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Great chessboard: as Russia will win world hybrid war
Material posted: Publication date: 22-12-2015
Who will enter the conflict by the last, has most of all chances to become new world predominant force. It to you not a giveaway chess, children, but geopolitics.

Let's call things by their proper names. There is the fourth world war untied by the USA in hopeless attempt to keep world hegemony escaping them.

By the imperialistic nature this war differs nothing from any other world war. All the same war for domination, for influence spheres, for the control over distribution of resources, for preferable model of world economy.

This war only on a kit of tactical tools differs. In the First and World War II preferred direct collisions of huge mass armies throughout hundreds kilometres of continuous fronts.

Operations of the Third world (cold) mainly went on directions of secondary effort, in the countries of "the third world», frequently by means of "proxy" (formally independent, but actively supported by the weapon, money and instructors of the countries and groupings). Direct collision of the USSR and the USA was impossible because of availability at both parties of a considerable quantity of the nuclear weapon (JAO) because then doctrine GVU - the warranted mutual destruction would work.

The basic operations were led in information field, frequently by means of an internal fifth column, so-called "dissidents".

Dissidents actively supported money, untwisted, giving possibilities to be printed and act on television and radio, and also in every possible way protected, lifting howl about "human rights" each time when them caught on frank wrecking.

At the same time at itself in the USA confidently led a policy of McCarthyism when any far-outers appeared «devilish kommi», actively were exposed to persecution or were physically destroyed.

Third world the USSR has lost, mainly for the account of treachery of elite. As a result all countries of the former USSR and the Warsaw agreement were many years under external management (some are till now, how Baltic, Ukraine and Poland), were exposed to resource plunder (sometimes natural resources, sometimes human, sometimes financial etc) and purposeful deindustrializatsii.

Methods of the Fourth world war begun by the USA also are limited by availability at a number of the basic players (the USA, Russia, China etc) large supplies JAO. Therefore it, as well as the third, is led oposredovanno, without straight lines boestolknoveny the main participants.

Though the fleet of the USA already shows intention to enter into enclosed seas of China, and Beijing (and Joint Staff NOAK) consider it inadmissible and can react. But, even if it also will occur, at the first stage it will be the conflict of low intensity.

For now the American-Chinese relations are promptly heated, war already goes in three spaces: in economic, in information and actually in the military man.

Economic space:

Sanctions against Russia, breaking both the international legislation, and rates of the WTO;

Attempts to block deliveries of the Russian gas in EU, having organised revolution in Ukraine;

Retraction of EU in the agreement on TTIP;

Dumping of the oil prices, including illegal deliveries with supervised IGIL territories etc.


Information field:

Attempts to expose Russia an aggressor in the opinion of the international community;

Attempts to destroy a consensus in Russia to cause trust falling to the power and, as consequence, to organise in the Russian Federation "Maidan" which change of the power on loyal to the USA and-or split of Russia on a number of dependent subjects will follow;

"desovetizatsija" the countries of the former USSR, creation rusofobskoj mythologies about "oppression" of these countries, as a basis of their state ideology (frequently the myth about oppression is a unique basis for number statehood limitrofov);

Constant forcing and sotssetjah «as in Russia to live in mass-media badly», last hedgehogs is eaten up, and it is necessary to eat caviar without bread (attempts really to compare to figures and the facts are resolutely rejected);

Campaign for representation forming about China, as about tyranny (raskruchivanie sects «Falun Dafa», support of the Tibetan llamas-separatists, stories about «hundreds millions shot Mao Tszedunom» etc);

The image of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Belarus and of some other countries in quality of "authoritative dictatorships», attempt of "colour revolutions» in these countries.

Military space. Number of open military conflicts promptly grows recently:


Ukraine as a whole;

Syria (YOKES and «moderate opposition»);

YOKES in Iraq;

The saudo-Yemen conflict.

The Israeli-Palestinian contradictions have become aggravated also, is restless in Afghanistan, slow conflicts in TSAR and a number of other African states. And practically everywhere zrimo or invisibly there are USA or their nearest allies-satellites.

Actually, the head of the Pentagon, without philosophising crafty, has charged Russia and China «of attempt to change an existing world order». But an old regime, when the USA were plundered with impunity by these (and others) the countries, already too arranges nobody. Therefore the further confrontation is inevitable.

And only liberals and sentries-patriots (the last for many suddenly) shout «it is not necessary to enter the conflict to the USA», that is «Katz suggests to surrender». You will think, we will exchange extinction of several more tens millions Russians for possibility "kreaklam" some more years to choke with mouldy cheese. However, on set of their public statements for a long time it is clear that it to spit on these of ten millions lives.

