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Ukraine is not Afghanistan, Russia is not the USSR
Material posted: Publication date: 30-01-2023
February 15, 2023 marks 34 years since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989. The exodus of the Limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, which successfully completed the combat tasks of its ten-year mission of military presence in the Muslim country of the mountains, became the forerunner of a geopolitical catastrophe - the collapse of the Soviet Union, which followed in 1991. Military success turned into a geopolitical defeat. February 24, 2023 marks the year of the Special Military Operation (SVO) in Ukraine. As the armed confrontation drags on, it threatens unpredictable consequences for the fate of the state and society. Our difficult military successes contrast with the continuous PR efforts of the Ukrainian side and their global patrons. Meanwhile, today the history of Russia itself, the continued existence of the Russian people and other indigenous ethnic groups of Russia, the fate of future generations are at stake.

In the current global confrontation with the collective West and Ukraine, Russia is forced to find itself in strategic defense, which is due not only to the multiple superiority of the enemy in forces and means, but also to the severe demographic crisis in the Russian Federation, excluding unjustified losses, as well as the tasks of minimizing the losses of Ukrainian citizens.

The USSR in the Afghan War

In 1979, 34 years after the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union, the second power in the world, with a population of almost 300 million people, at the invitation of the official government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, entered the territory of a Muslim country with a population of 16 million people. 40 army, on the basis of which a limited contingent of Soviet troops (OKSV) was formed. The United States and its NATO allies waged an "undeclared" indirect war against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and the Soviet military presence. From the territory of Pakistan, Afghan gangs, mercenary detachments, Pakistani special forces, etc., whose actions were coordinated by NATO, Iranian, Chinese and Arab advisers, used mainly sabotage and terrorist tactics. Neighboring Iran, where the Islamic Revolution won in 1979, also turned into a springboard from where pro-Iranian armed groups carried out combat sorties. The subversive actions of the armed Afghan opposition against the Kabul regime and the Soviet military presence were accompanied by massive information and propaganda support in the world and regional media.

Despite this, by 1985, as a result of a fairly effective Soviet military and political presence in a Muslim country, more than 90% of provincial, county and township centers, where 80% of the population lived, were taken under control, the situation and economic life of the country were normalized, and external relations were established. However, already in 1986, like a thunderbolt, an unjustified policy of "national reconciliation" was proclaimed in Afghanistan, which led to destabilization and expansion of clashes, an increase in losses, primarily among the civilian population. The conciliatory defeatist policy in the DRA surprisingly turned out to be synchronized with the beginning of the "Gorbachev's perestroika" in the USSR, which became the forerunner of the collapse of the USSR.

In the Afghan campaign of 1979-1989, the Soviet military and political presence in Afghanistan was opposed not only by NATO countries led by the United States, but also by Japan, Australia, China, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and other, primarily Muslim states of the world. Formally, the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement took a neutral position in relation to the military-political confrontation around Afghanistan. However, most of them, with the exception of some countries, still condemned the Soviet "invasion".The Soviet Union could count on the support of the Warsaw Pact countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, GDR, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia, etc.), individual countries of socialist orientation, such as Cuba, Vietnam, Mongolia. The combined share in the global economy of the countries of the broad anti-Soviet coalition, which relied on the military-technical capabilities of NATO, mass culture institutions and global media PR structures, reached 60% during the Afghan war.  While in 1985 the share of the USSR in the world economy reached 20%, and together with other countries of socialism did not exceed 25-30%. 

The ACS in Afghanistan, which numbered 100 thousand people, not counting the little combat-ready Kabul army, was limited to the tasks of military presence in the areas of responsibility and support for the "greens" (the Armed Forces of the DRA) in countering the sabotage and terrorist activity of the Mujahideen ("fighters for the faith"). The total number of Mujahideen, together with mercenaries and instructors, did not exceed 150 thousand people. However, they had the sympathies of millions of citizens of the DRA and Muslims of the world on their side, families were waiting for them in the camps of Afghan refugees on the territory of Pakistan and Iran, some Arab countries. The core of the armed opposition were numerous pro-Islamic parties, terrorist structures of Al-Qaeda (the prototype of ISIS) under the leadership of Osama bin Laden, an international terrorist nurtured by Western and Israeli intelligence services.

