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The wave of world revolution is in the direction of Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 29-05-2011

Rapidly growing complication and aggravation of the situation in the world is quite obvious. In the variety of major events it is necessary to allocate the main thing that determines a concentrated energy to shoot-trioval the meaning of the phenomenon in a short and unambiguous thesis. The only way to reveal the overall picture of the processes of historical significance. Only from these positions it is possible to correctly estimate private facts.

A characteristic feature of the current political moment is the deliberate creation of social chaos and humanitarian disasters in different regions of the world. The goal here is disruption of the activities of the national state structures in Russia and in most other countries of the world. This should be accompanied by provoking social unrest, armed violence, military-police operations of various sizes. To exacerbate the situation should the use of climatic, geophysical, biological, psychological (including Technotronic) and other weapons of mass destruction, above all, its types, allowing to mask the fact under some natural disaster. Maintaining this situation for some time, accompanied by unprecedented heavy losses and hardship for the vast masses of the population, should demonstrate the incapacity of state structures of all countries, their actual collapse. Thus prepared the soil for the military order of the self-proclaimed world power with the creation of a unified global system of governance. The dictatorial type. The national state must be destroyed, its main powers will be transferred to the system of world governance. This is a revolution in the whole system of the political structure of mankind. In other words, we are talking about the outbreak of the world revolution and related global civil war.

* * *

The facts speak for themselves. Series of revolutions in North Africa and the middle East that began in 2011, almost at the same time, of course, is inspired from outside. For a little bit of qualified scientists is clearly, and work the discussion is not questioned. Even the action methods not quite typical of the mentality of the peoples of the region, saying that there is a 'hand of the West". There is other evidence.

Israel is not interested in the development of revolutionary processes in the region. The breaking state in the neighboring countries poses a threat to the statehood of Israel. He may be in a hostile environment is poorly managed, is not restrained by the authorities of many countries. For a number of reasons, for Israel especially desirable the collapse of Egypt and Libya. Therefore, it was taken on the failure scenario. 29 Jan 2011 the Israeli newspaper "Maariv" has published a 26-page plan of the revolution in Egypt, extracted from "Muslim extremists". This document leaves no stone unturned version spontaneous popular demonstrations. Everything is carefully planned and long prepared by experienced specialists of the security services. In connection with the revealed facts, the mission of the protege of the West, Mohammed al-Baradei, has failed, and instead of anarchy and Pro-Western liberalization, Egypt has received military rule.

In addition, the events in Egypt visible trace of Assange. He's the executor of the largest provocations to discredit the state structures of many countries, with the aim of undermining the mass credibility. It is in the interests of the world revolution. On the website WikiLeaks published dispatches of the American diplomats in Cairo that Washington was preparing a coup in Egypt. There are dispatches on corruption of the Egyptian government. There's also leaks information about the preparation of the revolution in Tunisia. But at the same time since the beginning of unrest in other countries of the region made in the same style, only very suspicious people can rest assured that everything is organized according to a single plan, but it did not happen spontaneously.

It is noteworthy that there were reports of hostile actions against foreign journalists covering events in the region. No wonder! This blatant lie about the events, perhaps, the world had never seen. Journalists from different countries together to work out the plans of information-psychological war of the West against the peoples of this part of the world. They provide the escalation of bloodshed. They have no hands, and tongues in the blood! The legend on the independent media, killed and buried. Apparent main point: who earns the information, he can not be independent. He is a money bag, the power of the Golden calf. And obeying orders, not even compatible with morality. And now the global power of money is centralized finally turned into a single system. Therefore, purchased performers in the media work under a single program.

* * *

Material breach of the plan occurred in Libya. For obvious reasons, this issue should be highlighted more. The unity of the people and the authorities here were stronger than the most sophisticated methods of Western intelligence agencies. In Libya created a unique system of national government. This is a real democracy, to which I'm afraid to show the insignificance of all the vaunted achievements of liberal democracy. Therefore, it does not tell the media. Usually sling mud. The possibilities of the Internet now allow everyone to understand what it is. But not many people have a desire to take on this hard work because here it is necessary to have sufficient education and wisdom. We must not translate with the language (it's already secured), and even more distant from the worldview of the African people's perception about human relationships, they have chosen a way of life. And to understand his Supreme honesty and fairness.

The people of Libya for many years lives in conditions of high prosperity, social peace and security. There is no such social phenomena as alcoholism (no alcohol consumption), drug abuse, prostitution and many others, already familiar to us of ulcers of society. Household crime is negligible.

About how people live, shows sent in the 20's days of April a message from Libya Vladimir Marchenko, Chairman of the Confederation of labor of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the progressive socialist party, people's Deputy of Ukraine I, II and III convocations:

"While in Tripoli, we met Ukrainians who refused to travel to Ukraine sent a military ship "Konstantin Olshansky". Our there are more than 3000. Many people simply do not consist on the consular account. We met with business representatives and physicians. Here are some facts about life in Libya, which exclude completely eliminate the social basis for revolution, for armed struggle of rebels against legitimate authority. So, the facts from the lips of Ukrainians who refused to go to Ukraine.

