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What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico?
Material posted: Publication date: 04-06-2010

Today, the media are still not so many materials, particularly analytical character, which assess the implications of recent man-made disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. That theme is still not priobrela of paramount importance in the world media is alarming - it is clear that the scale of environmental disaster is much more than talking about it, but what are the real possible consequences of current events in the medium term? Today we reprint one of the most interesting (in our opinion) about these events.

Gulf Oil Spill Is Bad, but How Bad? . The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is bad, and nobody disagrees with that. But how bad is it?

Some experts were quick to suggest the apocalyptic predictions by drawing the gloomy picture, in which the danger of the destruction exposed 1000 miles of wetlands and beaches that cannot be restored for many years, fisheries are destroyed, perish rare and fragile fauna and the whole region with its economy for a long period of paralysis.

President Obama called the oil spill "a potentially unprecedented environmental disaster". And some scientists have taken the assumption that oil can get into the circular flow of the Gulf of Mexico and cause tremendous damage to the whole Atlantic coast.

....However, the Deepwater Horizon accident is not unprecedented and is not included yet among the worst oil accidents in history .....

Published: May 3, 2010

Failed valve which was not. The money for it, of course, and took something of type set, but go check it at a depth of 1.5 km of Such valves should be three and at different depths, and the dome should be there, and an inclined reserve, the well should be ready to start the main. But it increases the cost of production, cheaper from time to time to shrug. Type, element. Loot wins life itself on Earth. Oil Corporation commits a crime against the planet to produce oil in the ocean and saving money on ways to address deep-sea accidents. That's what draw the attention of magicians in the media.

The whole world is silent, nobody wants to specify the main ecologists and humanitarians of the planet on their monstrous methods of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. The disaster of the Gulf of Mexico for everyone. All countries are obliged to check the license of the "miners" to find a violation and revoke the license.

BP must cease to exist as a warning to all other corporations, are disgusting cashing in on the destruction of life on the planet.

Very interesting events are happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

  1. April 20, 2010 explosion at Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform SANK (for this unprecedented event requires a separate investigation).
  2. With a depth of 1500 meters from the well has oil – 100 thousand barrels every day. Oil is not just beats, but MIXED with water and partly raised to the surface, and partially takes over in other parts of the ocean.
  3. The oil is mixed with water in the ratio 1:1000 at high pressure (at the depth of 1500 meters) – the resulting EMULSION. This emulsion carries over throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf stream across the ocean.
  4. Rising to the surface, the emulsion forms a thin film on the surface of the water and BLOCKS EVAPORATION of WATER from the ocean surface.
  5. Oil from the neighboring fields of light and are quickly degraded. Oil from this field is the worst thing that could happen is severe, with a high content of asphalt – decomposition of this oil will take years...
  6. The first attempts to stop the oil failed. Now construct the sarcophagus, which will take at least three months. Will also drill another borehole to block the flow of oil, but it will take about a year.
  7. During this time, a thin film of oil emulsion will cover up to 40% of the World's oceans. This coating will dramatically reduce the evaporation from the ocean surface will increase the temperature of ocean water will destroy the ice in the Arctic, will stop the rains in many parts of the world for many years and much, much more.
  8. This event looks like OPERATION ON CLIMATE CHANGE of the PLANET, and it is important to understand who is behind this.
  9. The platform is owned by a British company.
  10. The last two years in Britain were very cold winters. Last fall in the press there were reports that part of the Gulf stream that affects the climate of Britain, went under water and the Gulf stream is slowly dying.
  11. The application of an oil film on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico will reduce evaporation, increase the temperature of the water and give the Gulf stream second wind – we get the Gulf stream on steroids. BRITAIN WILL BE SAVED.
  12. Hurt the interests of Russia in Arctic ice, most likely as a result of this operation has completely melted. If somewhere warmer (in the UK), somewhere (in Russia) and can get cold.
  13. The U.S. plans to detonate a hydrogen bomb above the hole – this shows how the us military is worried about this situation (President Obama sent a team of five nuclear physicists — among them is 82-year-old Richard Garvin (Richard Garwin), who developed the world's first hydrogen bomb, in the Gulf of Mexico to try to find unconventional options that are different from those of engineering solutions that the company offers BP).
  14. In the interests of Britain to have the oil flowed from the well for as long as possible and as much as possible.



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