The "Afghan crisis" repeatedly increased the degree of the "cold war" against the USSR, which began in 1946 with the Fulton speech of the English Prime Minister Churchill, who then passed the baton of Anglo-Saxon dominance in the world from Great Britain to the United States. The West, which lured the USSR into the "Afghan trap", for 10 years followed the strategy of exhausting the USSR through political and diplomatic pressure, ideological blackmail, sanctions, huge costs of war and the arms race, in every possible way forced Moscow to act according to the imposed rules, consistently prepared the prerequisites for the decomposition of Soviet society and mass anti-government protests. The Afghan phantom, promoted in international public opinion and within the country, played its role - in 1991, the Soviet Union surrendered to the mercy of the winners in the Cold War.

"Cooking a frog in a saucepan"

Purposefully "heating a frog in a saucepan to a state of boiling" is a favorite geostrategy of the Anglo-Saxons, so they brought no country to wars and social upheavals, collapse and transition to their external control. In recent history, Russia, not waiting for the harmful consequences of "white ribbon", "navalnist and other domestic political upheavals, decided to "jump out of the pot already with hot water", which was consistently boiled by the United States and England since Putin's famous Munich speech. In 2008, the Russian Federation gave a military rebuff to Georgia, which attacked the Russian peacekeeping contingent in South Ossetia. After the coup in Kiev in 2014, Moscow quickly organized the transfer of Crimea to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, and in 2015, by decisively intervening in the armed conflict in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government, managed to stop the advance of ISIS and strengthen the Syrian government in most of the country.

The collective West, backed by the forces of the "Deep state", did not expect such behavior from its recent puppet, who lost the Cold War to the nines, and did not continue to tolerate it, since it was an encroachment on the global domination of the "powerful of this world". Ukraine was chosen as the main instrument of info-hybrid aggression against Russia, where, after the coup d'etat in 2014, political Nazis, proteges of the Deep state came to power, taking a course towards militarization and de-russification of the country, tightening the anti-Russian course in foreign policy. The current Zelensky government in ethnopolitical terms is not much different from Hitler's clique in fascist Germany, which professed a misanthropic ideology of destroying all Slavs and, above all, Russians, including Belarusians and Ukrainians.

Unlike Afghanistan, Ukraine continues to occupy a geographically more advantageous springboard for waging an all-out war against the Russian Federation, has a considerable demographic resource, about 35 million people, the strongest army in Europe, developed communications, has powerful financial, economic and military-technical support from Western countries. The Ukrainian information and propaganda machine is closely embedded in the global media communication system to ensure the global dominance of the West. On February 24, 2022, 33 years after the USSR's withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, Russia was forced to launch a special military operation in Ukraine in order to forestall and prevent the development of a negative scenario of the inevitable hot phase of the war with the collective West.

In response, the entire combined power of the Deep State (leading intelligence agencies and agents of influence, global "meaning factories", media and PR structures, digital platforms, the capabilities of financial centers (Fed, IMF) and other TNCs, international organizations of influence (OSCE, WTO, FAI, IAEA, WHO, etc.) was simultaneously brought down against Russia. IOC, FIFA, UEFA, UNESCO, etc.), NGOs, show business, PMCs, etc. Already in the first month of the war, the Russian Federation faced media and communication aggression unprecedented in its history, political and diplomatic blackmail and pressure, financial and economic sanctions, direct military and terrorist actions, and other info-hybrid attacks.

The current anti-Russian coalition has about 50 states, their coordinated actions have broad diplomatic support in other countries of the world, including the UN. About 100 states are voting to condemn the Russian "invasion" of Ukraine. Financial tranches are allocated on a large scale and military-technical supplies are made to Ukraine, IEDs are supplied with intelligence information, uses the services of instructors and mercenaries, including using satellites, humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and refugees. Everything is like in the history of Afghanistan in 1979-1989, only many times more. 

Meanwhile, today Russia is inferior to the coalition from an economic point of view by more than 30 times, in terms of total military power – several times, PR and media communication forces and means - many times. Having mobilized the industrial potential of almost 50 countries of the world, the Anglo-Saxons, relying on NATO and other international structures, act simultaneously as manipulators and coordinators of the actions of the collective West, exert powerful pressure on countries that continue to cooperate with the Russian Federation. In a similar way, the sworn enemy acted during the time of Napoleon, the Entente, Hitler, etc., when he also sought to destroy ("close") Russia (USSR).