Specific Ukrainian family. Nurse salary – $ 800. USA per month, plus the salary of the husband (an electrician in a foreign company) i.e. a family income of more than $ 2,000. USA. And what are the prices?:

1 liter of gasoline (A98) – 0,08$. USA (8 cents);

10 French rolls – 0,1 USD. USA (1 roll of 1 cent);

the total fees for a two-bedroom apartment (rent + water + electricity) – $ 12. USA in a month!!!

Next: medical free, education free.

Social benefits:

  • the birth of a child is $ 40,000. USA;
  • broken girl – $ 200. per month;
  • the broken woman – $ 500. per month;
  • social package – 1 bag of rice 1 bag of flour at fixed prices,
    at a price of $ 4. per bag, per month!

And many others..."

Indeed, "many others...". For example, in January, as usual, were allocated different types of welfare state the population for the current year. I will not list all. Suffice it to say that the poorest of the needy in private vehicles were given certificates for a free car.

Total lie the journalists and cynicism based on the lies of politicians covered a blatant aggression against a peaceful and good living of the people. The US and other NATO countries want to plunder Libya as well as robbing many other Nations of the world, as Rob Russia. They want to take away from the Libyan people's oil and gas as the Foundation for its prosperity. They want to destroy the Libyan way of life, its high humanity which is an alternative to animal relations in a consumer society, immoral norms perpetuated a "new world order". The worst thing is that this aggression is supported by the UN, the organization established to maintain peace.

At the end of April, Libya has returned delegation of the Academy of geopolitical problems. The report of our scientists has clarified the real situation. Muammar Gaddafi has chosen the tactics of popular resistance. NATO aircraft shot down, not to give reasons for escalating military action. Just shoot down cruise missiles, against which effectively operate Soviet antiaircraft self-propelled installation "Shilka". In response, Muammar Gaddafi is "bombing" Europe for illegal migrants. Every day counts the number and caliber dropped on Libya, bombs and missiles. On this basis, according to established quotas, Europe sent immigrants. How many bombs, so many parties migrants! Journalists slyly called them refugees from Libya. It's not true. First, they are from many African countries. Secondly, they are not refugees from the evil Libyan regime", namely voluntary migrants. They sit on the boat, praising Muammar Gaddafi, being one of the recognized leaders of the African Union (until 2002) of the organization of African unity). Wanting to go to Europe to work in Africa enough. And here it also provides solidarity with the oppressed people.

No mass bloodshed inherent in civil war. The Libyan army is nearly dead. Forbidden attack settlements in order to avoid destruction and casualties. The so-called "rebel forces" are negligible. They consist of found themselves in trouble with the law" Libyans, the Arab mercenary fighters, which we see in the Caucasus, the other "soldiers of fortune", is sponsored by various intelligence agencies of the world. In conditions when Muammar Gaddafi has the support of probably 95% of the population, they can't solve any problem, for the seizure of power. That is why Muammar Gaddafi agree to any elections with the broadest possible international control. To doubt their favourable outcome there is no reason. The opposition is negligible, both quantitatively and mentally. Interesting tactic even power response. The opposition's attempts to break into settlements (usually on cars) bump into a well-organized ambush. Apparently the intelligence of the government forces, based on the mass of the people, well-placed. But when the attackers are in the "bag", not shoot at them, and above them. It also includes tactics to prevent the proliferation of bloodshed. "Rebels" can only run.

The tactics of popular resistance includes providing the population with small arms. Authorities gave the people 750 thousand (!!!) machines. For a country with 6 million inhabitants, this means a service with virtually all able-bodied people. It is clear that it strongly does not fit with the media lies about the popular uprising against the dictator. However, according to the testimony of members of our delegation, shooting in Tripoli is not audible. Shops, organizations and institutions, except for a small number of Western firms. The peaceful life of the city interrupted only by the air strikes of NATO forces. Destruction, except as a result of the bombing, virtually no. And this pattern was observed not only in Tripoli, but on the way across the country to the border with Tunisia, through which now carried a message. In some places there are traces of bullets on the walls, broken Windows and other minor damage. On the military situation more likely to show two dozen checkpoints on this road, which, of course, slow down. However, the Russian was passed without examination, on presentation of a passport.

Elected Muammar Gaddafi's tactics of containment is understandable. It is close in meaning to the tactics of Stalin before the beginning of the great Patriotic war, when the main demand was: "Not to succumb to provocations!". Any caused by this the first military losses meant much less than proved to the world public opinion the position of the victim of aggression and not the aggressor. This defined the strategic allies, who in other circumstances could become enemies. Muammar Gaddafi expects that, despite the baseless lies of the media, the truth of blatant and unprovoked aggression will become clear sensible members of the public all over the world, their cause legitimate indignation and political support. Of course, this situation is temporary. As soon as NATO forces begin to use not only aircraft and other heavy weapons, or begin a ground operation, Libya's Armed forces will give an adequate response. They are although not very big, but very efficient, have high morale. It is estimated knowledgeable military experts in defensive operations, the Libyans are quite capable to reflect the impact of even quite large forces of NATO.

