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Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

Summer of 2010 was extremely dry. The fires have covered large areas of Russia. Damage from drought and fires in the tens of billions of dollars. The combined effects of drought and its impact on the economy will affect more than one year. What was the reason for the anomalous natural phenomenon that struck Russia for the first time in 1,000 years? This project is dedicated to the study of versions of the underlying events occurred.

Let it rain. When the summer will cease to be different from winter

In 2015, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere grew faster than in any period of the past 55 million years. From March 2016 to March 2017 the level of carbon dioxide in the area of the weather Observatory Mauna Loa has grown to 0,000235 percent and reached 0,040718 percent. Actually the situation is even worse: in April of last year, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere amounted to 0,040742 percent, and in the current month this record may be surpassed. 2016 year became the warmest for all history of observations. In 2017, probably, the situation will only worsen. The causes and effects of global warming to understand".ru".

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Global warming will inevitably kill our planet

We tend to think that our planet is perfect for life, and we like it. On Land there are all conditions for life existed, flourished and evolved for billions of years. We have liquid water on the surface, not too thin and not very thick atmosphere, suitable temperature and pressure at sea level. Fortunately for us, we need not only to be at a certain distance from the Sun.

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Climatic justice: as the world relied on a net energy

The world was divided into conferences of the UN on climate change: developing countries acquired legitimate right to use all possible energy resources, and the developed world decided to make pure power available.

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Good weather for a new war. As climate changes affect the armed conflict

Almost every week, scientists, politicians and journalists have reported new alarming news about global warming: the next two years will be by the hottest in the history of mankind, and the average temperature almost reached the dangerous threshold. Whether these trends is fraught with deadly clashes in the future - for land, food and water? Is it true that global climate change may lead to global instability and an increase in international conflicts as threatening US Secretary of State John Kerry? "To" I attempted to sort out this issue.

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The CIA refuses to control climate

The CIA will no longer keep track of the changing global climate - in intelligence say that experts need to focus less on global challenges. Prior to that, the Obama administration is actively interested in climate change, which senior officials called a dangerous weapon. Meanwhile, all this has long been the subject of speculation conspiracy of the special climate of weapons, which is officially banned a special UN convention.    

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