Russia has disrupted the blitzkrieg

Meanwhile, today's Russia is far from the USSR. From the point of view of geography, 1/7 remained instead of 1/6 of the world, the population has halved to 150 million people, the Russian share in the world economy does not exceed 2%. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the country is experiencing a demographic crisis, deeper than it was in the USSR, full of socio-political, national-religious and even regional contradictions. The power in the country is largely based on the authority and influence of the head of state, who for more than twenty years in power managed to launch the process of consolidation of elites and society, ridding Russia of strong external dependence, established with the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Today, in military terms, Russia is not lagging behind the United States, and in terms of modern weapons, it is even ahead, although the Russian military budget is many times smaller than the American one. In addition to the eternal allies – the army and navy, Russia can rely on the combat-ready armed forces of the Republic of Belarus, the military support of Iran, the conditional neutrality of China, India, etc.

Despite all the internal difficulties and problems, Russia not only thwarted the Western blitzkrieg of destabilization and defeat of Russia, withstood unprecedented sanctions and pressure, but also inflicted huge military-technical damage and human losses on Ukraine, did not yield to the strategic initiative on the war fronts, and grew new territories. By the way, the USSR, led by Stalin (Dzhugashvili), did not dare to pre-empt the invasion of Fascist-German troops on the territory of the country on June 22, 1941.  As a result, the loss of territories and the destruction of infrastructure, huge losses among the military and civilian population, millions of refugees, prisoners, etc. It took more than 4 years to expel the aggressor from the country and plant the banner of victory over the Reichstag. The Soviet Union paid a huge price for its victory, about 27 million people, the demographic potential of the state and, above all, the Russian-Slavic superethnos was thoroughly undermined. No less effort and resources were spent on the restoration of the destroyed national economy in the post-war period.

The failure of the blitzkrieg in 2022 allowed the state and society to begin the processes of rethinking the challenges and threats of an existential nature, launched profound socio-political changes, gave impetus to the consolidation and mobilization of society to repel the enemy. And although not all society is still ready to rise up and rally in the face of unprecedented aggression from the collective West, nevertheless, the core of general mobilization is actively being formed. At the same time, taking into account the Afghan lessons, it is important to carefully and competently dispose of the potential of front-line soldiers. As you know, ignoring the place and role of "Afghans" by the anti-people authorities of Gorbachev and Yeltsin led to the fact that many of them never found themselves in active life, and therefore failed to properly stand up for their Homeland during the hard times of the 90s. Therefore, it is important that the road to power, business, media and other important spheres of life should be opened to the current front-line soldiers today, so that the war in Ukraine does not turn into a political defeat in Moscow.

Meanwhile, our sworn enemy still proceeds from the fact that if it was possible in 1991, almost immediately after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, to destroy the USSR, and even earlier in 1917, at the end of the First World War - tsarist Russia, then, moreover, it will be possible to finally defeat the Russian Federation, "solve the Russian question" on the results of the war in Ukraine. If we keep in mind that neither in Afghanistan nor on the fronts of the First World War did our army suffer defeats, then the enemy needed the war only as a bloody excuse. The calculation is simple - the war must inevitably lead to internal upheavals in the Russian Federation with all the ensuing consequences.

The Afghan Lesson

However, as you know, victories are achieved by consistent offensive actions, which should be consolidated by competent political decisions. Everyone remembers the well-known Afghan experience of the Soviet military presence (1979-1989), the long-term successful stabilization of the situation in the country. Nevertheless, in the end, it turned into a political defeat, which played an important role in the collapse of the USSR. As you know, in Afghanistan, the number of servicemen killed in 10 years did not exceed 14,000 people, comparable to the current Russian losses during the year of its operations in Ukraine, not counting the deaths of civilians (about 4,500). However, during the years of Gorbachev's perestroika, hostile mass media (mass media, cinema, theater, literature, shows, music, etc.) imposed losses on international public opinion and the population of the USSR in multiple sizes. And the Soviet people believed, as well as other anti–Soviet lies, and therefore stopped putting up with the authorities, began to actively support the enemies of the country - "sawing the bitches they were sitting on."

According to Western geostrategists, in modern conditions, the "threshold of tolerance of Russian society" to human losses in the war with Ukraine and NATO can reach 500,000 people. Meanwhile, in hostile media, the figure of Russian irretrievable losses is already being pumped up to 250 thousand people, it is obvious that for plausibility it correlates with Ukrainian human losses. Another year of war and global media and digital platforms, NATO and Ukrainian centers of psychological operations, as well as Russian agents of influence in the country will begin to "draw" the cherished 500 thousand losses in order to finally activate the processes of decomposition of the army and society, destabilization of the state and change of power in Russia.

