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Arzumanyan R. V. "Third counterweight strategy: the reaction of the Pentagon to new threats"

Examines the key elements currently under development of the third strategy is a counterweight to the United States. Understanding new strategies requires at least a brief acquaintance with previous initiatives of this kind, represented sushimi an example of a successful long-term Grand strategies of the United States with the aim of forming a counterweight to the quantitative advantage of the Soviet Union in conventional forces based on the American technological advantage. Also explores the operational and strategic shortcomings of the existing U.S. approach to projecting military power. The new strategy of the counterweight is to encourage investment in breakthrough technologies that need to maintain and develop U.S. military dominance in the twenty-first century and to guarantee the armed forces of the United States to successful operation in the security environment, rich of high-precision weapons systems and Autonomous unmanned systems. The result of the third strategy opposed to the next 10 to 15 years should be the creation in the SAF forces able to provide rapid adaptability capabilities for projecting global military power.

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To a question of denunciation of the Contract on RSMD

In the last two years in the western mass media active information campaign for charge of Russia of breach of contract about RSMD which infringed also on interests of RVSN is conducted. In particular, Russia was accused allegedly of breaches of contract of RSMD in connection with test of a prototype of new Russian MBR RS-26 "Boundary". Such charge contained, for example, in article in the Washington Times newspaper in July, 2013.

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Predictive assessment of the military-political situation and scenarios of development of Russia in the conditions of the predictable actions of a geopolitical and regional power centers

In preparing this report there was a question about form submission. If the research materials to present in the author's exposition, given their objective severity, may occur the assumption of a biased presentation.

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Risk factors in the analysis of contemporary military-political situation

In 2011. The U.S., NATO, and behind them the world behind the scenes, hiding behind the words democracy, human rights and resolution No. 1973 of the Security Council manekeni the UN, dealt with one of the most prosperous African country of Libya. A natural question arises: which country will be the next victim?

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