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Climate problems of the world: what is a myth in them, and what is reality?

The climate agenda has burst into the political discourse of recent years so rapidly that even venerable experts and analysts have not yet been able to assess its consequences. What is behind this? What is real, what is just a myth? This project is dedicated to the analysis of problems related to climate change.

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To the question about the climate control

The material summarizes the results of the research project associated with the study of the causes and consequences of abnormal heat in Russia in summer 2010.

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Pozdyshev V. A. "Cooling, not warming. What the peoples will become extinct like mammoths"

Recently in the scientific world there have been a number of scandalous revelations. It became clear that the findings of those scientists who are sounding the alarm about global warming was falsified. In fact, the Earth is facing the threat of a new ice age.

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