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Again about the possible causes of the abnormal heat in Russia
Material posted: -Publication date: 08-08-2010

Placed on our website the article "Version: possible causes abnormal heat in Russia", which discussed the hypothesis that the manipulation of the weather, naturally caused (in connection with the ongoing heat) the interest and questions from our readers. We therefore continue the discussion on this topic, but with a more specific point of view.

Preliminary observations

But first, let's answer the obvious question of potential readers of this material: "why is Analytics that are designed to deal with urgent problems of the development of financial markets and the economy, have attended so far away from their core business problem?"

It's very simple: by analyzing the formation of the features of the crisis in the financial sector in 2008, we considered, including the so-called "technical glitches" and the preconditions for such "failures" that could become the precursors of manipulation on financial markets. And came across this curious fact.

In mid 2008, immediately after the close of the exchange on wall street in new York, 16.14 local time, an electric network, where users are 55 million people in the U.S. and Canada, all of a sudden out of order. During the technical investigation of the incident had been written off on certain edge critical area of transfer of charge from the networks of the Midwestern States to the East. The claim was expressed and addressed unfair to consumers; however, not without references to obsolete equipment. The expert Committee has not established specific damage or human error networks. Storm or solar storm, were not registered in the inspected time period.

The only strange coincidence was that on the same day and hour, at exactly 16.00, during one of the most controversial experiments on interference with the climate laboratory of the Earth, carried out with the program HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ("high-frequency Active research program of the Northern lights"), the ionosphere of the planet was "marked" with powerful radiation. This could lead to failures in the electrical system.

Thus, there was an assumption about a possible test is the so-called geophysical weapon. Let us state a hypothesis: it is possible that this heat in the Central regions of Russia is also the result of the action of such weapons.

Before proceeding to the further statement again preemptively answer a possible question to readers: "With the period "cold war" is clear. Then it was necessary to create new systems and models of weapons. But why do it today, when relations between Russia and the USA declared, at least in words, the "reset"?".

And here the answer is not complicated. As the saying goes "friendship is friendship, and snuff - apart". The current global economic crisis each is selected on their ability and opportunities, including creating problems for their competitors. This eloquent protectionist measures in international trade entered, despite the G20 summits, all major countries.

Russia is 3rd in importance in world grain producer after the US and the EU. So if she somehow will have problems with the grain harvest, it would make life easier for American farmers and allow the American economy to quickly overcome the consequences of the crisis. If some such problems, why not use it. Especially because the victim credibly demonstrate that it would be very difficult. For example, for influencing the climate of Central Russia, you can use the HAARP system.

And last. Of course, it's silly to blame all the problems of the current environmental crisis being Americans. Not their fault that devoted to countering the fires of budget money was used, to put it mildly, not the target. Is fire fighting equipment purchased Executive "Cadillacs". Not only Americans are guilty that in Russia for decades launched the construction of canals, reservoirs and irrigation systems, land reclamation, planting and sowing of forest. With 2007 came into force a new Forestry code, which does not provide for state forest protection. We are citizens, which can easily leave in the forest, lit a fire, to throw burning cigarette butts, a water bottle, turning in hot weather in the lens.

But in this challenging environment, there are some oddities that do not rule out large-scale targeted impact on the aggravation and deterioration. Here we will try to understand. And if not to settle the question definitively, then at least propose a hypothesis, which, we hope, to attract the expert community.

What is HAARP?

Now it's time to move on to the history of creation, technical specifications and possible applications of the HAARP system. For this we used only sources of information on the Internet; so professionals and Amateurs alike to seek out the leak of classified scientific information in advance please do not worry. The maximum that to need from readers is a little common sense, elementary knowledge of plasma physics, the idea of the law of conservation of energy. In General, only the information that is known to the students of the first courses of higher educational institutions.

The project impacts on the ionosphere has been functioning since 1960 when the United States exploded in the ionosphere nuclear bomb. Then it became obvious that the ionosphere on such impacts respond: violation of the radio after the explosion was recorded almost a month. With this view were held electromagnetic broadcast of varying intensity and related experiments in the U.S. (Colorado), Puerto Rico (Arecibo) and in Australia (Armidale).

