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Material posted: Publication date: 11-11-2021

According to the World Robotics Association (International Federation of Robotics), 422 thousand industrial robots were sold worldwide in 2018. In the next two years, there was a decline in their production, while sales of robots in China increased by 19 percent. According to Milton Gerry, President of the World Robotics Association, this indicates good prospects for the industry. Demand for robots is expected to increase in North America and Europe in the coming months.

Robots' abilities — both cognitive and physical - will continue to evolve. For example, the use of gallium nitride for the production of transistors will allow new generations of robots operating at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius to appear.

Specialist in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence Hans Moravek, analyzing the growth of computing power of modern computers, identified four generations of robots. In his opinion, the first generation that appeared in the 2010s has lizard-level intelligence. The second, which may appear as early as the 2020s, will have the intelligence of a mouse. In the next decade, we can expect a third generation of robots, which will be comparable in intelligence to monkeys. And finally, in the 2040s, a robot may appear whose intelligence level will be comparable to that of a human.

The problem of the existential risks of the superintelligence — the emergence of an artificial superintelligence that surpasses human capabilities by orders of magnitude - remains open. According to the Future of Life Institute, artificial intelligence, along with nuclear weapons, ecology and biotechnology, is one of the fundamental problems of humanity. However, not everything is so gloomy: according to the Swedish philosopher Nick Bustrom, until artificial intelligence superior to human has appeared, humanity has time to figure out how to protect itself.

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