Deep state Strategy and Tactics

However, today the world has entered the era of kaleidoscopic changes, so it is unlikely that Deep State strategists intend, as in Afghanistan, to wait a long time for the "fruit to ripen" and fall at the feet of the winners. Another "cold war" (1946-1991) is beyond anyone's strength. The West has not only China, Iran, but also other undesirable regimes in its turn. The "three-thousand-year plan of Solomon" has also gone nowhere, including the radical reduction of the population by 4-5 times, the destruction of national economies, the erasure of national borders, the dehumanization and digitalization of the masses. A world war is a good way to achieve your goals and reset the "world order", write off massive losses and other costs of the war, especially since the main "scapegoat" has already been chosen – Russia.

The long–term plans of Russia's enemies are well known - to "cancel" Russia at any cost, to destroy the Russian people and other indigenous ethnic groups for the edification of all other recalcitrant. The West will continue to "boil" the Russian "frog" in the crucible of war. So the war in Ukraine will go on until the last Russian Ukrainian, then a Pole, a Romanian. It will be the turn of the Germans, as without them. In history, external forces have repeatedly pushed the Russian and German peoples into senseless bloodshed for the parties. The tanks will be followed by the supply of aircraft, long-range rocket launchers, aircraft, eventually it will come to the use of nuclear weapons, not to mention the spread of chemical and bacteriological agents. On the agenda is the expansion of the borders of the armed conflict to the scale of the World War, the legalization of combat and other activities of NATO military contingents.

Despite the fact that the Russian president disrupted the "long-awaited historical return" (Aliyah) of residents of Israel and other countries to the Crimea and other lands of Southeastern Ukraine (Odessa, Dnipro, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporozhye regions). We are talking about the construction of the "New Jerusalem" state in the vast territories of the Old Testament. Henry Kissinger told the international community about this back in 2012. Bearing in mind the well-known determinism of Deep state's actions within the framework of the "Three Thousand-Year Plan of Solomon", it can be assumed that the enemy will continue to achieve its goals at any cost, eliminating all objectionable along the way.

It is likely that in the short term, the peak of the escalation of anti-Russian activity on the part of the collective West, if, according to the views of Euro-Atlantic geostrategists, the Russian Federation will not be "inflicted unacceptable damage" in 2023, will be at the beginning of 2024, when presidential elections are to be held in Russia. It is possible that new military threats to the country will arise in the Transnistrian, Caucasian, Central Asian, Far Eastern, Baltic and other directions. Along with this, the Euro-Atlantic geostrategy provides for the neutralization of all potential allies and partners of Russia. First of all, we are talking about Belarus, Iran, China, India, the DPRK, Venezuela and other countries. Measures of info-hybrid warfare are being activated against them, including political and diplomatic blackmail and pressure, financial and economic sanctions, media communication strikes, cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, armed conflicts are being provoked, etc.

As a result of the total escalation of the war, the deepening of the global economic, energy, technological and other crises is inevitable, which will lead to large-scale destruction of infrastructure and life support systems, production stoppage, difficulty in transport links, the increase in mass famine and cold, as a consequence, to high mortality. And Russia will be blamed for all this, as is already happening. Massive lies and fakization of international and national information spaces are the main striking weapon of Deep state. As a result of a sharp decline in living standards, mass protests and the emergence of socio-political chaos are inevitable, including in Russia. In conditions of catastrophic deterioration of life, people will not care who heads the government, as long as it becomes easier to live. At that moment, they will not think that the new rulers - the proteges of the "deep state" will send them straight to satanic hell.

Restore the "red lines"

In this context, Russia is unlikely to be able to sit out, wait for the decay of imperialism, mass anti-war and other protests, and the support of allies. Today, all countries play for themselves or for the Deep state. Russia remains one–on-one with the main enemy of humanity - the satanic conspiracy against the world. In order to break the "Koshcheev needle", it is necessary to be able to unravel and make public the plans of the enemy, to take timely measures to destroy enemy plans. Given the fact that the enemy attaches particular importance to media communication aggression, it is important to learn to recognize the subtext of mass media manipulation, the verbiage of high-ranking newsmakers from Scholz and Biden, Ursula von der Leyen and Stoltenberg, who, as a rule, speak according to pre-prepared manuals. For example, the current orchestrated PR campaign of mass arms supplies to Ukraine aims to consolidate and mobilize the leadership of the countries of the anti-Russian coalition, inspire the Ukrainian side, scare potential allies of Russia, sow the seeds of panic in the ranks of Russian troops and society.