At about this time on the planet begin to frequent disasters and climate change which reasons many had no idea. You now have a possible explanation for why the weather has become less predictable: they started broadcasting electromagnetic and other experiments. The HAARP program was started in 1990

The principle of operation of HAARP is the following. Alaska created a large antenna field. Alaska is the only U.S. location, located away from big cities in the polar area, which are available in a variety of ionospheric phenomena. The positive results of previous studies prompted the US Congress to approve more than a solid budget for the project, and 3 years later was deployed HAARP station in Alaska.

It is located in 320 km North-East of anchorage (lat 62°.23 N, longitude 145°.8 W) and consists of 360 transmitters and 180 antennas with a height of 24 meters each. The whole structure occupies 15 hectares of land at the foot of the mountains. At its creation took almost 20 years and $250 million.

They are capable of generating radiation that have a very high power. Rays emanating from each individual antenna, connecting in one point, contribute to the emergence of localized plasma cloud of plasmoid, something like controlled lightning ball large size (several tens of km). From this plasmoid on the screen of the radar station, there is a strong illumination, as from a large aerial targets. There were cases when in the area of coordinates of illumination directed fighters. Arriving, it was empty. Some saw this unusual picture on the radar screen, starting to remember UFOs.

Included in HAARP high-frequency antenna, the radar, incoherent radiation from the antenna 20 meter diameter, laser radars, magnetometers, computers for signal processing and control the antenna field. Nourishes the whole complex of powerful gas electric and 6 diesel generators. Deploying complex and research on it deals with "Phillips laboratory", based at the U.S. air force in Cartledge, new Mexico. Her subordinate laboratory of astrophysics, Geophysics and weapons of the space technology Centre of the air forces of the USA.

The radiating power of the system is 3.6 MW (up to 75 times more than commercial radio station) aimed at the Zenith antenna allows focusing pulses of short-wave radiation in some parts of the ionosphere and reheat them to generate high-temperature plasma. The project is presented as research, but this will be implemented in the interests of the military-air and naval forces of the United States under conditions of deep secrecy.

The current system HAARP covers the Northern hemisphere from the pole to latitude 45° (southern coast of Crimea).

Using these antennas with focused beam of high frequency radio waves "heats up" the area of the ionosphere - plasma membrane enriched with electric particles, which are above the ozone layer.

On the website of the Federation of American scientists (the largest American resource for the control of the intelligence services, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, etc.) there is a special section devoted to these studies. There it is noted that this is just a scientific work. Her goal is pure knowledge. Namely, the study of the properties of the ionosphere for better use of communication systems. The region of the ionosphere are temporarily excited with the help of specifiedtime sending in the ionosphere waves. And physical processes occurring in the excited area, and see scientists.

Global community program HAARP is presented only as a research, which is ostensibly aimed at finding ways of improving radio communications. The U.S. government tries to reassure everyone, stating that HAARP is a purely scientific experiment, but in fact HAARP-masking project a giant beam weapon.

In our opinion, the military component's main program. The US has set itself the goal during these works to create a geophysical weapon. Near-earth space environment, ionosphere and magnetosphere can be modified, that is changed. In 1997, Alaska has commissioned a electronic station with the capacity of 3.6 GW. A few years ago commissioned another radiator on the island of Greenland. He is more powerful Alaskan 3 times.

Already established and there are 5 radiators of different capacities for purposeful impact on the environment by high frequency radio waves. 3 of them are on the Scandinavian Peninsula in tromsø.

Online discussed various areas of possible military applications of the HAARP system, the main of which are the following (here we do not consider the most exotic):

  • communication with submarines at low frequencies;
  • system warning of missile and air attack;
  • impact on radio-electronic equipment, in particular on communication and navigation systems of ships, spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, and ground-based radio-electronic means of the opponent;
  • geophysical weapons - you can control and change the weather over the territory of another country or geographic region;
  • weapons for the organization of large-scale failures in electric systems, nuclear plants, oil and gas pipelines;
  • anti-missile and air (aerospace) defense - driven plasmoid can warp a high-speed flow in front of the aircraft or a combat block of ballistic missiles, leading to their deviation from the calculated trajectory, and even destruction of the construction;
  • impact on mental and somatic status of people;
  • stimulation of earthquakes or tsunamis.

