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Material posted: Publication date: 25-03-2022
Today it seems that the countries called the collective West, in a single impulse, condemned the Russian military operation in Ukraine. But upon closer examination, it turns out that the claimed unity is a lie and deceit. At least because the consequences of sanctions are irreversible destructive not only for Russia, but also for many European countries. Britain and the United States are the true beneficiaries of the protracted Ukrainian conflict.

The ancients said "cui prodest?" – who benefits, implying that there is not always an obvious player behind every action.

Obviously, these are not strong economies with a powerful production cluster. As an example, let's take Germany, which will bear the key burden of a serious economic crisis directly related to the rise in prices for Russian energy carriers and many negative factors accompanying sanctions. Most of the European countries have dispensed with loud statements addressed to Russia. Their support of the collective agenda was rather due to inertia, under pressure from more powerful players, and Hungary publicly refused to participate in sanctions against Russia. In several countries, such as Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, civil disobedience and anti-NATO mass actions have become a response to sanctions against Russia.

There are several real interested parties in demonizing Russia who are ready to support the Kiev regime to the last Ukrainian as much as possible.

The first should be noted a number of Eastern European countries, such as the Baltic states or Poland, which have a traditional irrational fear of a huge Russia.

In the case of Poland, it is worth taking into account the direct interest in receiving additional investments "for defense" from more economically developed allies. And the national concept sewn into the Polish worldview since the times of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth - "Poland from sea to sea" has not been canceled.

The United States and Britain are the two countries that have reacted most harshly and consistently to Russia's military operation in Ukraine. These countries are the authors of the project"Ukraine – Anti-Russia". In fact, the Ukrainian conflict is only part of the global game against Russia by the Anglo–Saxons.

The United States is solving a number of very important issues due to the "great aggravation" in Europe.

First of all, American society, which is still in the zone of the most powerful turbulence after the presidential election, is switching from internal contradictions to an external agenda.

Another important issue is the possibility of conducting a successful combination to block the supply of hydrocarbons from Russia to Europe and capture the energy market. Create conditions when shale oil and gas production projects will again become commercially viable.

And the war between Ukraine and Russia is extremely convenient for giving new meanings to the existence of NATO, which is becoming a replacement for both the EU and the UN, which has long lost its functions, from the military bloc before our eyes. At the same time, you can put France and Germany showing excessive independence "in the stall".

Playing with someone else's hands is a long–standing British tradition. Obviously, having decided on BREXIT, the Anglo-Saxons were not going to go into island isolation, leaving the EU under the rule of France and Germany. The destruction of the European Community is one of the main issues on the agenda of British national interests. A local, but very painful war in the European theater with the participation of Russia is an ideal tool for achieving British plans. Here is the crisis of the European economy, which depends on Russian resources, and the destruction of the cooperation between Russia and Germany, which has been strengthening for many years. The inhabitants of Ukraine, its independence and statehood, are just a bargaining chip thrown into the geopolitical scales.

A new Europe, constructed in the form of NATO around the Anglo-American alliance, in which there is no place for the leadership of Germany or France – this is the true goal of Britain. Most major wars are the result of the same British scheme that has not failed for centuries: we collide two large camps on the continent, in the final part we support the winner and share the victory with him, spending a minimum of resources. And the Russians, Germans, French or …

Mikhail Potepkin


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