In these conditions, Russia has no right to wait, it is necessary to take risks, to seek victory in offensive actions. After all, the head of state considered that if a fight is inevitable, then it is necessary to strike first – on 02/24/2022 he boldly began his own, having received large-scale accusations of Russian aggression. The job is done, it's too late to retreat and it's flawed. At a minimum, it is necessary to restore all the "red lines" that the enemy continues to cross and inflict unacceptable damage on him, comparable to the arrest of Russian multibillion-dollar assets in the West, the undermining of gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, the destruction of the flagship "Moscow" in the Black Sea, etc.

Therefore, today we must act decisively and not be afraid to raise the stakes, as our enemy does. So, in particular, the cancellation of intellectual property in the Russian Federation will be a serious financial loss for the collective West, which will several times exceed the damage caused by the illegal seizure of Russian assets abroad, etc. It is advisable to withdraw from the sanctions regimes against Iran, with which military-political cooperation is being intensified, the DPRK, etc. It is quite possible to damage the underwater communication channels in the Atlantic between the adoption centers in the USA, Britain, France, etc.

As you know, the Syrians recently fired missiles at an American military base on the territory of this country, but after all, the US garrisons are spread along the perimeter of the Russian borders and can also be subjected to pinpoint strikes. Together with the Iranians, it makes sense to seriously "disturb" Israel, which supports Kiev behind the scenes, which will be especially sensitive for the "powerful of this world". It is necessary to hit the decision-making centers not only in Ukraine, but also, for example, the American military base Ramstein (Rammstein). It is high time to launch targeted strikes at places where weapons are imported on the borders of Ukraine, to destroy bridges across the Dnieper. You can make a mistake and even apologize for the sake of order by striking at the places of unloading equipment in the Polish city of Rzeszow or airfields and other military facilities on the territory of Romania. Missile launches, for example, from the warship Admiral Gorshkov may accidentally land on separate coordinates of the coastal waters of the United States and Great Britain. It is justified to shoot down American satellites, AWACS planes, even destroy warships that act with provocative purposes, etc.

What prevents cyber attacks on infrastructure facilities on a regular basis, first of all, the United States and England, if the Russian Federation is still accused of cyber terrorism. Taking into account the fact that global media and digital platforms play a special role in the total war against the Russian Federation, it is advisable to inflict pinpoint landmark strikes on the main sources of lies and fakes. Of course, the "media howl" is not enough, but it's worth it. Why not order the explosions of banks and decision–making headquarters in European capitals, the United States and England, at the same time - "disturb" the "burrows" and "beds" of world bigwigs in Australia, Macau, Switzerland and other regions of the planet.

There are many other ways to "get" the centers of anti-Russian decision-making, to make the positions of the collective enemy vulnerable. You can even apologize every time, but you don't have to be afraid of what Beijing, Ankara, Delhi, Tehran will think about us. Of course, there is a danger that the whole world will turn against us. However, the modern world is afraid and respects strength, and is not ready to take risks in support of the weak. For the strong, the powerless is always to blame. We will stand – the winners are not judged. If we stumble, everyone will finish off together in the hope of snatching their piece from Russia, and at the same time avoid the fate of another victim after Russia.

Consolidation and mobilization

Along with military activity, it is advisable to take effective measures to consolidate and mobilize society, consistently strengthen the military-political infrastructure of the state, initiate accelerated development of defense industry structures, including beyond the Urals in combination with demographic unloading of megacities. In the interests of consolidating society, it is time to unite the leading confessions under a single head, for example, the Russian Council of World Religions. At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate the agents of influence in the country, to ensure the mass arrival of front-line soldiers and successful leaders from the regions into the power structures.

The Security Council of the Russian Federation can act as the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, coordinator of the actions of law enforcement and civilian structures. It is necessary to immediately begin consolidating the country's media resources, creating a system of info-psychotronic counteraction to hybrid attacks from outside and from within. In particular, the Department of media communications and culture should be created immediately, and the military information and communications service in the Armed Forces, combining all the info–hybrid capabilities of law enforcement agencies, in status - an analogue of the SA and Navy GlavPURa in Soviet times.

In 2024, in the case of presidential elections, the state should be headed by a successful commander-in-chief of the united group at the front. At the same time, it is advisable for the current head of state to maintain the level of influence on decision-making and personnel issues, for example, in the rank of the head of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation with the heads of chambers subordinate to him. In conditions of war, the head of state could be elected by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the proposal of the chambers (Federation Council, State Duma). This is far from a complete list of measures that, along with others, it is important to quickly summarize and analyze and implement.

