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The zhiznin S. Z. "fundamentals of energy diplomacy"
Material posted: Publication date: 14-06-2012

In the textbook the concept of energy diplomacy as a functional aspect of modern diplomacy, as well as for its basic components. Contents concepts and definitions related to energy diplomacy, given its economic and political fundamentals. Examines issues and trends in world energy, world energy markets and international energy policy, leading the subjects of this policy, global, regional and country levels of modern energy diplomacy, as well as the peculiarities of the diplomacy leading foreign and Russian energy companies.

The textbook is designed for graduate students and specialists studying economic and political problems of world energy.

Publisher: MGIMO (University) MFA Russia

ISBN 5-9228-0109-0; 2004

The book is available in the online store

Tags: Russia , Central Asia , USA

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