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Climate problems of the world: what is a myth in them, and what is reality?

The climate agenda has burst into the political discourse of recent years so rapidly that even venerable experts and analysts have not yet been able to assess its consequences. What is behind this? What is real, what is just a myth? This project is dedicated to the analysis of problems related to climate change.

Climate, bees and coffee: global warming strikes again

For many it will be very bad news: by 2050, the world may remain without a natural coffee. According to an international team of researchers, in the next 30 years in Latin America, supplying the entire world coffee, lose from 73 to 88% of their plantations.

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The verdict of scientists: Moscow, the weather turned bad forever

Weather cataclysms will occur in Moscow increasingly, scientists warn. Climate change will lead to increased costs of the city budget, growth of morbidity and mortality additional residents.

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Due to climate changes in Europe every year will die, presumably, 150 thousand people

Heat, forest fires, lack of food production: forecasts are scary.

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