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Leave the Matrix
Material posted: Publication date: 20-04-2022
The world is going crazy. People are crying, seeing off cheeseburgers and nuggets on their last journey. In line at IKEA, they are fighting for the right to buy garden furniture. There are no tickets for planes departing to Yerevan. In Uzbekistan, new migrants are being discussed – Russians who have come to work. No one drove them out of Russia – they escaped by themselves. From every blog and social media account, there are cries of the imminent end of the world coming in a particular country. And this country, according to social networks, is Russia. What's happening?

It is for this reason that there are so many fake Louis Vuitton bags around us. Their customers know perfectly well that they own fake copies of real bags, but they cannot contradict the matrix's settings and abandon them – then, as it seems to them, they will not be fashionable. But who said that this fashion is natural and real? The use of such a mechanism of influence on minds has led to a drop in the general level of culture. 50 years ago, Baudrillard called this state of society the time of the "least common culture" — the time of the minimum set of signs that is accessible even to the most uneducated and marginal segments of the population. Through these signs, Baudrillard said, they control the desires and actions of people. Today we know these signs as likes and emojis. These are the tools of the top of the matrix – social networks. The main mechanism for managing people, events, continents. 

On February 5, 2003, explaining the attack on Iraq, US Secretary of State Colin Powell showed a test tube, which, according to him, was evidence of the development of biological weapons by Iraq. Iraq was wiped off the face of the earth. As it became known later, there was nothing in the test tube. 

October 31, 1517, a simple monk Martin Luther nailed his famous "95 theses" to the doors of the Wittenberg church, where he demolished the ideological foundations of society that existed in medieval Europe, and, as a result of Catholic absolutism, the socio-political foundations of society. 


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