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"The U.S. is going the way of unleashing world war I" President's Advisor Sergey Glazyev about the economic crisis and relations with the EU
Material posted: Publication date: 06-04-2016
The Moscow state automobile and road technical University (MADI) held a videoconference with representatives from leading technical universities, which was attended by the Russian President's adviser on regional economic integration Sergei Glazyev. After the event, the economist met with reporters. "" wrote down his answers to questions about actual problems.

The recovery from the current economic crisis in the planned economy

Without planning it is impossible to imagine our modern world, because the average scientific production cycle in advanced industries such as 8-10 years, and the business inevitably needs to plan for this period. If to speak about structural linkages in the economy, then there is a cycle of 30-40 years. 30-40-year planning horizon is a long — term tech forecasting. It exists in all advanced countries without exception. On the basis of such forecasts, strategies for the sustainable development, then the concept, then programs, and then under budget indicative plan is implemented.

The world is undergoing the transition to new technological way, and this creates high uncertainty. The business is suffocating from lack of information and the enormous risks associated with the development of new technological trajectories. In this situation the role of the state dramatically increases. Many experts say about the transition to the monetary and industrial policy in America and Europe, and in Japan, these conversations have never stopped.

Practiced everywhere in the world the partnership between the state and private business. We, having made the transition to a market economy, must implement the principles of planning with regard to the mechanisms of market self-organization. This means significant, I would say, the leading role of business in shaping the plans.

De facto, this process is already underway, we have three-quarters of business (in any case, large) are financed by state banks. By giving loans, they, of course, require business plans and, in the case of failure of repayment of debts. All of this happens randomly, in manual mode, haphazard and ineffective.

We offer not to invent something new, and to systematize the international and domestic experience. The President gave the formula an investment contract: the business undertakes obligations to modernize and increase production, and the state to create the appropriate macroeconomic conditions and to provide lending.

In this system everyone has a role, this system is fairly well developed and advanced countries is already common place for the formation of a new global economic plan, which is most successfully applied in China, Japan, South Korea. In the European Union, state planning also dominates in scientific and technical sphere.

Today we are trying to have a dialogue with the financial authorities, because planning is necessary to allocate the credits. Wagering, as now, we artificially put ourselves into a stabilization trap, since the high cost of money in a situation nedemonstrativnye economies causes stagflation.

Our financial power for the thirtieth time stepping on a rake, trying due to the compression of money, their expensive to cope with inflation. But nothing good happens. Unfortunately, today with the help of highly profitable speculative activities, particularly in relation to the ruble, served the interests of the dominant oligarchy, which largely sits in the public financial institutions and which are satisfied with this situation.

Whether to wait for the lifting of us sanctions

The sanctions element of hybrid war, which the United States is waging against us. It's not because they don't like the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, because the sanctions America pushes the combination of objective and subjective interests of the American ruling oligarchy.

The US losing global hegemony, they have already ceded to China in the production and export of high technology. China is rapidly catching up with America by the number of scientists and engineers, and many leading Chinese development conquer world markets. This country is growing at a rate five times greater than the rate of development of the American economy. World economic system of institutions, established in China, — sample new world economic order.

The system of institutions, dominant in the United States and providing for the rights of the financial oligarchy, has led to the destabilization of the American financial system, which annually passes through the two default. We see that U.S. debt bubbles continue to swell. Background of the global financial crisis of 2008 have not disappeared, pyramid schemes derivatives and the U.S. national debt grow.

From the point of view of systems theory, infinitely this process can not continue. The American oligarchy is interested in throwing the burden of their debts. For this they are a hybrid war not only against Russia, but against Europe and the Middle East.

As always happens during the change of world economic structure, the country is losing leadership, seeks to unleash a world war for control of the periphery. As Americans consider the post-Soviet space, its economic periphery, the recovery of control over our territory is in their economic interests.

On the subjective side of the U.S. political establishment brought up on the chimeras of a sick imagination of nineteenth century geopolitics. American students in the departments of political science in universities are taught the basics of English and German geopolitical thinking of the time. And the main question there was how to destroy the Russian Empire. They still see the world through the eyes of the "hawks" of the nineteenth century, when the British, seeking to preserve their hegemony, unleashed the First world war, provoked the Second world war, but eventually lost its colonial Empire, causing great harm to all.

Now, unfortunately, the USA are on the path of unleashing a world war. Alas, this is what they teach American policymakers who sit in the state Department, the White house, and who continue to see the world through the prism of the cold war, and the Anglo-Russian, Anglo-German confrontation of the nineteenth century.

The combination of the objective problems of reproduction of the American financial oligarchy losing their hegemony, and such a strange way of thinking of American geopolitics threatens global conflict. The Crimea is absolutely nothing to do with it, they can use any other occasion.

We need to be real contradictions, pushing the United States to aggression, risk of hybrid war with the world. As the main impact direction they choose Russia and as the principal means of destruction — Ukraine, occupied by them.

To survive in this reality, to preserve their sovereignty and ensure the successful development, it is necessary to build a broad anti-war coalition to implement its strategy of accelerated development, and to restore financial-economic sovereignty and to develop the Eurasian integration. The key to preventing war is the realization of ideas of our President, proclaimed the goal of creating a common space from Lisbon to Vladivostok. It is very important to convince our European partners and partners in the East and South, the necessity of cooperation does not blackmail and threats, but through mutually beneficial projects, combining our economic potentials and conservation, respect for the sovereignty of each state.

How to improve relations with the European Union and can it be done

A necessary condition for cooperation with the European Union — the restoration of its sovereignty. The speeches of European politicians on the Euromaidan in a crowd of rampaging Nazis showed how degraded European political culture. EU leaders are not independent, in fact they are puppets of the USA.

This is because the nature of the political space of the European Union, dominated American media. They are introducing into the public consciousness of anti-Russian Chimera, scare the average Russian threat, and politicians are forced to focus on the media, manipulated by Washington in order to gain votes. Such actions lead to disaster, the existence of which we are witnessing today in Brussels and other European cities, maddened with fear and the inability of national authorities to ensure the safety of people.

Unfortunately, the sovereignty of Europe may not be restored only on the basis of the clarification of social consciousness. There the problem has arisen not today and not yesterday. They are caused by the loss of the European political class sense of national interests. So Europe will be a very difficult transition period. While this is not a partner, and the shadow of Washington.

The Europeans have lost their way and live in a mosaic, fragmented world, without seeing the overall relationship. But life forces them to turn to reality, and I think that ultimately the European democratic tradition and European humanism will play an important role in the return of common sense.

Recorded Victoria Kuzmenko


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