallibility of mahé.

However, as evidenced by DeDefensa, government Agency US Geological Survey in August 2012 published a report that confirms the findings of skeptics, putting them to the ranks of realists [8]. And pessimistic DeDefensa doubt in technological capability, not only in hastily piled up figures Chapter Mahe Veil of Briola – a dubious economist, said on 12 November 2012 that by 2017 the U.S. will come out on top on oil recovery.

Shale gas will be part of the American energy project, but it will not break the geopolitical game, because the US will not export natural gas. Russia is not threatened in the European market and the Australian liquefied natural gas projects can be brought to an end.

In addition, shale gas will not be cheap, so attempts to use it to make strategic revolution will put neoliberal Mexico (submitted by the government, is unable to give a correct estimate of) the beans.

Alfredo Khalifa-Rahma

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