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F. William Engdahl `a Century of war: Anglo-American oil politics and the New World Order`
Material posted: Publication date: 14-03-2012

In the struggle for the legacy of the British Empire after the First world war entered the U.S., but only the Second world lifted them to the top. The key to success was understanding two important things: the need to control oil flows and the timely elimination of potential competitors. With documents in hand the author carefully traces how this policy was embodied in the last century. In particular. The second world war effectively destroyed the German Reich, and the postwar "cold war" successfully isolated and weakened the USSR.

After the fall of the Soviet bloc the world was rocked by a series of local conflicts and wars in the strategic oil-rich regions, in which direct military intervention is gradually transformed into technology of "color" revolutions. However, the "Russian bear" still has "nuclear teeth"...

Publisher: Helikon plus
Year: 2008
Pages: 400
Series or Release: War and Peace

Tags: Russia , USA

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