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A global catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico caused fires in Russia and floods in Europe?
Material posted: Publication date: 08-09-2010

Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was much bigger than previously reported. American officials turned out to be the same liars as everyone else. And BP seems to only know how to talk, and nothing serious can... At the beginning of July in the Gulf fell from 420 to 840 million gallons of oil. In this BP spray 42 million gallons of toxic dispersant Corexit 9500 is more than poured the oil in any other previous trouble with the oil spill.

Platform mysteriously sank, although it could just drag a little to the side.
For underwater shooting spill oil flows from the pipe, but actually the oil flows from three places – in fact from the well; and from two locations in the pipe. The oil spill from the pipe is located in 400-500 meters from the well. BP hides from the public fountain, which shoots out of the hole.

Along with oil and gas from deep under the huge pressure of 80-100 thousand psi (about 8 tons per square centimeter!) and at high speed (200 kph) ejected sand – it acts as an abrasive and grinds off the surface of wells – is expanding its. The more it expands, the more is thrown out of oil (and therefore sand) and the more extended the well – a kind of uncontrollable chain reaction.

Oil temperature of about 400 degrees. The oil is dissolved natural gas, methane. This mixture is very high temperature fluid. The higher the turnover and the higher the pressure, the more oil spills and the larger the emulsion. The boiling point of water at a depth of a mile – about 350 degrees.

The thickness of the oil film in the emulsion 1 micrometer. One cubic oil – about 5 barrels – able to cover 1 square kilometre of ocean and stop the evaporation of water for a considerable time.

Oil rises to a depth of 700 meters, and then the lighter fractions float to a depth of 300 meters and, eventually, to the surface. The Gulf is very strong currents, and the oil spreads across the Gulf, and then into the Atlantic. Emulsion satellite is not visible. In the infrared images in the ocean (where the emulsion) needs to look like leopard skin. The emulsion on the surface not visible to the human eye and, of course, does not constitute an iridescent film on the water surface.

A significant part of oil has not risen to the surface. This means that the effects of the spill (especially climate) will last years or decades. The possible stopping of the Gulf stream. How many oil spills: Bloomberg mentioned two figures of 160 thousand barrels per day and 240 thousand barrels per day. The worst option is 240 thousand barrels per day. One day, this well can stop the evaporation of water from 50 thousand square kilometers. The spill began April 20. In the worst-case scenario of 1 million sq km of ocean will soon be closed by a film.

Scientists have found "oil clouds" under the water surface in the Gulf of Mexico. The size of the clouds 16 km long, 5 km wide and 100 m tall, and one even this cloud contains a huge amount of oil (emulsion – if it was clean oil it would be in the cloud 5 billion tons – more than the reserves of USA, the third oil producer in the world) – much more than spilled from the well for BP claims. That is, the catastrophe seems imminent.

BP has refused to monitor the size of spots via satellite and instructed it to students volunteers. Volunteers need to have or buy a license for the software for $ 2,000. At the end of April, BP bought and spent their main stocks of dispersants (toxic and banned in Europe COREXIT 9500). The main manufacturer of COREXIT purchased from NALCO company, which is in turn owned by Goldman Sachs!

The amount of methane in some places in the air Bay suitable for explosive limits. In the case of detonation of several hundred cubic kilometers of explosive mixture, the consequences of even hard to imagine...

Daily maps of forecasts of currents in the Gulf and around from ROFFS (such as Ocean Fishing forecasts center). Well-drawn maps with all the currents and pollution:

Map of pollution (you can drag contamination into the familiar area):

On 29 June by images from NASA individual languages of oil reached the southern coast of Florida, 20 miles from the Islands of the Keys!

At 30 June BP continue to water the surface waters of the Gulf with the toxic dispersant COREXIT 9500 to hide the extent of leakage. The dispersant does not allow the most part of oil to rise to the surface, simultaneously poisoning all forms of life in water and air:

The fishermen, on which were splashes of water with the contents of dispersant COREXIT, have enduring headaches, cramps in the Airways, disruption of the heart and internal bleeding...

At least 4 million people whose lives have been tied to the sea, in the same desperate situation as this woman. And the state is nothing they do not promise or guarantee...

Everyone is talking about preparing the implementation of the plan of BP to stop this disaster by using nuclear weapons. In the news Salem news said: "the Giant oil company is now quietly preparing to test a nuclear device to quell a cascading catastrophe. While the world is watching attempts by BP to contain the oil fountain, company officials gave the green light for the use of the so-called nuclear EPFCG charge if all else fails..."

According to Russian scientist, Professor Gregory Ryskina at NorthWestern University the world is facing a natural irreversible, cascading geological Apocalypse that can lead to the disappearance of life on Earth many millions of years.

According to Ryskina, oil giant BP has drilled a borehole several miles deep into a geologically unstable region and may thus he laid the Foundation for the early release of the mega-bubble of methane. At the moment there is no technology to stop this process.

A dismissed employee of a call center BP: the situation is so bad that we even didn't write anything down, just trying to calm people down. All incoming information is simply no one to transmit and process...

1 Jul. According to the American forums 90% of people in North Florida, from Panama, Tallahase to Jacksonville have difficulty breathing, burning in the throat, dry tongue and other allergic reactions to the presence of poisonous gases in the air:

30 June: the Brave pilot flew into the restricted area contamination and videotaped everything that they see. He could face loss of license and aircraft, but the world needs to know... Oil all colors of the rainbow to the horizon... Dozens of dead dolphins and whales:

July 2: Gregg, Evenson, from senior officers of emergency situations, says that will happen in the near future. In short: all residents of coastal States should evacuate until it was too late. After the celebration of independence day, July 4, begin preparation for evacuation of sick, disabled... BP operates in the Gulf, based on their financial interests, spraying toxic COREXIT 9500 Bay, and not from common sense and ecology. Underwater clouds of oil has reached South Florida coast, Islands, case...

