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Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

Summer of 2010 was extremely dry. The fires have covered large areas of Russia. Damage from drought and fires in the tens of billions of dollars. The combined effects of drought and its impact on the economy will affect more than one year. What was the reason for the anomalous natural phenomenon that struck Russia for the first time in 1,000 years? This project is dedicated to the study of versions of the underlying events occurred.

China is building a "rain factory" the size of three of Spain

Artificial rain — that will help China to moisten the area at three in Spain. Anyway that's the latest draft of China's manipulation of the weather. The system will include a burner of solid fuel, drones, planes, artillery and a network of meteorological probes that will study the vast expanse of the Indian ocean. The goal is to create a distributed system that can fight climate change and increase rainfall in the region of ten billion cubic meters, or approximately 7% of annual consumption of water in China.

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Combating global warming requires technologies that we don't have

22 April 2016, the Conference on climate in Paris was signed Paris agreement which regulates measures to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 2020. To date, the Paris agreement — the main hope of mankind to stop the warming before we reach the "point of no return" in the form of an irreversible process, which supports itself (warming will cause the melting of glaciers and permafrost thawing, which will increase the amount of CO emissionsTwo will increase the greenhouse effect, there will be further warming, and so on).

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Projections for global warming become more accurate

If "one" is the loneliest number, two is the worst. Mankind must not allow the global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius, says the Paris climate agreement. Intersection of this line will mean disaster. A particular problem in the study of climate uncertainty. We can't predict when that will happen, because in this massive and complicated system of thousands of variables. But that may change. Recently in the journal Nature published an article in which researchers said they were able to reduce the uncertainty of the key metrics of climate change on 60%, narrowing the range of possible warming from 3 to 1.2 degrees Celsius. In addition, the new data paint a very scary picture of the climate crisis. You can even call it cautiously optimistic.

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Roman Vilfand: meteorologists learned to predict phenomena, unknown to science 10 years ago

New methods of research the weather and modern technical equipment allows meteorologists to predict weather events, which 10 years ago was not known to science. This was announced on Tuesday, the Director of the fsbi "hydrometeorological centre of Russia" Roman Vilfand at a meeting of the International expert Council on cooperation in the Arctic in St. Petersburg.

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Half a trillion for two: it revealed the launch of a new Bank resolution mechanism

For salvation "Opening" and the Company will have to spend, according to preliminary estimates, from 500 to 750 billion rubles., estimated by the Central Bank. Scale which revealed problems causes experts concern about the quality of supervision of banks.

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