In this situation, the outbreak of popular anger against the UN mission after the death on may 1, a son and three grandchildren of Muammar Gaddafi is quite clear. The UN has become an organization-the aggressor! This is a catastrophe for all the peoples of the world, not only the Libyans. Destroyed the main world organization created at the will of the people to maintain peace and universally recognized norms of justice. She no longer performs its functions. In its place already claims arbitrarily world power, not responsible to the peoples, dictatorial, dishonest and bloody.

The tactics of popular resistance was completely justified. Here's how the situation described in the statement of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Progressive socialist party of Ukraine from may 21, 2011:

"May 5-6 in Tripoli held a gathering of elders of Libyan tribes in support of Gaddafi. Present, approximately 2,000 sheikhs representing 850 Libyan tribes gathered to discuss the situation in Libya.

Sheikhs considered the main issues: ending the bloodshed and foreign aggression against the Libyan people; preserving the unity of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The participants said that Libya is an independent country where non-Libyans have no right to interfere in the Affairs of sovereign independent States. Free to choose social and economic system of the Libyans themselves have.

The unity of Libya and its independence is paramount. Muammar Gaddafi is the historical leader and symbol of the Libyan revolution, Creator of the al-Jamahiriya. The country and its institutions of government belong to the Libyans, and they have the right to dispose of them.

The representatives of the tribes decided to show tolerance to those who voluntarily surrender weapons, to develop a mechanism of compensation for human and material losses, as well as to create a group that will investigate the causes of the crisis and identifies the culprits in the outbreak of violence.

They condemned the foreign interference in the internal Affairs of Libya and demanded the lifting of UN Resolutions No. 1970 and No. 1973.

Despite the fact that across Libya rallies in support of leader Muammar Gaddafi, the military aggression in Libya continues. And will continue, according to the statement of NATO Secretary General, "before the fall of the Gaddafi regime".

Today the Hague international court of justice, established international executioner of leaders, evil world government that begins the process against the Libyan government.

The chief Prosecutor of the International criminal court in the Hague, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has charged Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi charges of committing crimes against humanity during the attacks on the rebels. Also charged with the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam and head of Libyan security forces Abdullah as-of Sanusi.

But actually we should judge NATO. NATO is interfering in the internal Affairs of independent States: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. NATO is destroying democracy all over the world.

All progressive mankind today opposed the aggression of NATO against Libya. Under this is preparing the world Civil Forum "international Tribunal for the aggression of NATO against Libya, the first large-scale public campaign for the investigation of crimes during the aggression and the Court of world public opinion on the organizers and participants of the treacherous aggression against the Libyan people, against the sovereign state of the Socialist people's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya!

The progressive socialist party of Ukraine supports this civic forum.

We demand to bring to justice the NATO aggressors for crimes against humanity.

We advocate the dissolution of NATO is the world policeman.

Hands off Libya!

The Chairman of the progressive socialist party N. Vitrenko"

The armed people almost bloodless restores state control throughout the country, as constructed by the West's military opposition is negligible. And there goes the war virtual, from the gross forgeries of the media. There are no major clashes, major bloodshed and other things. There is information about the largest massacre of al-Qaeda among loyal to Muammar Gaddafi of the population. But it still should be checked. Recognition of all this for the West – a political catastrophe. This recognition of criminality of their actions, and a sharp rise in morale in all oppressed their peoples, and many other consequences, in the aggregate, leading to the collapse of the chosen strategy for rapid power to establish the "new world order" through the destruction of national statehood in the world. Therefore, the response to the nationwide resistance of the Libyans is the expansion of external aggression, the attack on the naval forces of Libya, with the destruction of several ships. It turns out, it was necessary to "ensure the safety of Libyan civilians and its own soldiers"! Policy is not able to invent anything like a logical and believable lie in his defense.

* * *

Following an explosive point. USA found a way to lead a middle East proxy war. The withdrawal of troops from Iraq does not promise the restoration of peace. They did much to kindle in the region the conflict of all against all". But most importantly, the Americans decided to blow up a Kurdish bomb. For many years the CIA used the Kurds for their own political interests in the middle East, where they are the fourth largest nation (about 30 million according to some sources, taking into account the "far" in the Diaspora, to 40 million). The idea to create a Kurdish state on the territory, rich in oil, is the main objective of the struggle of several generations of the Kurds. If this fight goes into the open phase of the power, it will affect many countries. At least, that's Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and really – the entire middle East, until the post-Soviet Caucasus.

The activity of the Kurdish organizations in recent months has increased significantly. It fits well in the American plans. Apparently, not by chance, but in connection with direct American support, material and political. The Kurds became active destabilizing force in Syria, the organizers of anti-government protests. Syria is a country with significant social benefits for ordinary citizens. There are consistently implementing the ideas of Arab socialism. Objectively, there are no internal conditions for a revolutionary explosion. Events are incited from the outside. In Iran and Turkey, the Kurdish issue is also significantly exacerbated. This can not but cause concern in Russia. Band of well-paid organized and provoked by the US and its Western allies of revolutionary activity already dokatyvayutsya to the former Soviet Union.

