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Pozdyshev V. A. "Cooling, not warming. What the peoples will become extinct like mammoths"
Material posted: Publication date: 10-08-2017
Recently in the scientific world there have been a number of scandalous revelations. It became clear that the findings of those scientists who are sounding the alarm about global warming was falsified. In fact, the Earth is facing the threat of a new ice age.

When will stop the Gulf stream – and it will come very soon all of North America and Western Europe will be dominated by Siberian-like winters. And what will happen with Russia? The book of Vasily Pozdyshev tells what kind of weather disaster was already in the past of our planet, and what humanity can expect from nature in the near future. Does it become for us the mother's stepmother? Will Russia survive the cataclysm it would cause, maybe the day after tomorrow? The hour "X" close. Read the book and prepare for it.


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