July 3: Doctors clinics Louisiana has never seen so many patients with respiratory problems. The construction of tents. Swimming in the waters of the Gulf can lead to pneumonia, asthma and respiratory arrest:

July 7: BP 1,500 workers hospitalized with poisoning in the clinic, regardless of civil:

8 July: Game over! Hundreds of fishermen do not receive checks (money) for the work under the contract with BP for participation in the clean-up operations:

Oil is present in the entire chain of marine life in the Gulf, more survivors:

Meanwhile, the population of oysters destroyed completely. At least 5 years to recover, if the water and soil will be cleaned up. The fishermen are left without work...

CNN: BP lying to us. No reduction of the use of the dispersant COREXIT 9500 is not happening! Creepy science experiment on all of us continues:

July 9: an Interview with Gerald Celente, a famous scientist, needs no introduction. "Any journalist who will use the phrase "oil spill" you just need to fire immediately! We are not a Cup of spilled coffee... IT's a PLANETARY CATASTROPHE, which hide from us":

July 11: Day of the 84th. People leave decades of their homes. Their place is taken by the military...

15 July: MSNBC: BP hides a huge hole (with a fountain of oil) a few miles from the scene of the accident:

July 16: Chris Landau: BP cap will not stop the oil coming through the cracks at the bottom, but rather strengthen:

So what happens at the bottom?

July 17: In tests of water near where people live, found in the oil from 100 to 250 parts per million. About the same as COREXIT in the water daredevil. And the last sample actually exploded in the lab – most likely due to the large quantities of dissolved methane...

July 19: As many feared – plug in the well had sprung a leak...

BP confirms oil spill in miles from wells...

Plug the well BP – sell:

July 21: Obama and company danced to the tune BP, covering their lies and get more money...

22 July: Murder Bay. Big, big, big article on the subject with a selection of photos:

Matt Simmons estimates the cleaning Bay in more than a TRILLION DOLLARS. "We just killed the Gulf". Article with video:

The concealment of the crime: BP Oil politics and the looming environmental megacatastrophe

...Obama, the main leaders of the White house and the Secretary of the interior Ken Salazar along with CEO of BP Tony Hawarden (Tony Hayward) are developing legislation that will limit the amount of claims caused by the oil spill damage will be increased from $ 75 million to ten billion. But Federal and local sources tell us that the potential damage from the disaster could reach at least a trillion dollars.

Observers who are critical to the future deal between Obama and Hawarden, indicate that ten billion compared with losses in the trillions is a drop in the ocean; it is also noted that, if to nationalize BP, its assets worth almost a trillion dollars just to cover these losses. Some power structures, including FEMA, talk about the need to nationalize BP in order to offset the losses of those who will ultimately suffer from the horrible oil disaster in the history of mankind...

Yet we were told that if the oil geyser on the ocean floor will not be able to plug in devakottai term, irreparable damage to the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic and other regions of the World ocean. In the best case, according to the specialists of the engineering troops, to caulk the crevice on the ocean floor will be able in two years...

And of engineer troops, and from FEMA and from the Department of environmental protection, and coast guard, and local agencies for environmental security receives the same signals: "anything like this we didn't have to deal never.

Also, the Obama administration, together with the leadership of BP, secretly agreed to downplay the extent of the leak, as reported by sources at the Federal level and at the state level. After exploded and sank the oil rig, it was officially announced about the oil spill from crevices on the ocean floor at a speed of 42 thousand gallons a day, but five days later in official statements mentioned about 210 thousand gallons a day.

However, we are informed that submersibles monitoring the oil leak at the bottom of the Bay, remove your camera now "volcanic" eruption of oil. Moreover, when the specialists of the engineering troops first attempted to obtain NASA imagery of the oil slick, the dimensions of which exceed those in the media, it was refused. However, journalists from National Geographic were able to get made from satellite photos showing the scale of the disaster and posted them on its web site.

There are other shots taken from space and hidden by the Obama administration; they show that under the gaping crevice, with the alarming rate of oil spewing into hiding cavity about the size of mount Everest. This information, according to our data, kept secret from the public almost at the level of national security.

The army corps of engineers and FEMA softly scolded the Obama White house and the US coast guard for failing to provide aid. Only recently has the command of the coast guard understood the magnitude of the tragedy and sent to the disaster area seventy ships. We also found that conducted by experts from the Department of mineral resources examination of the isolation valves of the tower was a mere formality, and the outcome of criminal collusion between Halliburton and the services of the Ministry of internal Affairs, as well as what the potential for recurrence of such an accident is not excluded even at thirty thousand towers, where there are exactly the same valves...

The ingress of crude oil into estuaries, particularly in the rich Gulf oysters in Apalachicola (Florida), will lead the seafood industry to disaster. However, the main danger in the Florida Everglades; the experts at the Federal and local level fear that in the event of a further eruption of oil from the bottom of the Bay, the marshes turn into a "dead zone". Also there is a fear that the stain will be picked up by the Gulf stream and spread along the East coast of the USA, contaminating the coast and estuaries, particularly the Chesapeake Bay, and in the end – and rich in fish of Great Newfoundland Bank... Developed evacuation plans for people suffering from respiratory diseases, primarily elderly pensioners living on the West coast of Florida; it is planned before the government will start setting fire to oil on the surface of the water close to the shore. The threat hanging over the cities, located on the mainland away from the sea. Soon will come the hurricane season and any rain storm could get spilled on the ocean surface oil and subsequently contaminate its freshwater lakes and rivers, located at a considerable distance from the ocean, than will create an even greater threat of contamination of water supplies and ecosystems.


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