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"Terrorist No. 1" is dead?
Material posted: -Publication date: 03-05-2011

In Monday tape of the world's media carried one of the most important and so long-awaited news – Osama bin Laden, the terrorist number 1, dead. As reported by the American media, the head of al Qaeda was killed during a special operation in Pakistan. Not a powerful missile from a drone, as it often happens, and shot in the head. Thus in the message it is mentioned that it was even possible to take genetic material to conduct DNA test.

But the body of a terrorist was buried although according to Muslim traditions, but not on land but in the sea in order to deny his followers a place of worship. Immediately to the statement about the death of Osama bin Laden reacted to global markets: oil prices fell, the dollar strengthened slightly. To comment on the situation, the correspondent of the CCI-inform turned to the expert of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Andrew Genova.

Indeed, the event out of the ordinary. And, of course, it caused a variety of responses in the analytical community.

For the American administration a landmark event under the auspices of fighting "al-Qaeda" in September 2001 began a new "crusade" – us troops with zeal began to colonize the Islamic world is restless.

Over the past ten years no one has learned the true causes and customers of the terrorist attack of September 11, and Osama bin Laden remained during these years, the embodiment of evil and the leader of world terror, whom he appointed the American media almost immediately after the tragedy.

Now no matter what then, a few years after the beginning of the fight against terror, there were doubts that this person really exists and that it is not a Mirage and not virtual reason for American troops and special forces to expand the scope of their actions on the strategically important regions of the world. Some then believed that the real Osama died of kidney failure in the beginning of the two thousandth's, but on his death chose not to mention – it was too successful with it.

Then for many years, U.S. troops and CIA was looking for Osama all over the planet. Only in Afghanistan was organized with a dozen of special operations for his capture. All in vain. And now, after ten years the Americans have reported the elimination of "terrorist number 1". But, as it turned out, his death was not less of a secret than in his life. All the evidence suggests that the puzzle of the existence of Osama will remain unsolved.

All would be nothing, would be pleased to sigh and congratulate the American special services with successful operation, but it is painful in the moment it happened.

Last week the U.S. economy reeling – following the statement by S&P to downgrade the credit rating of the US markets are still not recovered from the shock. The election campaign of 2012 in the USA started at a low Obama's rating is in addition to the difficulties in the economy, he has not fulfilled the majority of commitments: the prison at Guantanamo still exists, U.S. troops – in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the situation is aggravated with each passing month. In General, without "the magician" does. And then there's the failure of the military operation in Libya, which has caused delays throughout the North African mission, also exerted negative pressure on the global economy.

The final week of April in General was marked by falling of dollar and growth of the European currency. The ratio of EUR/USD jumped close to the psychological mark of 1.6. The ratio of reserve currencies a number of experts have called a critical – his achievement may begin irreversible processes in the world economy, and on the expired week it has been raised to the level of 1.49.

The death of Osama bin Laden the situation was corrected. The delight of the Americans there was no limit, the President's approval rating has increased significantly for literally one day, and oil prices dropped sharply, making it possible to strengthen and the U.S. dollar.

In General, the situation is really interesting. What rating Obama needed "Jack" and "quickening" the event was long expected. But here's what this event was the conclusion from the information space of the image of bin Laden, speaks volumes.

First, it is a clear indication of the end of the ten-year phase of the global war on terrorism.

Secondly, it is an absolute beginning of a new phase of reshaping the world in which in recent months so actively preconfigured North Africa and the middle East.

Thirdly, you should wait for the new leader: the Osama coming one. Who will it be – until the matter. Some experts say that the figures from the leadership of the Iraqi resistance, someone grooming the leaders of the Taliban movement.

It is interesting that, according to, in particular, the Libyan news Agency, among the many insurgent followers of al Qaida. It turns out that this organization has outgrown itself, turning from the banal terrorist network in a tool of geopolitics. In these circumstances, it needed a charismatic leader, but Osama in this situation – have already played material. Now "al Qaeda" is a revolutionary power, and its potential will be used to continue the suppression of unwanted modes in the Islamic world. Among these modes, the immediate goal seems still Iran. It is with this country, in our view, largely associated with the new leader of al Qaida.

In any case, the coming months will be filled with very interesting events, which together will shed light on the Grand plan that is being implemented today, the global financial elite and which is designed to give the world a new order. As per any Hollywood script, there needs to be a villain, so this place will not remain empty.


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