The capabilities of the system HAARP is easy to imagine, if to remember about magnetic storms caused by solar flares. In fact, HAARP does the same thing, but in some parts of the atmosphere and earth's surface. And power of its radiation is many times higher than the sun: radiation from HAARP in Alaska exceeds the capacity of natural Solar radiation in the range of 10 megahertz to 5-6 orders of magnitude, i.e., 100,000 - 1,000,000 times. Accordingly, the damage will be larger in the tens or hundreds of times. The least he will be able to disrupt radio communications over large areas, significantly degrade the accuracy of satellite navigation, "blind" radars, including early and long-range detection and warning, missile defense and air defense. The current pulse reflected from the auroral region of the beam will cause crashes and accidents in power grids for entire regions. By the way, in the days of flares, the accident rate increases several times - it confirms the possibility of its artificial increase. Even the relatively weak energy impact can have a devastating impact. On the lines of gas and oil pipelines will be an electric field and various electromagnetic processes that can lead to accidents.

Individual heating regions of the atmosphere can cause serious climatic changes and as a result to cause a tornado, drought or flood. It is not excluded that increased exposure to radio waves will have a negative impact on wildlife, including humans. Using the HAARP system a group of military might for several years be brought to its knees the economy of the whole state. And no one will understand. With HAARP action connect a series of technological disasters and bizarre weather events observed in recent years in Europe, Asia and America.

But we must be realistic about the ability of this system. If the communication, jamming, starts BR detection and aircraft - items, in our opinion, quite real, the use of HAARP in the missile defense system, to stimulate earthquakes, tsunamis, psychophysical effects is currently problematic. Requires significantly more energy. For example, according to experts of radio-electronic station that can shoot down missiles, should be about 330 thousand times more powerful than HAARP, consumes about 8% of the energy of the whole world. As for breeding her in the ionosphere required antenna field length of 30 kilometres. While this is unrealistic.

You could also think about the problematic nature of climate impacts. However, the recent events have clarified the position on this issue.

Climatic weapons

It is known that the magnetic poles of the Earth do not coincide with the geographical: the magnetic axis is inclined relative to the geographic axis by 11.5on and does not pass through the center of the Earth. And the angle of tilt varies over time (see table).

Arctic magnetic pole

(2001) 81.05, -110.13333381°03' n 110°08' W. D. / 81.05° n 110.133333° W D. (G)

(2004) 82.05, -113.066667 82°03' n 113°04' W. D. / is at 82.05° n 113.066667° W D. (G)

(2005) 82.116667, -114.06666782°07' n 114°04' W. D. / 82.116667° n 114.066667° W D. (G)

The Antarctic magnetic pole

(1998) -64.1, 138.08333364°06' Yu. W. 138°05'e / 64.1° th. W. 138.083333° E. (G)

(2004) -63.083333, 13863°05' Yu. W. 138°00' e / 63.083333° th. W. 138° E. (G)


Radar system HAARP is almost on the same line with the Earth's magnetic field (more precisely, on the same magnetic longitude), Moscow and the Central regions of the Russian Federation. As is well known, charged particles move freely along magnetic field lines, and moving across magnetic field lines is difficult (though possible at high temperature and density plasma). Therefore, if the radar system will heat the ionospheric plasma over Alaska (like the microwave), then this hot plasma will amount to much to move power lines to Kola Wu, Petrozavodsk, Moscow, Voronezh, the Caucasus, and further to Saudi Arabia, Somalia. As for the tube, the wall of which the magnetic lines of force. Due to high energy particles over these areas in the upper layers of the atmosphere bulge formed, which from the optical point of view will be equivalent to an optical lens. The lens will concentrate the solar radiation on the Earth's surface beneath this power line and causing increased surface temperatures. So the most popular is possible to explain the main effects.

From the point of view of influence on the location of the weather radar system HAARP in Alaska and Greenland around the Arctic magnetic pole is very well: it is possible to ignite the discharge for different power lines and, thereby, influencing various areas of the earth's surface. In other words, to sweep the plasmoids lenses the whole world.

Because the magnetic pole of the Earth shifted in the direction of Canada, which means that and Alaska, HAARP is located under the dome of the magnetosphere. Otherwise as its strategic position not name.

