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The energy companies of the CIS countries will be protected from the terrorist threat
Material posted: Publication date: 26-08-2019

The safety of objects of fuel and energy complex was devoted to the instructional and methodical activity since 22 August 2019 at the Russian state University (NRU) of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin.

The event was organized and conducted the anti-terrorist center of the States-participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States jointly with the faculty of comprehensive security in the fuel and energy complex of the Russian state University of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin in preparation for the anti-terrorist doctrine, the competent authorities of the States of the Commonwealth "Ararat-Antiterror-2019".

The threat of terrorist attacks against the objects of fuel and energy complex today is very real and possible consequences of such attacks because of the special danger of such objects is very significant. In recent years, security threats have become for the most part comprehensive, covering the key areas of safety: industrial, environmental, economic and, most importantly, information.

Complicated, complex (or, as they say today, "hybrid") the nature of the threats is the subject of intense study in the professional community, as well as the basis for the development of new generation of specialists in the field of security. The solution to these and other similar issues assigned to a new faculty of Russian state University of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin faculty of complex safety TEK, selected main venue for the instructor and methodological training on issues of ensuring anti-terrorist protection of enterprises and fuel-energy complex this year.

Because of its importance for the economy of any country, the theme of anti-terrorism security relevant including for all members of the CIS, especially considering the fact that a significant part of the infrastructure of the national FEC countries have a common history since the times of the Soviet Union – the majority of technical and infrastructure solutions typical in many respects.

Participated, exchanged views and experience of many leading experts in the field of safety-critical Russian energy projects, such as "Gazprom", "Transneft", "LUKOIL", "Rosneft" and representatives of security bodies and special services of the CIS States, the leadership and faculty of the Russian state University of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin, that the head of the CIS anti-terrorist center Andrei Novikov, have substantially a wider look at the issues of joint coordinated work on ensuring anti-terrorist security of fuel and energy assets in the CIS.

Representatives of CIS anti-terrorism center together with experts from the University spoke about the current anti-terrorism threats and briefed the participants about the protective Arsenal of the leading oil and gas companies, held a demonstration of computer modelling vulnerability of critical objects and reflections of the terrorist attacks.

Also the head of the CIS anti-terrorist center Andrei Novikov expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the Russian state University of oil and gas (national research UNIVERSITY) named after I. M. Gubkin for the support of activities of the CIS anti-terrorist center and effective cooperation in a number of areas of countering terrorist and extremist threats.

University rector Viktor Martynov noted that the steady-state in the process of preparation and holding of the event in close contact CIS anti-terrorist center and the Gubkin University will serve to provide new, advanced approaches to ensuring the antiterrorist security of enterprises and fuel-energy complex, the exchange of positive experiences among countries that, in General, will have a positive impact on reducing the impact of terrorist threats on the national security of our countries.

Joint anti-terror exercises of state of the Commonwealth "Ararat-Antiterror-2019" to be held in September this year, on the territory of seven countries of the CIS and will focus on safety of objects of fuel and energy complex.

In international exercises will be attended by the security agencies and special services of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. His two final stage will be held in the Republic of Armenia.

Korneeva M. A.

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