* * *

An important precipitating factor in the Caucasus is the activity of the Georgian leadership. It took into account the mistakes after the military events of 2008, when only political intervention of the West, foreign pressure on the Russian leadership prevented the natural radical the denouement of the bloody provocations. In the course of military conflict was no longer able to defend Tbilisi and to avoid the creation of a new political reality.

There are alarming reports not only of large-scale activities to build up their military forces and means of the Georgian army, but the mass involvement of international mercenaries who have experience of warfare. We are talking about tens of thousands of "military experts". It is clear that the budget of Georgia is unable to provide such military preparations. This is an activity of global power, directed against Russia. Understand both. Mercenaries get a very big salary. Long to hold them without a case, and even in large quantities are too expensive. So, events are not far off.

However, the lessons of 2008 were not in vain for the Georgian people. People understand that the mercenaries will do their job and leave. Political mercenaries of the West in the Georgian leadership too. And the responsibility for the bloody crimes of Georgia against their neighbors will have to bear all the people, generations. The vital interests of the Georgian people in General are not taken into account by the ruling elite. The social situation is such that most of the working population of Georgia is working outside the country, to the extent possible in helping to survive their less able-bodied friends. It revolutionaires the situation. People are already coming out with open protests began in street clashes.

* * *

Not calm the situation in Central Asia. Everyone remembers the turmoil of recent years in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, clashes on the border with Uzbekistan. But the less known the real mechanism of lightning destabilization of the situation, which has already tested US in the region. In 2009, there was a question about the termination of the lease the Americans a military base in Kyrgyzstan. Immediately from Afghanistan moved a large force of "illegal armed groups", threatening to militarily overthrow the Kyrgyz government. How so? American interests began to act those with whom the Americans formally at war in Afghanistan! The answer is very simple. Americans are not at war with them, and reinforcing their capabilities by military force, cooperating in the organization of drug supply around the world. And cover drug trafficking routes, as well as the movement and the laundering of narcodollars. Drugs – weapons of mass destruction. For the first time in the history of its deliberately use Britain against China in the XVIII-XX centuries.

The approach of the revolutionary provocation of the explosion was felt even in the relatively stable in the post-Soviet era, Kazakhstan. A symptom of this was the activation process for the issue of the protection of pipelines to China from Kazakhstan, including transit. In the case of aggravation of the social situation, China can now send troops for their protection. The potential of the Chinese people's Army, of course, sufficient for the total military and political control of the 16 million state. Apparently, not a good life agreed to this Kazakhstan guide. It's still better than the Orgy of violence and disruption of power, organized Pro-American "revolutionaries".

For a long time existed in the General state of the unity of the fraternal peoples of Central Asia (social, economic, cultural, political) is now really split parochial interests, concerned world warmed from the outside forces. Historical experience shows that sustainable peace in the region existed only when it was part of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union, were protected from the machinations of the world's predators. Now the peoples of the region has returned to a position weak on a world scale forces, sitting alone on the rich and geopolitically important "crossroads of the world". Recovered known since ancient times the situation. Riches go to those who have snatched their power and cunning, and the people – blood and poverty. Of a stable and peaceful life, prosperity now do not have to dream. The situation is explosive, and there are forces interested in having it blow up.

* * *

Fresh attempts to destabilize the situation in Belarus during the recent presidential election campaign. Plans fell through, owing to the high credibility among the people President A. Lukashenko and reliability of public administration. But that hasn't stopped international opponents of the regime. The danger remains. This is evidenced by the recent major terrorist act in the Minsk metro. External forces are now taking the steps to destabilize the economy of Belarus, which relies heavily on external partners. This forced Alexander Lukashenko on the political move, similar to the actions of N..Nazarbayev. He contrasted the West China. By the largest investment projects in Belarus visited by hundreds of thousands of Chinese to build industrial facilities, and then work on them. Of course, they are not interested in the destructive phenomena of social chaos in Belarus. And China has the capacity and determination to protect their interests, wherever it was.

The answer the West on the outcome of the Belarusian elections? To quote from the joint statement by the four Ministers of foreign Affairs in the newspaper "the international HeraldTribune (USA):


"The continuation of positive relations with Lukashenka at the moment seems to be a waste of time and money. He made his choice – and that choice is directed against everything the European Union stands for.

However, many people in Belarus understand that his hour had come – and secretly prepare for a better future.

Our numerous conversations with representatives of various strata of the Belarusian society has convinced us that the country wants to be part of a free and prosperous Europe. We now need to deepen relations with the Democrats of Belarus and those elements in the government who disapprove of the fateful path, which entered the country. You can't leave them without support, it is impossible to betray them the moment when their country is on the verge of beginning a new troubled era.

The best test of our own values if we stand on the side of the weak. Europe should not be deafness.

Carl Bildt, Karel Schwarzenberg, Radek Sikorski and Guido Westerwelle – the foreign Ministers of Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, respectively".