The position of "sentries-patriots" deserves especial attention. They shouted many years «Russia should be released from the western occupation» and when such opposition has really arisen, they have sharply shouted «vso was gone». Attention, a question: how exemption from the western influence without confrontation in general is possible? And how their position what they are ready to ship Russia in civil war for the sake of the idealised representations (an essence not important, monarchic and nationalist) will be agreed, but simultaneously ache because of one self-killed soldier? Moreover, dismiss hearings about nonexistent losses, assimilating to madam Vasilevoj who have buried in due time even a soccer team.

In my opinion, positions of "sentries-patriots" are hypocritical and false in each of points, and their real interests not in reforms in Russia, and just in service to the western owners. Or that who wants to be the western occupational administration in the Russian Federation that is even more vile (and some of them already served in previous, at Yeltsin).

As I already spoke, there is a world war. And alarmists at the time of all previous wars «removed to a wall». If Goebbels had an Internet thousand «daughters of prisoners of a Gulag» there would sit and wrote, for example, in December 1941 «Stalin continuously recedes, Germans already near Moscow, it is necessary to replace urgently the government with patriots». Fortunately, at doctor Goebbels of the Internet was not, and our grandfathers then have won.

It is not necessary to feed illusions and to live under laws and inquiries of a peace time. There is a war, and during war happens it is necessary and to suffer, and podnaprjachsja. Any country which Americans "democratised", is better to live did not become - neither Iraq, nor Afghanistan, neither Libya, nor Ukraine. On the contrary, all of them have lost also possibility the next years to find rather peace life, and hope of development in the foreseeable future.

Actually actions of a management of Russia are simple enough and clear - Moscow tries:

To transfer the basic operations as it is possible further from the borders;

As much as possible to lower intensity of fights with participation of Russian (Slavs), to minimise their losses;

Tries to play for time, delaying confrontation from the USA, pending, while Washington will not sustain and will begin aggression against the basic contender - China.

For today the deal is approximately that: the basic zones of the conflict two (Ukraine and the Near East), with potential of one more conflict, but already for the strategic control over South China sea.

The conflict in Ukraine at the bottom level looks as civil war «between Russophiles and russophobs», «bandero-vlasovtsami against Soviet», and on higher - as collision of the American proxies which arranged state revolution and have grasped Kiev, with the Prorussian proxies keeping Donbass.

Today it is actually refrigerated, and any attempts of its American puppets to defreeze meet negative perception from Europe which and without that suffices problems.

The muffled conflict of the low intensity with which current hotheads are dissatisfied, is much better in respect of preserving of lives, than Total War of which the Ukrainian nationalists who have survived till now dream. The longer the conflict is refrigerated, the more obviously crash of euroillusions of Kiev and the more poorly the power impotentnoj juntas.

It only in Kiev some build ukrainotsentrichnye illusions, thinking that the whole world spins around Ruins, and for Americans they simply change card. As well as Pinochet, Hussein, Mubarak or any other pocket dictator to them. During the moment when expenses on maintenance of a mode of Poroshenko-Jatsenjuka will exceed their utility, they will be instantly merged". In strict conformity with prinpipami the mercantilism, formulated by sir Frensisom Bacon.

The conflict in the Near East is much more difficult, including in view of the several centres of opposition and a considerable quantity of the parties.

The first point - Syria where the Russian aircraft helps the governmental armies to resist to the American proxies (someone else doubts, what YOKES and «moderate opposition» are American proxies, after all help which Washington has rendered them and continues to render?). There also there are the Iranian proxies helping Asadu. Now there the situation slowly, but confidently breaks on the party of the lawful government.

The second point - Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The hired army sauditov, intruded in Yemen, is at war very badly and at more or less intensive fights rushes to flight. As a result Yemen husity not only successfully defend, but already and have grasped one of cities in the Saudi Arabia and practically supervise one of provinces SA. Besides, at sauditov problems with the finance have unexpectedly begun, and they now actively type debts.

The third potentially disputed point are Kurds against Turkey. The Islamic and nationalist policy of Erdogana has already led to armistice rupture between Kurdish fighting groups (Peshmerga and others) and the government of Turkey. And if Kurds manage to reflect approach of YOKES (and all to it goes) further they can turn the weapon and against Istambula therefore Turkey will receive civil war.

The fourth disputed point is Israel against Iran. Iran is not at war directly with Israel, and uses the proxies (HAMAZ and the Hezbollah) constantly to "disturb" the Israeli army and other power structures.

Actually the USA lose, essentially weaken or incite against itself the majority of "allies" in region - Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.

However and this ball of aggressive contradictions in the Near East can become minor if the USA and China enter the direct armed opposition for the control over South China sea. So now it is necessary to watch closely this direction which can shoot at any moment as much as possible.

China waits, whether shlestnutsja the first USA and Russia. Russia waits, whether shlestnutsja the first USA and China. Who will enter the conflict the last, has most of all chances to become new world predominant force - is that (instead of sabres bare) the race nature for world hegemony. It to you not poddavki, children, and geopolitics.

Alexander Rogers


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