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The United States supports Russia and Saudi Arabia in their unwillingness to accept the findings of climate scientists
Material posted: Publication date: 25-12-2018
On Saturday evening, December 8, at the time of the negotiations under the auspices of the UN, the United States along with Russia and Saudi Arabia rejected the arguments of climatologists, triggering outrage delegates, who are convinced of the need to take urgent measures to rescue their countries.

These three States, and Kuwait prevented nearly 200 countries participating in the UN framework Convention on climate change (U. N. Framework Convention on Climate Change), "approve" the October report of the United Nations, which speaks of the need to take "unprecedented" measures in order to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius and prevent a world catastrophe.

Island States and other developing countries tried to raise this threshold to 1.5 degrees Celsius without resorting to those diplomatic tricks which are famous for these negotiations. However, the approval of this report seemed too powerful signal to the United States and other countries who oppose measures to combat climate change. USA and their supporters demanded that the parties to the framework Convention simply "took note" this landmark report of the Intergovernmental Council for the fight against climate change (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which States that the volume of global greenhouse gas emissions should not rise for 12 years, which will prevent the worst consequences of rising average temperatures. In addition, not all participants agreed with the wording of the report, and they still have to decide whether they approve the report.

The state Department stated that his position should not have been a surprise to anyone.

"The United States was ready to accept this note and to commend those scientists who have prepared, but not to approve it, which would mean support for this report, — explained the representative of the US state Department. — As we said at the Intergovernmental Council for the fight against climate change and in other organs, the US does not support the conclusions given in this report".

The United States and Saudi Arabia has abandoned its objection to abstract this report, presented in October at the UN meeting in South Korea, allowing the process to continue. However, Saudi Arabia continued to look for ways to negate the value of the insights of the world's leading scientists that countries need to significantly reduce emissions over the next 12 years to avoid catastrophic sea-level rise and other negative effects.

Saudi Arabia has abandoned its protests against the document, when it became clear that it is the only country trying to block it. In that time, the state Department noted that the adoption of this report should not be equated with the support of those scientific conclusions, which were made on the basis of many studies. "The content of chapters written by different authors, were not subjected to detailed discussion and it was not approved, so it remains the responsibility of those authors," said the state Department in October.

In his statement on Monday, December 10, Saudi Arabia again stated the arguments that its representatives in the Intergovernmental Council for the fight against climate change has repeatedly voiced in South Korea, in particular the argument about the alleged inadequacy of the scientific conclusions regarding the costs and benefits of mitigating climate change and the costs of holding warming below 1.5 degrees.

In his statement, Saudi Arabia expressed the hope that the new report will refer to these "gaps" and that "the parties can reach a consensus on the question of approval of this report."

"This is a traditional Saudi Arabian behavior, said Alden Meyer (Alden Meyer), Director of strategy and policy Union of concerned scientists (Union of Concerned Scientists), on the negotiations in Katowice. They are trying to block, blur, wording to delay, and then when nothing comes, because they are in the minority, they return to the point of uncertainty. For them, scientific precision is a curse, because it affects their sales of oil."

According to Meyer, in meetings behind closed doors the Saudis called this research report "political" document. The representatives of Saudi Arabia did not respond to a request for comment on the situation.

This Saturday's match has caused resentment on the part of some climate scientists such as Michael Mann (Michael Mann), who tweeted: "the world is the axis of evil. It is fueled by fossil fuels triumvirate trump, Putin and Saudi Arabia that conspired to sell the future of our planet in order to achieve their short-term financial goals."

Yesterday, the US Alliance and Saudi Arabia, which has existed for a year, upset the delegates from developing countries and their supporters. Three years ago, these countries have put a lot of effort at the Paris conference on climate in order to achieve the UN report, which confirmed the need to take decisive action to protect them.

"Do not forget that this report was written thanks to our perseverance," said Ronny jumeau (Ronny Jumeau), who was a delegate from the Seychelles at the Paris conference on climate change.

The agreement, which was adopted at the Paris conference, called on countries to take on commitments to hold global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. In that time, island States and poor countries had protested against such a level, stating that this is not enough, and that they can threaten disaster.

But now that scientists clearly stated their arguments, according to Jumeau, these data have not cause anybody that shocks you were counting on poor countries. "People are negotiating as if the report about 1.5 degrees did not exist", — he said. This report showed that is caused by human activities warming, perhaps much more serious than previously thought.

"People were concerned that the intergovernmental Council for the fight against climate change — because of how it works — will soften the blow, but this did not happen, — said Jumeau. We might think that all this will become a new opportunity for negotiations, but this, apparently, is not happening". Salim Haque (Saleem Huq), Director of the International center for the study of climate change (International Centre for Climate Change and Development) in Bangladesh, called it "amazing."

"Report of the intergovernmental Council for the fight against climate change was adopted by all countries whose delegates were present, but now they are all gathered under the UN framework Convention on climate change and refuse to approve it", — he said. By 2030 a significant part of the territory of Bangladesh may go under water as a result of sea-level rise.