In the conditions of the growing processes of catastrophic mutual destruction of Russians and Ukrainians at the front, it is necessary to look in every possible way for ways of reconciliation of peoples, to search for political and other forces that can change the murderous course of the history of fraternal peoples. Putin's call for the Ukrainian military to take power into their own hands and start negotiating is more relevant than ever today. Today it is pointless to rely on common sense surrounded by Zelensky's criminal clique. The latter, like many others, has long been under the direct tutelage of political Anglo-Saxons and the religious-political sect "Chabad".

As historical experience shows, even the capture of Berlin and the hoisting of the flag over the Reichstag does not guarantee that later victory will not be stolen by enemies, as it happens today. Therefore, if we advance to Lviv in order to defeat the forces of the anti-Russian coalition, it is not in order to annex Western Ukraine to Russia. The natural borders of modern Russia may be territories where a loyal Russian-speaking population lives, which means the lands of left-bank Ukraine along the Dnieper, as well as Odessa and Nikolaev. Ukraine, if it persists, should remain a buffer non-aligned state under the external control of the Russian Federation.

Dreams and realities

Of course, there are many in the Russian Federation who sincerely dream of hoisting the banner of victory over Berlin, as in 1945, or at least reach Lviv. However, we must realize that Russia is not the USSR, which paid for the Victory with the lives of 27 million of its citizens. On the eve of the fall of the USSR, the total fertility rate in the country fell from about 5.0 in 1940 to 2.0 in 1991, when on average fewer than two children were born in families. The number of the Russian state-forming people in the USSR by 1991 had fallen to 51% with a metaphysical standard of about 70% of the homogeneity of a multinational state.

In modern Russia, the birth rate is at the level of 1.5, according to the population census of 2022, the number of Russian state-forming people has significantly decreased compared to 1992. Even the USSR with a population of almost 300 million people . he was unable to effectively control and develop his territory (1/6 of the land). Today's Russia is already unable to equip its territory with the size of 1/7 of the land in the current demographic state (about 150 million people). The enemy, who sees his goal in the demographic collapse of Russia, consistently undermines the country from within, draws it into wars and conflicts, as in the case of Ukraine. Therefore, it is obvious that modern Russia has not only exhausted the limit for social upheavals, revolutions, but also cannot afford to wage bloody wars, to bear great human losses. Otherwise, the long–awaited military victory over the current enemies will inevitably turn into a political defeat of the country - the deprivation of any prospects for the future.

In modern Russia, the birth rate is at the level of 1.5, according to the population census of 2022, the number of Russian state-forming people has significantly decreased compared to 1992. Even the USSR with a population of almost 300 million people . he was unable to effectively control and develop his territory (1/6 of the land). Today's Russia is already unable to equip its territory with the size of 1/7 of the land in the current demographic state (about 150 million people). The enemy, who sees his goal in the demographic collapse of Russia, consistently undermines the country from within, draws it into wars and conflicts, as in the case of Ukraine. Therefore, it is obvious that modern Russia has not only exhausted the limit for social upheavals, revolutions, but also cannot afford to wage bloody wars, to bear great human losses. Otherwise, the long–awaited military victory over the current enemies will inevitably turn into a political defeat of the country - the deprivation of any prospects for the future.

In the current global confrontation with the collective West and the Ukrainian regime, Russia is forced to find itself in strategic defense, which is due not only to the multiple superiority of the enemy in forces and means, but also to the severe demographic crisis in the Russian Federation, excluding unjustified losses, as well as the tasks of minimizing the losses of Ukrainian citizens. The demographic crisis is the main factor limiting Russia's strategic initiative. Russian Russian geostrategy - "a chicken pecks grain by grain, but it happens to be full," says a native Russian proverb. Of course, in the conditions of confrontation with the multi-fold superior forces of NATO countries, it is important that the enemy opens up as much as possible, "puts all his cards on the table," makes miscalculations and mistakes. At the same time, as another folk wisdom says: "Do not hurry, but hurry up!". Russia must skillfully combine the military art of effective defense with offensive actions not only on the fronts of the Ukrainian war, but also in all spheres of global info-hybrid confrontation (politics, diplomacy, economy, culture, media, etc.) with the enemy. Victory is forged in the offensive…

Fedor Pashin


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