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To the question about the climate control
Material posted: -Publication date: 12-10-2010

The material summarizes the results of the research project associated with the study of the causes and consequences of abnormal heat in Russia in summer 2010.

In this work we present simple estimates of the potential energy opportunities in the method of formation of ionospheric lenses to increase the temperature of the earth's surface. Simply put, identifies the required inputs, provided that all other systems of radio-electronic systems can be created and will function perfectly.

From the analysis following conclusions.

1. Their own capabilities are still insufficient to obtain a significant temperature effect (about 1 degree), but when you enter the stations in Norway and Greenland, the system would come close to achieving a significant temperature effect.

2. In the near future to work abroad can enter the stage of full-scale experiments. It is therefore necessary to monitor the progress of these works abroad.

3. Nothing fundamentally prevents to increase the power system 10-20 times. Then the system will be able to actively influence the climate.

4. Energy gain (controlled solar energy/radiation energy spent on the formation of ionospheric lenses) is about 173. Ie, with the help of power electronic systems can be managed in 173 times higher output power of the solar radiation. Therefore, the technique of ionospheric lenses to increase the temperature of the earth's surface by 2 orders of magnitude more effective than a simple way of re-energy radio station on Earth, for example, via satellite (this option is also discussed in the media on the topic

Thus, in our view, certainly, the physical effects have a significant effect on the climate is probably too early to say, there is a phase of full-scale experiments, the real prospect of an sample combat climate weapons exist, it is necessary to establish the monitoring that would be prepared in a timely manner.

The electronic version of the report is available on the website.

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