According to experts, poor countries and their allies will not rest until the level of 1.5 degrees will not receive the acclamation it deserves. Experts also predict that this issue will be raised again later in the week, when the time comes to make the final decision. But the importance of this report is aware, not only of developing countries. Bardram Elina (Elina Bardram), responsible for international relations at the European Commission, said that the conference of the parties should not only endorse the report, but also to find ways to ensure that the implementation of the Paris agreement is consistent with it.

"The European Union is actively supporting policy based on the findings of the scientific community and on objective data, she told reporters on Saturday, December 8. — We believe that politicians must have the courage not only to note but to accept the results of work of intergovernmental bodies".

According to Bardram, although a report about 1.5 degrees really are some "subtleties", "the conference of the parties needs to admit his conclusions and must be able to initiate the process as outlined in the relevant decisions taken in Paris — truly a global rethinking of the adequacy of aspirations".

The negotiators here in Katowice — in the mining town, which was installed last week, ranks second in the list of European cities with the lowest quality of air, feeling the effects of global political events. The protests of "yellow jackets" in France continued for the fourth Saturday in a row, causing more than 1000 people were arrested and many people were in the hospital.

These protests started three weeks ago as a reaction to the plan of the President of France Emmanuel Makron to raise the already high tax on fuel, but last week the government decided to abandon its decision to stop the protest movement. The renewal of demonstrations this past Saturday, December 8, apparently proves that it is not having the leaders of the movement as a whole reacts to program changes in the system of social support and the tax system, not only increasing the tax on fuel.

However, on Saturday, December 8, the President, trump said that these disturbances show a sharp decline among French-level program support for the fight against climate change and, first and foremost, support of the Paris climate agreement, which insisted that France.

"People don't want to pay large sums of money — mostly to third world countries (whose leadership is questionable) in order to possibly save the environment", — he wrote on Twitter, adding that most of the "yellow jackets" chant: "We want trump!"

The leading French newspaper Le Monde reported on Saturday, December 8, that none of the journalists covering the protests in Paris and other cities, have not heard that the demonstrators shouted these words. It is possible, trump reacted to the video recorded in the United Kingdom in which the man danced in the back of a truck in a mask trump.

According to Catherine Abreu (Catherine Abreu), Director of Climate Action Network Canada, there is nothing surprising in the fact that trump tried to use the protests in France.

"I think it's extremely manipulative attitude to the situation — those who are interested in preserving the status quo, trying to promote their point of view, but in reality I think we are witnessing the accumulation of many of the problems which confronted every day working people around the world, she explained, citing the example of automation in the production and destruction of social safety nets. — I believe that all of this contributes to discontent, and very soon the Cup may overflow".

According to her, the outcome of these climate negotiations have become not a rejection of the Paris agreement, and the steps in order to ensure that the social security system will be built based on it.

Despite tweets trump and his plans to ignore the Paris agreement in 2020, the United States sent in these negotiations, about 40 officials. White house adviser on energy, wells Griffith (Wells Griffith) will conduct today a round table with the heads of American energy companies — it will be a repeat of that meeting, which was held last year and which has caused many protests by environmentalists.

Dan Lashof (Dan Lashof), Director of the world resources Institute (World Resources Institute), called the plan "absurd".
"This interlude in Poland would be funny if the consequences of climate change were not so serious," he said.

The Sabbath controversy surrounding the "acknowledgement" and "approval" of the report prove that the United States and Saudi Arabia speak with one voice in international fora, rejecting the need for action to combat climate change. These two countries along with Russia participated in the summit of the group of twenty major developed and developing economies, which was held in Argentina earlier in December. At that meeting, only the United States refused to support the Paris agreement on climate change.

After the summit of the Big twenty one high-ranking official of the US administration said that countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia and Turkey are hesitant in the matter of the Paris agreement, and this proves that they are willing to abandon the agreement. Now quite a few signs that these countries are considering the possibility of withdrawing from the agreement, but some of its members will not be regret if they do.

"If they want to go, let go,' said Huck. — It will be worse if they'll stay and try to derail the process than if they come".

"They don't even have to come to the negotiations," he added. However, the US still are a part of this agreement, what constantly remind us progressivity who took part in the December talks. And the team of the Department headed by the Director of the division for global change Trigga Talley (Trigg Talley) and diplomat Judith Garber (Judith Garber) is fighting for change in the established order of the USA first and foremost for the almost universal requirement of transparency commitments and progress in implementing the Paris agreement.

The delegates spent last week to reduce from about 300 pages to just over 100. The aim was to compile a guide to implementing the Paris agreement, which is usually called the "user manual".

According to some delegates are disappointed with the slow progress of what is called the most important conference of the parties since the Paris conference. Other delegates felt that an agreement on some of the most difficult issues may be closer than you think.

"You can't judge a book by the binding," said sue Biniaz (Sue Biniaz), a delegate from the state Department.

Meanwhile, vulnerable countries are to receive financial support, which compensate them for the inevitable damage from global warming, according to the maximum number of points of management. If emissions continue to rise and life will become unbearable, they will need the support of the whole world.

Gene Chemnick (Jean Chemnick)


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