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THE RF CCI. Round table on the topic: "Russia in the context of the formation of a new international financial and economic order"
Material posted: Publication date: 18-09-2009

In the CCI held "round table" on a theme "Russia in the context of the formation of a new international financial and economic order". The event was attended by the representatives of the Centre. The event was organized by the Department of information and public relations of the Russian chamber of Commerce, the editorial Board of the journal "Report", LLC "CCI-inform".


The meeting opened with round table, Senior Vice President of the RF CCI Boris Pastukhov, who noted that the crisis continues to keep the world in suspense, to find ways of countering him is still relevant; at the same time it is necessary already to seriously think about tomorrow's financial-economic configuration of the world.

The next speaker, and the event was hosted by the head of the RF CCI Committee on investment policy, the adviser to the head of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Anton Danilov-Danilyan.

Our discussion takes place on the eve of the summit "G-20", and it is appropriate to develop specific recommendations for the authorities, the business community, he said. You should carefully analyze the situation and the possibilities of our country. Yes, Russia has a reason to strive to become one of the world's financial centers, the ruble could theoretically be a reserve currency. But you cannot be the Issuer of a reserve currency without a strong economy, and the crisis has shown that we have very many weaknesses.

Among the BRIC countries today we have the worst figures, Russia is the worse among developed countries is in crisis. Huge gold and currency reserves obtained through trade in raw materials, cannot be the basis for a country's currency becomes a reserve. It is, figuratively speaking, the add-in. And the base is the economy, and here we are to work hard to restore order. Perhaps, says Danilov-Danilyan, today, should consider the establishment of a joint reserve currencies with strong players.

The Director of the Department of international cooperation of the RF CCI Sergei Vasiliev said that the crisis clearly showed what Russia is behind and what to do in the first place. Thus, the fall of the real sector we have one of the strongest among developed countries, and, consequently, that there were some very large gaps, underfunding, etc., which have made themselves felt.

Now you need every possible way to keep the economy afloat and to prevent a failure in addressing social issues, focusing on how to rebuild the economy on new principles, to make it modern and innovative. A big role to play chamber of Commerce, and the more active they will unite their efforts, not only within individual countries but also at European and global scale, the better the result.

In particular, said Sergei Vasiliev, now we are trying to internationalize connection of small and medium-sized enterprises with the assistance of the regional chambers and the Russian chamber of Commerce, chambers in other countries. It is about establishing contacts with foreign partners; much has been achieved and, thus, to minimize the loss of business from the crisis.

The situation in the country difficult, but not hopeless, according to the first Vice-President of Association of regional banks of Russia Vladimir Hamza. Russia has the potential for a new start. In Russia, he noted, the GDP growth per unit of financial product by several orders of magnitude higher than in other developed countries. We used to work in the conditions of insufficient financing, excessive money supply in the economy at us was not, according to Vladimir Gamza, and what in the West is now a deficit for us – almost the norm.

Where is now to borrow money for the economy? In the population, the expert believes. This should give guarantees on all types of investments of citizens – not only on deposits but also on investments in the stock market and other investments. You need to create a reimbursement Fund. Yes, the savings Bank will be strongly against this, but only because, if there were such a guarantee, citizens will no longer be considered a savings Bank it is the only reliable location in the room of excess money.

But we have to think about the interests not only of one, albeit the largest, of the Bank and the interests of the whole economy. And yet: money in the Bank man could take, even with the Deposit, losing interest. How to reduce the withdrawal of money? According to the speaker, it would be right to go towards the creation of savings certificates, which were quoted on the market as securities that would allow long time to use excess money to citizens. As for today, hovering in the air the idea of nationalisation as a method of rehabilitation of the economy, it would be correct to go the other way: create an Agency for the restructuring and rehabilitation of the non-Bank sector. The government should abandon direct massive entry into the economy and create the institutions of development. Figuratively speaking, the state should not directly engage, for example, by leasing it through development institutions should provide resources for this.

Speech of the Director of Institute of development of stock market Sergey Grinyaev was devoted to the following problem: can Moscow become a global financial center? Geopolitical picture of the world as a result of the crisis can be changed dramatically, he said. For Russia there are three variants of the situation development. First: to go along with that, in a world dominated current centers. In essence, this is Russia's consent to be a raw appendage of the developed world, on what our country and push all the time.

The second way: to enter any of the planned regional monetary system.

The third way is the transformation of Russia into one of the most important financial centres in the world. The Russian Federation is the largest crossroads of the planet, a transport node, the path from North to South, from South to West you go in Russia. That's a plus sale of resources for rubles – the basis for building a global financial center. Of course, the establishment of such a centre must be accompanied by the revival of the economy. The government's actions in recent years, even before the crisis clearly show that this is the way the country will go. He also expressed bewilderment at the fact that the world crisis started to fight many from nowhere appeared the organization persistently offering their recommendations, and many succumb, follow these guidelines.

