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Scientists brought the flooding of new York and London
Material posted: Publication date: 28-03-2016
Climatologists have found that the global sea level is rising with a faster prediction rate.

An international group of scientists conducted studies of the Earth's climate and found that the timing of the flood, before which NASA experts "took" several centuries, must be revised downwards.

As reported by "the Telegraph", scientists came to the conclusions, according to which in 2075 melting of glaciers will reach a critical mark, and the water level of oceans will rise by two meters.

However, according to a new study, the capital of the USA and the UK will be under water in the next few decades.

According to Daily Mail, the climate scientists determined that over the next 50 years the global sea level could rise by about six to nine meters. This will lead to the fact that the U.S. will submerge land with a population of 13 million people. As for the flooding of new York is enough to affect global ocean is only 1.8 meters. However, Shanghai, the Maldives, Bahamas or Venice will also soon cease to be land.

The maximum term, according to scientists, to a critical increase of level of world ocean can be 150 years. Such a change would occur in the event of further drop in the earth's atmosphere of harmful substances that will increase the greenhouse effect, and, as a consequence, the melting of glaciers.

Experts note that during the postglacial period, about 120 thousand years ago, has already occurred similar. Then the average temperature on Earth was just one degree Celsius more than now, and sea levels above nine metres.

According to the results of a new study, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will soon lead to global warming with temperature increase to two degrees. It is not only "beat the historical record", but also faces even greater increase in the level of the ocean.

The study says that the Earth will face new extremes of heat, drought, heavy rains and floods.

Scientists believe that initially the melting of the large ice sheets of the planet will add a huge amount of freshwater into the ocean near Antarctica and Greenland and to slow or even stop the system of ocean currents. Then start to heat up the deeper parts of the ocean, and ultimately it will accelerate the melting of the ice shield on the surface.

The temperature difference between the tropics and the poles will provoke powerful storms, like those that moved the planet over 120,000 years ago.

The safest areas in such climatic conditions are the Scandinavian countries and Russia. Stronger than all affected countries in Central Africa, Indonesia, India and several countries in South-East Asia.

In addition, experts have developed a map that shows the willingness of different countries to cope with the effects of climate change. Map of 192 countries are sorted by scores from 0 — "vulnerability" to 100 — "readiness".


The researchers note that carbon dioxide emissions annually reach 10 billion tons and rising by 2.5% per year. In total, mankind was thrown into the air about 580 billion tons of carbon dioxide.


At the same time, future global warming is man-made. Most people think that temperatures are rising, while emissions are growing, and if they stop, then the temperature will start to decrease, but it is not. Volcanoes emit more greenhouse gases than all the factories and cars. But the main "hot water bottle" promises to be an El niño.

Scientists say that if warming to two degrees about 20% of the population will have to migrate from the private areas located in coastal areas that could be the reason of new world conflict.

Pavel Gorokhov



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