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Turkey on the way to the United States of Anatolia
Material posted: Publication date: 10-04-2013

In Turkey, there are major changes. The process of development, which have so far failed to give a comprehensive name, talks with öcalan, as well as the apology of Israel look like part of the enormous changes taking place not only in Turkey but in the whole of Afro-Eurasia. This writes the Turkish edition of TUIC Akademi Umit Nazmi, Hazer.

Launched by the French revolution and the industrial revolution process, since the nineteenth century, led to the emergence of national States. The formation of the Turkish Republic on the basis of the structure of a nation-state after the war for independence was inevitable, because it was demanded by the spirit of the time. In our day, together with globalization, has begun the process of transition from industrial society to the information. The effect of globalization applies not only to capital and information, but also on the socio-political structures. In this regard, to the fore began to leave micronationalism and ethnicity. This trend equally was characteristic of Kurdish ethnicity in the middle East that led to the emergence of the phenomenon of nationalism among Kurds. The efforts of such transnational bodies as the European Union, aimed at reaching beyond the nation-state and ensuring political integration, or the Shanghai cooperation organization led by Russia and China and eye-catching as aimed at regionalization initiative, act as regional powers attempt to find their place within globalization and the emergence of a new world order.

In this process large world changes before Turkey have any alternative: either, in spite of some problems and situation, to preserve the obedience and unitary nation-state structure as much as possible and try to stay out of the process of globalization, or to endeavour to find their place in this process.

Under the leadership of the Party of justice and development of Turkey is rapidly involved in the process of global change. The persecution of Turkey's radical position on the question of the middle East uprisings and the Syrian crisis, the temptation of fate in solving the Kurdish issue – only a few indicators of this policy.

Turkey actually took on daunting challenges. However, Turkey began cleaning the institutions, insisting on the preservation of the structure of a nation-state, such as the armed forces, and the formation of opposition through various cassette scandals. The transfer of Prime Minister Erdogan, the Syrian and Palestinian issues into the domestic agenda of Turkey, statement by the Minister Davutoglu that the time has come to settle accounts with nationalism, and the emergence of the idea that nationalism was supposedly the cause of all problems in Turkey, testify to the early withdrawal of Turkey from the structure of the nation-state. And in this connection the question arises: what structure will take the place of the unitary nation-state?

Discussions about a presidential system and a Federal structure, negotiating with Ocalan, an unprecedented occurrence in Turkish history of the controversy surrounding the category of "tunecast" suggest that along with the transformation of the political system of Turkey is possible even the change of the name and of this state. Abstracts of the Prime Minister of the Turks, the Kurds, the LAZ, the Circassians and the allegations that "morecost" – it's not over-identity, and one of these ethnicities that give rise to the following question: Turkey, ending to exist as the Turkish state, will turn into a multinational structure?

Of course, the main question is whether all these developments are favorable for Turkey. In 2023 we will have a state of the United States of Anatolia with multinational and Federative structure? And in this state Istanbul is a world capital, it consists of Northern Iraq and Northern Syria, it has the right to vote in the middle East and a global power? Or are we waiting for falling apart Turkey separatist Kurdistan?

In fact, the answer to this question reflects our view not only on policy, but other areas of life. Some believe: I can be content with what you have, and if I don't have the opportunity to achieve more, to get over it. Such people do not dare to risk and generally treading water. In other words, let well enough alone.

Others are willing to take risks even at the cost of losing what I have, and store any large game. If they win, they become giants, if you lose, you disappear from the face of the earth. Turkey has already embarked on this risky path. Will we in 2023 government with the right to vote in the international arena? The answer to this question I leave up to you.

The toponym "Turkey" was given to this territory a few centuries ago by Europeans. Is entitled to be called "the United States of Anatolia" and apply such a system will belong to us?


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