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The West prepares revolution in Russia: in a leading role Alexey Kudrin
Material posted: Publication date: 13-02-2016

Alexey Kudrin's role in the Russian policy much more, than can seem to the detached onlooker. The former Minister of Finance, despite rather old resignation, remains "the gray cardinal" of the financial block of the government who doesn't make any basic decisions, without having consulted to the former chief. The prime minister Dmitry Medvedev regularly faces sabotage from the Ministry of Finance, but can do nothing with it – the hardware weight of Kudrin doesn't concede to his own.

Kudrin's influence on the Russian finance should remain not noticed in the West. After all for a long time it is known - who the girl has supper, that and dances it. At whom money - at that and the power. It seems that PR attack to the Russian president Vladimir Putin is only a tip of the iceberg under the name «Operation the Successor», conducted by Washington.

Kudrin for a long time and well know in the West, and as Vladimir Putin's relief it suits almost all business western circles. Advancement «the new president of Russia in the progovernmental western and oppositional Russian editions has already begun - and examples to that set.

On a site of BBС article entitled «Who is published manages Russia together with Putin»? On one of the first places - Alexey Kudrin not occupying any posts.

British "Telegraph" publishes the big text about Davos under heading «the Monstrous Russian authorities squeeze out the companies from business», the protagonist - Alexey Kudrin who thoughtfully argues on that "suffocating" effect which the Russian power renders on business.

90 % of article are devoted retiree Kudrin, and vice-premier Yury Trutnev who was the basic speaker from Russia at a Davos forum, is mentioned only casually, it is more for opposition to "ingenious" Kudrin.

The same in the American editions. The site "InoSMI" publishes transfer of analytical article from agency "Блумберг" where the liberal economists in every possible way criticising Putin are actively quoted. And the majority of them at all oppositionists.

«We have lost a competition, it is necessary to tell fairly. We have simply appeared among the countries which lose, the countries-daunshifterov», is the head of the Savings Bank Herman Gref has declared.

The situation reminds «a ladder leading downwards», - Evgenie Gontmaher, the trustee of Institute of the modern development which chairman is prime minister Dmitry Medvedev speaks.

«Recession has been caused by Putin's returning to a presidential post in May, 2012. It has lifted taxes to business and real estate to receive means for military expenses, and has expanded powers of the inefficient state companies, such, as the oil giant"Rosneft". Businessmen were disappointed» and have started to reduce investments into the enterprises and the equipment », - the head of the state the professor of the state high school« Economy Higher school »Vladislav Inozemtsev frankly criticises.

And, as vishenka on a pie - Kudrin's statement: «we in a stock have as early as two years when moods in a society will be stable». It is difficult to tell that in this statement it is more important - the prevention to Vladimir Putin: «leave on good, while moods stable», or messages to the West: «if the next two years you do not help me to come to power, I for consequences do not answer». Clearly one - Kudrin is positioned as the unique politician in Russia which is capable to take the power and to use to it in interests of Washington.

Kudrin's glorification goes not only in the English-speaking world. French "Mond" does of it almost the saviour of Russia: «this year Moscow has sent to Davos only the vice-premier on development of the Far East Yury Trutnev who (unsuccessfully) tried to amaze audience in figures under investments into Vladivostok. Finally more realistic picture of a situation to Russia was presented by the former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, one of those few reformers to whom still listen … Special anxiety at Kudrin causes falling of a level of living of the population».

In anybody in Russia falling of a level of living of the population does not cause anxiety - and only Kudrin cannot sleep and eat - all thinks, as though to lift a level of living. Article, by the way, is called «the Died away shine of Russia».

And the western analysts do not try to hide at all that consider Kudrin as Putin's ideal relief. In the American edition "Politiko" article of the former leading expert of the Pentagon across Russia Evelin Farks where she advises to the future US president as to lead in relation to Moscow is published. The analyst takes straight away: «Russia Vladimir Putin is potential geostrategic threat for the USA». And here Alexey Kudrin «has reminded recently Russians that costs from provision of Crimea and from support of separatists in the east of Ukraine much above cost of military operation in Syria». There is no only an appeal «vote for Kudrin, expensive Russians».

However, Kudrin's positive mentions it is possible to find in the Russian mass-media not less. Here «Kudrin's committee» suggests to enter indulgences for NKO, here Kudrin states hope of returning of Russia in "Big Eight", and here suggests to change a method of forming of the Central Electoral Commission.

Hardly someone has forgotten, what exactly uncontrolled western NKO were "motors" of revolutions in the Eastern Europe, and not only bloodless "colour", but also last bloody Ukrainian.

The idea Washington «foremen of revolution» is very simple: to achieve a mass meeting in Moscow (not without reason so the Moscow authorities are actively criticised for a pulling down of stalls near the underground), to support protesting, then immediately to recognise Alexey Kudrin as the lawful leader of the country. That will support revolution Uljukaev, Siluanov, Nabiullina, Gref and others «baby birds of a nest of Kudrin» at anybody doubts are not present. And the former prime minister Michael Kasyanov, recently received a pie on a physiognomy, becomes i.o. Heads of the government - Kudrin never hid good personal and business relations with the former chief.

Why suddenly Kudrin's advancement and its commands on top of the Russian power from secret became the main theme in the West? About Kudrin openly write the western mass-media, it is praised by the western politicians.

In bowels of the American and English special services have already counted up, when in Russia social excitements because of sharp falling of economy will flash. Yes what to consider, when Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov with grief recognises that dollar reserves in the country hardly will suffice for one year. Here also it turns out that the West should hurry up and in advance to generate the command from reliefs of the present power. That here to muddle and hide: has come to tell openly time about «a deadlock way» developments of Russia, to bring down all on Putin and to lobby for a role of saviours of Russia Kudrin and the company of liberals.

Stepan Sviridov

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