Striking the tone and logic of these diplomats! Do not want A. Lukashenko to obey the European Union to isolate it. With someone on your situation, these diplomats talked and decided that it's time for foreign countries to forcibly intervene in the internal Affairs of Belarus, and to overthrow the legitimate government, to attach the territory of Belarus to the EU! And do not hide that thus assert their own spiritual values! Even more outspoken was Radek Sikorski on the main channel of the Polish television. After the "failure" of the election, he said that he and Guido Westerwelle in November was Alexander Lukashenko, with a very "democratic" proposal: if A. Lukashenko will ensure victory at the upcoming elections to some of the competitors, he will retire as rich and long-lived in the safety of a citizen of Europe. But if this proposal does not agree, it awaits the fate of Milosevic in Yugoslavia, Najibulla in Afghanistan or Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Quite simply, threatened to kill him and to Rob, if he will not betray his people. The same thing is already being done in respect of Muammar Gaddafi. International law, centuries-old morals and traditions of international relations put aside, replaced by gangster "concepts" cynical power blackmail. All this sanctified predatory "spiritual values" that the world imposed as "universal". Have a peaceful and good living, provided high social guarantees of the people want to take away everything. And not even ashamed to talk about it publicly – it is an established practice of the aggressive actions of the West. Now, in may, we are already seeing the fruits of this activity: for many years the stable economy of the region began a sharp collapse in prices, there has been a default. Provoked a social explosion.

* * *

In Ukraine the situation is explosive. President Viktor Yanukovych has practically abandoned the main campaign promises that assured him the sympathy of voters. In fact, wittingly and unwittingly, rather, he spends even more Pro-Western and anti-Russian policy than its thoroughly discredited predecessor. Unpopular measures, which could affect the lives of the population, the inability to alleviate the situation of economic crisis, incite passion in all the old challenges. They are well known: the problem of the Crimea, the problems of contradictions of the West and East of Ukraine is expanding cooperation with NATO and others.

Inciting force of social conflict has already begun. A vile provocation in Lviv on the occasion of the Victory of Soviet people in the great Patriotic war, 9 may, caused a reaction not only in Russia, against which it was apparently aimed. It caused a massive outrage in Ukraine. At this time in the Crimea tensions. For public office, even the role of teachers in schools, massively attracted visitors from the Western Ukraine. It's easy to guess what they teach children, what the justice authorities say, what the response of the people cause. To this is added the problem of the Crimean Tatars. Communication of the government's actions and the growing threat of social tension here is obvious. The opposition of Ukraine and new Russia, United in the twentieth century in a single, separate from the Russian state, ignited the most despicable methods of information-psychological war.

* * *

Followed by the Baltic States. About her domestic the reader knows the least. No accident. It – also the information policy. Fiasco of those who, in times of "perestroika" was "the West", you need to keep safe. The situation here is very difficult.

Created by the efforts of the global system of propaganda in the face of Russia the image of enemy, in the eyes of the population quickly collapses. The trump card in this – the repression before the war. But it was only a few days before the war, almost within a week. Was interned a little more than 100 thousand people. Note: the areas that were under the powerful influence of Germany within two decades. The possibility of building a military adversary structure a special purpose here should be considered. The result of the operation of internment, as we learned from the archives, seized during the war by the red Army, Germany lost more than 5 thousand people to its staff of agents! You can guess how many each full-time freelance agent, recruited helpers and sympathizers, how much to this was added anti-state minded people.

Of course, with such rapid and massive action, were private injustice. However, the "accuracy" of the probable enemy and now is surprising. Even by conservative estimates – percent 50-60 were interned rightly! At the beginning of the war, lack of time is a lot. Moreover, similar to France's actions for the internment of all suspicious groups of the population, before the beginning of the aggression of Nazi Germany that created the precedent is still early, none of the "human rights" (paid agents of the power of the Golden calf) did not cause disturbance. It is historically known and necessary measure in the beginning of the war. All the more so, the price of victory which is in the tens of millions of dead soldiers and civilians.

It must be clearly understood that without this operation the internment of the German offensive on Leningrad would have been much more rapid and effective. It would be much less time and opportunity to take measures for the defense of the city. And in the event of his fall, the population of the city was to be completely destroyed, erased from the face of the earth! The course of the war in General and the loss of the Soviet Union, its peoples, would have been different. War is cruel calculations! What can we do. And compensation for involuntary action in the pre-war internment was worthy. Liberated the Baltic republics were not only restored, "accelerated pace", but were, in fact, privileged regions of the Soviet Union, with a higher level of life, development of science, education and other things. It is invested in the potential of all the great powers.

What now? Where the Republican Academy of Sciences, the unions of writers, journalists, artists, and everything else, created a great power? What have you heard about their achievements? What are now the national science, culture, education, and indeed all that is national pride? There is almost nothing. A poor excuse of past achievements. The Baltic peoples have ceased to be the sole subjects of history. They turned into a "second rate citizens" on the outskirts of Europe, with no rights to determine their lives and future of their children, to live according to their culture and traditions. They are cheap labor in the European Union, in America. A little money in the past years on "customs-thieves 'hole" of Russia and political provocations, but it ends. They cease to be peoples lose their national character, be the crowds "obschechelovekov", go with adventurers around the world. This realization has come, and to those who tried to gain freedom for their people, destroying the Soviet Union, and in fact, her real freedom of existence and development, destroyed. "Turn in the minds of the public of the Baltic peoples went quite active, although not yet manifested in political action. This is evidenced by numerous personal contacts.

