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War and a new leader: the main prediction for 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 01-01-2018
In anticipation of the New 2018 astrologers have given predictions for Russia and the world in General and said he is waiting for us in the political, economic and other spheres of life. Pavel Globa, Bakhyt Zhumatova and other well-known experts in astrology and extrasensory promised a change of government, and even war.


According to the astrologer Vasilisa Volodya, in early 2018 the life of the world community will be marked with the crisis phenomena. She stars predicted the aggravation of international conflicts.

In the existing crisis of the lumen is not visible. Volodin believes that by the middle of 2018 can change the heads of many countries. This also applies to Ukraine.

A quiet phase, according to the astrologer, can move only the conflict in the Donbass. But to resolve this issue in the new year will not work.

According to the forecast from Pavel Globa, in the political arena of Russia in the new year you may receive a "Rider on a white horse". He will rule Russia from 2020, laying the ground for reforms and improving the welfare of the people, but later abruptly leave in the shade.

On the political map of Europe, according to the astrologer, may form several new associations and unions. According to the wife of Pavel and Tamara Globa, 2018 may disintegrate NATO.Named the luckiest in love, Zodiac signs

Conflict, according to Globa, the situation in the United States. And the finalist of "the battle of psychics" Bakhyt Zhumatova predicted and does America, for 2018 the beginning of the war.


Approval Bakhyt Zhumatova, the difficult situation in America in 2018 will be "on hand" of Russia. "This will lead to a sharp drop in the dollar. An era of the ruble, the turnover will depend on the exchange rate of the Russian currency," she told the newspaper "Zaman".

Pavel Globa predicts that 2018 will solve all the problems in the Russian economy. But in order to be successful, our country must refuse to participate in hard military conflicts.

Pavel Globa agree and his wife, Tamara, who speaks about the imminent "bright prospects and tremendous increase in the standard of living of the population".

What I said earlier?

Ancient soothsayers promised Russia to 2018 period of calm. About the change of power predictions too.

For example, the monk Abel said that this year the country will be fair people, thanks to which Russia will again become a great and developed country.

Clairvoyant Joon is not predicted by the country and the world to 2018 serious conflicts, also speaking of quiet time. Moreover, it is anticipated that the resolution of the global economic crisis. The final "Battle of psychics" was unexpected for the audience

But St. Matrona of Moscow was not in their predictions optimistic. "Believers will be few, life will be worse and worse. People would like a hypnotized. The time will come when you will put the cross and the bread and say — your choice! Many of the victims will be. No war will die. Everything on earth will lie. In the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning will rise — everything will go in the ground. Without war, the war goes on", she said about our time.

The clairvoyant Edgar Cayce promised the world a sharp climate change. America this winter, according to him, are unprecedented snowfalls and frosts which can be a disaster.

Clairvoyant made another unusual prediction. He believed that in 2018 a young boy will find the sword of king Arthur and becomes then a political leader, improving the overall situation and outside of America and Europe.


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