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Soloviev, O. F. "Freemasonry in world politics of XX century"
Material posted: Publication date: 23-08-2017
The order of "free masons" (Freemasons), who came from the depths of the XVIII century, continues to haunt the minds of people. Other sees him as the devil incarnate, wearing the "crown of thorns" on Russia for its enslavement. Others make the case for ethical abstract nature. Whose side is the truth? What is it?

Doctor of historical Sciences O. F. Solovyev tries to penetrate the essence of complex phenomena through extreme and erroneous interpretations, having more than 20 years. The new book the independent scholar based in foreign archives and the extensive literature. Its purpose is to identify the role of Freemasonry in the international relations of this century.

The author first examines in an entertaining vein, the question of the effect of the order of "Freemasons" at large sections of the diplomatic history of our century. On the basis of unique archival materials the role of this specific public Association in the development of the principles of arbitration and disarmament, a reaction to the revolution in Russia. Show initiation by the masons of the League of Nations plan, "pan-Europe", attempts to defend democracy from fascism and totalitarianism. Disclosed contacts European order centers and U.S. President Roosevelt, their support for Republican Spain in the fight against francoism. Traces the involvement of Freemasonry in the creation of the coalition, its active participation on the side of the West in the cold war and the dismantling of socialism in the USSR with the revival of the brotherhoods in the post-Soviet space of Russia. The app reproduces the original documents of the order. The book is intended for the General reader.

Year: 1998
Publisher: ROSSPEN (Russian political encyclopedia)
ISBN: 5-86004-138-1-Language: Russian

Tags: Russia , Masons

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