But in the new conditions it should show up. On the background of the military preparations of the West, even for non-military public is becoming clear the role of the Baltic States. Here is the closest to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Much closer than from the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Naive calculations of political adventurers of the Baltic States that they paid for the part in the expansionist plans of the West are required merely the provision of "airfields" for a new "blitzkrieg", as you get closer to the practice will be disavowed. You will need to bear the totality of the dangers and hardships of military confrontation, which could take on a different character and shape. In particular, they will be forced to provide troops from among those who have sharply reduced their social (not just material) status relative living in the Soviet reality parents. Those who do not agree with the destruction of ancestral spiritual values, the nation itself. Who has not lost historical memory and sanity. And they may not agree with this role.

The fundamental causes of social conflict in the Baltic States has created. They emerge in the case of the West the Baltic States for a major share of the anti-power character. The preparation of the NATO on their territory to such developments are on a large scale, which suggests the existence of well-defined plans.

* * *

Changing the position of Finland. This is not a neutral and friendly country, as it was many decades, conducting a famous political line of the Paasikivi-Kekkonen. Its territory is now quietly hiding the representatives of the extremist anti-Russian factions, even deploying activities of their structures. Integration of Finland in Europe, economic and political, led to the fact that it lost its neutrality, independence and became vulnerable to threats of global economic crisis, it remains subject to a European socio-political problems. Of course, the major problems of social destabilization in 5-million country with very low population densities is unlikely. But to fulfill the political role of a springboard for anti-Russian actions in the Finland already make.

* * *

Reviewing the political situation in the international environment of Russia, it is necessary to pay special attention to the far East. There are two largest economies in the world in proportion to its scale being consumers of natural resources and creating industrial activities for the environmental burden on the planet. We are talking about China and Japan.

The rapid growth of economic and political power of China poses a great threat to him. The West can not bear to look at strengthening their ideologically opposing a competitor to the level of claims to dominance in world politics. To undermine his power will be systematically applied (and apply) a variety of ways and methods, how it once was done regarding the Soviet Union. There is no doubt that in the framework of the "Georgetown project" steps will be taken for violations of political unity within the CCP and Chinese society as a whole. It will take some time. However, there are opportunities in other dynamics processes. Sharp undermining of the aggregate potential of China most likely by the formation of giant natural disasters through the use of climatic, geophysical, biological and other means of influence.

Apparently, this threat to realize in China. After the earthquake in Japan on 11 March 2011, Chinese newspaper is filled with reports of man-made natural disaster. Views were expressed that it was a test of some special bombs, provoking an earthquake. But this is detail. The main thing – a disbelief in the elements. In the Internet appeared the video and photos with comments, which demonstrate anomalous phenomena in the course of a few days before the earthquake in the area of the epicenter. Clear anomalous glow in the atmosphere. It was the most powerful March 8. Also has information about registering a powerful electrical charge in the ionosphere in this area. It is the characteristics of the use of the American system HAARP, located in Alaska. It can cause major geophysical and climatic phenomena, including earthquakes. A clear concern for the Chinese press, which is not possible without the approval of the political leadership of the country, confirms the reality of the threat of use against China weapons of mass destruction based on new physical principles. But the political leadership of China such a sanction could be given only in the presence of reliable intelligence data. For Russia, the natural disaster in China can turn out to be unmanageable and countless numbers of refugee flows.

The real scale of the consequences of the disaster in Japan, is still not fully appreciated. And new loss is quite possible, especially if we assume no accidental manifestation of the disaster, and a political calculation in her entrapment. Geopolitical considerations are fairly obvious. "Japanese miracle" only happened because they were necessary, as they called it, the journalists, the "unsinkable US aircraft carrier" in the far Eastern borders of the largest Communist Nations – the USSR and China, opposing the West. Without this the Communist influence in all the countries of Southeast Asia would spread quickly enough. Now weakened capitalist and westernized Russia, and lost their Soviet geopolitical cover, not Communist China, not so terrible to the West. Japan has fulfilled its main role in the game the leaders of the West. This remained for the West, foreign in spirit, and cumbersome for the resources of the largest economic system. "Japanese miracle" was secured unprecedented for other countries privileges, chief among them:

- free access to Western technological and scientific achievements;

- free from political restrictions and unfair competition on the world and the market in General;

- economic "dope" in the absence of defense spending, which during the cold war amounted to the largest budget items in other countries.

"Japanese miracle" of world leaders is no longer required. It is already clear that the economic losses are huge even by the standards of Japanese economic power. Japan, as one of the main economic competitors of the United States, significantly weakened. Much worse things will be if I need to increase the exclusion zone around the victim of the accident of the atomic power station "Fukushima-1", making it a radius of about 50 kilometers. Current data on the level of radioactive contamination of the area talking about the reality of such a prospect. In this case, it will have to move about 10% of Japan's population, or even more. In overpopulated Japan is to exercise extremely difficult. And to find the money for settlement of this mass of people – too. So many millions of refugee flows can emerge in the far East in the near future, bringing with it a humanitarian catastrophe and social chaos.