Most likely originally HAARP was drawn to counter the missile defence system (BMD) of the USSR, Moscow covering the administrative and industrial area. Indeed, ABM radar is very accurate and therefore very sensitive to their conclusion out of operation requires a small hindrance. But, given the spacing of stations on the territory, such a disturbance must be large-scale. Its source could be artificial plasmoid. For education do not need large capacity.

But after putting the radiator in island Greenland (the third point would be Norway) the capacity of the radar system is greatly increased. Perhaps the idea to try to use it for developing climate weapons. To identify the potential of such weapons the best month of the year, as July is not found. And the goal is also clear - the areas of Central Russia: then the radar system will not need to retune to another region of the Earth.

In the anticyclone, which is currently located over the Central regions of Russia, there are a few oddities: on 22 June, the day length is decreased, respectively increased the duration of the night. So I changed the energy balance in the Northern hemisphere. And this high at all uneasy. Like stuck to one place. From somewhere he draws missing since June 22, energy. A strong magnetic storm, due to the large emission of the Solar plasma at the beginning of August, could change the situation. However, it appeared that the stability margin of the anticyclone is greater than the magnitude of this effect. It is possible that the anticyclone draws its energy from an artificial external source type of radar system HAARP.

Look at a map of the fires: the lines around which are grouped the most intense fire, through direct Tver - Moscow - Caucasus. I.e. coincide with the magnetic field lines of the Earth.

The Antarctic magnetic pole is on the North (the most heat) the coast of Antarctica. If there to build a radar station similar to HAARP, can influence the climate almost throughout the southern hemisphere. Maybe this factor is also taken into account in the fight for the development of the Antarctic, deteriorated in recent years. Although, of course, the Arctic magnetic pole is preferable because it's area of action includes the major industrialized countries.

And last. The talk about global warming can be simulated, a legend designed to hide the beginning of a new phase in the form of weapons - its full-scale tests.

You surely noticed that lately a lot of talk about UFOs?. It is not excluded that this is also a simulation designed to conceal the facts of climate weapons test. Do not be surprised if you find that the appearance of UFOs in close time points were concentrated in a narrow tube of force lines of Earth's magnetic field.


Not to say that the problem of assessing the effects of the possible use of HAARP for military purposes are not given much attention.

In 2002, the appeal was sent to President V. Putin, the UN, other international organizations, parliaments, heads of governments and member States of the UN, academia, and media. It is signed by 90 deputies of the State Duma. The signatories included Tatyana Astrakhankina, Nikolai Kharitonov, Egor Ligachev, Sergei Reshulsky, Vitaliy Sevastyanov, Viktor Cherepkov, Valentin Zorkaltsev, Alexei Mitrofanov and others.

In circulation in particular it was noted: "the launch of the installations located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Alaska and Greenland will create a closed loop of 3 units with a truly fantastic integral impact on the near-earth environment". It also stated: "the Holding of the U.S. large-scale and uncontrolled global community of scientific experiments under the HAARP programme will lead to the creation of weapons that can block the radio, disable the on-Board electronic equipment for spacecraft, rockets, provoke large-scale accidents in electrical networks and in oil and gas pipelines, adversely affects the mental state and health of the population of entire regions".

The deputies demanded to impose an international ban on the holding of such large-scale geophysical experiments.

In September 2002 the issue was discussed at the plenary session of the State Duma resolution "On the potential dangers for humankind of continuing large-scale U.S. experiments on a purposeful and powerful impact on the near-earth medium with high frequency radio waves".

Unfortunately, the draft regulations were repeatedly taken with consideration. They managed to take only at the plenary meeting, on 11 September, according to state Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Olenev.

Surprises and guards other: many politicians in our country is doing everything to American development had not been made public. In principle this is understandable because the system of government decision making in Russia for a long time and not fully responsible for such great power.

American scientists involved in the HAARP program, or flatly refuse to comment on the true purpose of their research, or deny the alarming statements of the Russian colleagues. But repeated attempts of the Russians to make the HAARP issue in the agenda of the international scientific forums Americans are blocked. In the scientific world is still no unity in the assessment of the military aspect of HAARP. Opinion among Russian scientists there are the most polar. Moreover, Russian scientific researches in the direction of the HAARP program, were frozen. And the results now, I guess, is irretrievably lost.

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