Sergey Grinyaev suggested that these well thought-out policy of some countries that do not want the problem of crisis was discussed and it was outlined such authoritative and it is for the authorised organisations, such as the UN. Is it not because through such organizations more difficult to push through their own interests?

Michael green, President of the "Grand end Metro consulting", drew attention to the fact that of the 8 trillion dollars of global "crisis damage" 7 trillion was stolen from the homeowner. We, as you know, the housing problem is one of the most difficult and for most people is simply unsolvable. The ratio of the average wage to the price of square meter of housing that deprives people of hope for your home. How do you counter that specifically in our country? How to attract money of the population? We need a law on construction savings banks and at the same time need to restore order in the construction industry, to understand why the connection of houses to the network is ten times more than in other countries. Rise in the construction industry, and the rise, based on mass of housing affordability, is the influx of big money, it is an opportunity to revive the entire economy.

The crisis has shown that large investments in Russia, which we were so proud of in recent years were largely the speculative capital that came into the country, to earn and at the first signs of the crisis, rushed back home, said the Chairman of the Finance and investment Committee of the Association of European businesses Vladimir Ismailov. You need to learn the lesson and to create the most attractive conditions for investors ready to invest in the real economy, he said. Russia and Moscow as the financial center and the ruble as a global currency is an excellent idea, but it still took a long time to work. First you need to create a strong economy.

Acting Director, Department of information and public relations of the RF CCI Sergei Nebrenchin dedicated his presentation to the community the role of information in overcoming the consequences of the crisis. A significant part of the global economy is the virtual economy, and it can develop only in the information environment. Already a new information space, however, it is imposed on one point of view – first of all, Western. Russia in this space difficulties, it is generally difficult to develop to defend their position in such circumstances, and in Economics in particular. Us pours the rain of numbers, indexes, courses, quotations, forecasts. They are not always true, they form a sort of reality, expectations, and usually far from our position, our vision of the situation. It is difficult to choose their own path of development because of informational pressure and constant podsovyvaniya recipes, recommendations "on the side". You should create a single information space, its information community, primarily based on territorial chambers of Commerce. The next step should be done in the direction of the CIS where our and our partners's main interest. And this is one of the conditions of turning Russia into a global financial center.

Information policy is one of the main levers in the Arsenal of struggle of Russia for a place in the world. According to Sergey Nebrenchin, should establish a coordinating center that would create a unified information space.

The Deputy chief of analytical Department of Association of Russian banks, Sergey Grigoryan believes it is too early to discuss about the transformation of Russia and Moscow into a global financial center. First of all – a strong economy, then financial center. Now we are more useful to learn from the experience of others in dealing with the crisis. China, for example, which is going through a crisis, directs its efforts at infrastructure development – here comes 78 percent of anti-crisis funds; we also – about two percent. We rejoice in the growth of oil consumption China, but after infrastructural reforms, consumption will fall and this will immediately affect us. We are too dependent on raw materials. One per cent change in oil prices causes fluctuations in the exchange rate of 0.7 per cent. The financial center and reserve currency must first be different resistance in the face of economic bad weather.

The main idea of the partner of Department of business consulting "Ernst & young" Oleg Danilin was the following: full-fledged structural change in our economy is impossible without a serious fight against corruption. Need a different quality to kickstart the economy. GDP growth means little if the prevailing quantitative, not qualitative indicators; no point in its growth, if growth is accompanied by a sharp fall in the level and quality of life. Should focus less on external institutions and the opinions of external communities, solving their economic problems. A certain proportion of national egoism we desperately need.

Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sokolov believes that the crisis is now conducting certain forces, using it to achieve its geopolitical and economic goals. Ahead of a new technological division of the world, and this should be ready to keep up, not to lose. Meanwhile, the full strategy of geopolitical development of Russia is not, and this is a serious omission that urgently needs to catch up.

The adviser of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Nikolay Abrosimov, in particular, noted that there was a growing role of the expert community in identifying ways of economic development of the country. But not always correct estimates and projections reach their destination. According to Nikolay Abrosimov, it makes sense to think about the possibility of combining the expert community to work more effectively. He expressed support for the "round table" the idea that information policy is one of the main levers in the Arsenal of the Russian Federation fight for his place in the world, and therefore should actively work to create their independent information space. Big role in tracing the situation in the economy have played chamber of Commerce; in time of crisis is very important fresh information and instant feedback to the business to correct those or other measures in the economic recovery, and this is most effectively done through CCI.

The results of the discussion at the "round table" summed Anton Danilov-Danilyan. The views expressed and the views will be summarized, and based on them recommendations will be presented to the management of the RF CCI and the concerned bodies of state power of the country.



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