* * *

So, the West is sowing worldwide "seeds of the world revolution". The objective of the world revolution, which was first tried to organize 90 years ago under the leadership of L. D. Trotsky, the former are well known. This is the rule of the self-proclaimed global elite in a single world state. Process eyes widens and escalates. And where it has not yet started, prepared the necessary conditions for its immediate commencement. And as is the case in the West?..

The situation in Western Europe is heating up, and it is formed largely artificial. The growing crisis increasingly step up population. Increasingly, we show not only the mass protests, but these riots, clashes with police. Conducted in 2010 in some European countries, sociological studies have shown that more than 80% of the population unwilling to live under the current capitalist device, tends to socialism. With stats a little different as in the former socialist countries and others.

It should be understood that the peoples of Western Europe are not "written in a bright future." This is just fodder for the factions striving for world domination. Life really brings them to what is already a very strong anti-American sentiment. But this – is not the whole truth. United States – only media political responsibility for major world processes and events. Their people only a small part refers to "favourites". The rest is also "expendable". This is the main part of the tragedy. People still argue the interests of States. But the struggle is absolute. She went on a spiritual level. The fate of humanity: someone to live in it, and how to be. Therefore, the revolutionary demolition of statehood of the countries of Europe, also to be held.

The protests caused the European population, of course, pragmatics is the deteriorating living conditions, first of all, the so-called "unpopular measures" taken by governments. The spiritual nature of phenomena, there is still the unfathomable public consciousness. Dominated by pragmatics. These actions of European governments largely are not naturally occurring necessity. They are imposed on them by the structures of global monetary and financial system, as a condition to interact with it. And accepted by governments, enmeshed in debts and other obligations. They can not make these claims, otherwise they face economic collapse. In other words, behind this activity of the power of the Golden calf, which dictates that heads of state and government. A lot of facts, we note, though, the most typical.

For example, the media occasionally show the largest riots in Greece. However, do not explain the financial crisis, out of which the government is implementing due to the attack on the vital interests of the population first appeared there not casually. First, the same global financial institutions were involved, governments in speculation in the securities market and bankrupted Greece. And now those same structures require austerity on the public interest. Not even in order to continue to exploit the population, save for this handling, relative stability, and in order to cause an explosion, social chaos.

Another example. Last year's largest protests in France, associated with the increase in the retirement age. This caused such outrage government decision managed to save for the budget of 3 billion euros. At the same time, was given for the salvation of thieving private banks some € 150 billion. Could give a bit less, while maintaining the tranquility of the population, his support in the next election! But this is not required. These are the conditions of power of the Golden calf, exhibited governments. That is the global banking elite is now fueling the world revolution, to become forever the dominant dictatorial elite. Without any calculations in any currency, printed even the best industrial equipment.

Such examples in Europe you can find many. For example, why it was necessary to sharply increase tuition fees at British Universities? For the UK budget is a mere trifle. But, as in many countries, the excitement is aimed at the "explosive" social group.

Let's move to the United States. There comes the denouement of the great deception of mankind that the perfection of their social organization provides a high standard of living. The "American dream" for the whole world! It lasted a few generations. To believe not only living there but most people on the planet. The necessity of this deception ended. A high standard of living in the United States was due to an unprecedented robbery of the greater part of humanity. Further "progress" in this case was impossible. And it does not need the powers that be in a new phase of transformation of the world.

The powers that be, of course, foresaw the inevitable end of the artificially formed the "American dream". And for a long time preparing for it, knowing that the collapse will cause a social explosion. Federal emergency management Agency United States has at its disposal a system of well-equipped concentration camps, each for 20 thousand people. They are now empty, there is only protection. But the total number of these camps is enormous, although estimates differ. Simultaneously made the largest stockpiles of plastic coffins that take pictures from space, every 3 body. All of this allows (in addition to the existing "facilities") at the same time to send the order of 5-7 million people in conclusion, and on the light. In subsequent effectively recycle human material." All of this can be seen by typing in the Internet key words: "REX-84". It is also shown, rail cars for mass transportation of prisoners, and provides many other shocking information. In particular, in terms of a social explosion, the Federal emergency management Agency is virtually the main body of state administration, above the government. And with dictatorial powers. Moreover, without any ideology, at least the formal criteria of justice that Adolf Hitler never dreamed of.

Apparently, economic collapse and social explosion in the US – not far off. Now, in may, we are talking about the fact that if immediately not to increase the limit of U.S. public debt (already astronomical, non-refundable), in summer country will default. The situation a few years delay provisional measures. Can delay for some time, but not very large. In the past few months FEMA, the US produced a fantastic scale purchases of individual rescue kit (blankets and other necessities). This suggests that catastrophic events are anticipated in the near future.

* * *

To summarize the overview of the situation in the world. It is fully consistent with the thesis formulated in the beginning of this article. No doubt a deliberate incitement of world revolution the largest forces seized control of world finances, and due to this, received a political capacity, had taken control of enormous power and money. Not as an end in itself. For the sake of creating your world Kingdom where the money will not play a decisive role in governance. Will remain ancestral self-proclaimed global elite, and for the others who manage to survive – eternal slavery.

