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Free Karakalpakiya?
Material posted: Publication date: 24-07-2019
Residents of the Western part of the state of the Uzbek – Karakalpak – began to move EN masse to Kazakhstan. To do this, they forge birth certificates, where they write that they are ethnic Kazakhs. This is done to quickly get a passport Northern neighbor. There have already emigrated 250 thousand to 700 thousand representatives of this nationality living in Uzbekistan. Among them, it has become fashionable to support separatism. What is the result?

Every year in Karakalpakstan is becoming more and more Uzbeks. The government specifically pushes out of the country, the indigenous population of the Western part of the state and the changing ethnic composition of the region. Karakalpaks are a Turkic people, but differ from their fellow citizens what they used to be nomads and formed from many steppe peoples. Besides – they have a more pronounced Mongoloid racial traits, what's more brings them together with the Kazakhs. After wandering in the steppes they finally settle on the southern shore of the Aral sea, at the mouth of the Amu Darya river.

The Russian Empire annexed these lands to himself in 1873, after the conquest of the Khiva Kingdom. Under the influence of Russian - most of the Karakalpak tribes shifted to a settled way of life. Petersburg thoroughly undertook the development of the region – there began to grow cotton on the plantations which now worked for former nomads. Opened hospitals and schools. Despite all the love of the tsarist government, almost all Karakalpaks in the Civil war sided with the Reds. The Soviet government created for them a special Karakalpak autonomy within the Kazakh SSR, but in 1949 the Communists put their territory under the rule of the Uzbeks. This injustice can't stand activists of the Karakalpak movement so far.


Tricked and captured

Sacred to the Karakalpaks of the Aral sea in the Soviet Union was the site of nuclear weapon tests. And the Amu Darya have been used in industrial scale to irrigate almost the whole of Central Asia. As a result, she has become so shallow that the Aral sea began to reach only a small stream. With the 60-ies of the sea became shallow in his eyes, there was an ecological disaster. To save the whole people in Moscow decided to resettle half a million people from Central Asia in the Tver region. But the collapse of the Union was not given this idea to be implemented.

After gaining independence, Uzbekistan - Karakalpakstan, too, declared independence. Two years, the region is actually lived nezalezhna. As a result, in 1993, signed a contract to join him in the composition of Uzbekistan for 20 years and on the rights of autonomy. The parties agreed to: after that, there will be a referendum where the people decide the future of the subject. But the Uzbek authorities "threw" Karakalpaks and forgot about all the agreements. One no vote in 2013 did not hold. Tashkent tight rein clung to autonomy, turning it into fiction. Yes, there is a flag and coat of arms, but special rights of the subject no.

The struggle for independence

Activists of the Karakalpak movement complain of a violent uzbekization that the main posts are Uzbeks, especially in censuses underestimate their numbers . Wanting freedom of Karakalpakstan, imprisoned or forced to emigrate. Besides, the subject has found huge deposits of minerals. Local assure that the oil, gas and gold developments are carried out in a barbaric way in Tashkent companies that leave almost no money in the budget of the autonomy.

- The government of Uzbekistan robs the occupied of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. All hazardous waste and hazardous industry remains a people - says one of the leaders of the national movement of the Karakalpaks Aman Saidullaev.

Fighting for the region's independence movement "Alga, Karakalpakstan!". In the capital of the autonomy Nukus can often be seen leaflets and graffiti calling for the return of real sovereignty and separation from Tashkent. Karakalpaks today gravitate more towards Kazakhstan, and I want entering the area in its composition. Some dream of full independence or accession in the future in Russia. However, it is unclear how the common border we have.

Discrimination Karakalpaks gradually glows region, forcing people to go to protests. For example, in 2005 protests started because of the decision of President Islam Karimov to transfer some shumanai district of Karakalpakstan in the neighboring Turkmenistan. In 2010, among the Karakalpaks, in the town of Chimbay broke out the anti-Uzbek riots. And recently, state security officers arrested the activists of Karakalpakstan are celebrating the holiday of Nowruz with a flag of their Republic and chanted Patriotic slogans. Everything goes to the fact that the region could explode and smolder for years.


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