The actions of political leaders do not fit into the framework of traditions and accepted norms of morality, of responsibility for their actions before their own peoples, States. Even loved ones. No distinction between acceptable and unacceptable. Generally, no restrictions, except the right of force. And this is war. Unexplored by mankind in its history. The global civil war. It is beyond the confrontation States – General war social groups of humanity, based on spiritual grounds, on views about the way of life and justice in human relations.

Global power intoxicates, and destroys the sense of self-preservation. And personal, family, and tribe, and humanity in General. And available for destructive actions became too much. The pace of large-scale events have risen sharply. As the madness of their creators.

In this apocalyptic picture of the mind-boggling obvious odiousness. It would seem, it has been known for many generations. The confrontation between good and evil, and, in the canonical categories. The way out is simple – by faith. In the true faith, in humanity. Life experience leads people not just to trouble, and to destruction. Finally, on that line can you refuse sinful? In the face of certain retribution for this! However, people find the right to violate the 10 Commandments the law of God, based on "rational considerations". They hold up an immoral relationship (and the situation), ensuring their survival today. For property, positions, rights over natural resources and ephemeral money. Even not believing in the permanence of this, and hoping for a short time. They are cowardly silent and do nothing facing the biggest crimes. The enemy of mankind so revealed his face that he was not to see only with his eyes closed. The power of the Golden calf destroys us spiritually and physically.

To stop a world catastrophe can only transition to a new way of life, when the world is ruled not money, but justice. Private banks and money-lending activities should be prohibited. Must be destroyed by the immoral source of power, which is now subordinated to the government of the vast majority of States, which robbed people of their land and mineral resources, capturing them printed and Fiat money in property. Must be destroyed this source of power existing in self interest microscopic group of humanity and leading to destruction of the majority of people.

The wave of world revolution is already lapping at the shores of Russia. Which has not yet "lit up", where everything is ready, burn. It also wanted evidence to present to the reader, since the scale of events is huge. In Russia, times are tough. It is not only in the domestic political situation, speculating on what demagogues of all stripes. The sense of a qualitatively new stage of human existence hard to fit in the minds of not only tortured by the shocks the layman, but people, thinking it their duty to fellow citizens in local, state, national categories. And here is a historical milestone that can be understood only in the scale of higher values. State destroyed. However, it destroyed the old social-group composition of the population. Who will need civilian and military officials of the disappeared state? This will need to protect the property of the current business? Anyway, what rights they will be citizens of the new state, bearing in mind that there will be only a small part of the living? During the revolution of 1917 many have lost their palaces, estates, businesses. But at least we could have taken the money and jewels, to reach Western Europe and America. And here will be nowhere to run. Revolution-the – world. New world elite to anyone except yourself, not leaving human welfare, not to mention specific wealth and property.

For the first time somewhere on the remains of the collapsed States will experience local, national and clan groupings. In the last two decades of stagnation after the collapse of the bipolar world, they are quite actively formed not only in Russia. They will fight in order to preserve their relative autonomy from the new world government. To fight hopeless and without any prospects, like the Makhnovists, Bendera, robber bands, and the like. Even worse, as some kind of vitality these groups were provided with assistance from interested foreign powers, and the world revolution this can not happen.

The face of what is happening, sad look into human society. Deliberately sowing evil microscopic minority. They can even arrange a great battle. They are too few, and they are cowardly for an open fight. And the battle of different scale they make between those who want to destroy.

What's wrong with the majority? Blind. Mad with heavy blows, trying to endure, not to win. Don't see an insignificant enemy, for his spiritual guidance, belief, wander in the dark. Tearing a piece from the middle, instead of to tear off from itself a vile and small sucking parasite. Not knowing what to do today, live in the past.

And what about Russia? A premonition of disaster, destruction of state capacity, the betrayal of allies, and ourselves. For compatriots is much clearer from the practice than the geopolitical situation. Therefore, in this article we focus on the latter, less clear.

The political elite of society, both the authorities and the "systemic" opposition, as if "rocking the boat". She's ready to turn over a revolutionary Orgy.

Listed here can be done. Rapidly rising gasoline prices. This will inevitably be a new round of crisis, inflation, unemployment, and impoverishment of the population. In any oil-producing country in the world there are no such prices! Our gasoline, topliva to America, getting there is even cheaper. In Moscow, on the Day of the border guard, the government allowed a gay pride parade! And on the Day of Victory were dealt a demonstrative insult to the army and the people. The front part was not in the front, and some strange field uniform without shoulder straps. During the great Patriotic war, was rebuilt epaulets from the military. Then understood the significance of this for the moral status of soldiers, but now – no. Took parade the Supreme commander and Minister of defense sat before passing the saluting military honor troops! This is the same as to deliberately turn away from the cast to shake hands – a cruel insult. In the Russian army in violation of the rules of military courtesy was considered a military crime. And so on... the Authorities are deliberately provoking a social explosion. Apparently, he is not far off. How this achieves our ruling circles of the world financial and political elite – not so important. Important fact of joining the band of great upheaval, deliberate unleashing of world revolution.


Konstantin Sokolov


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