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Version: possible causes abnormal heat in Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 03-08-2010

The unprecedented heat in Central Russia, which is observed this year, forcing scientists to intensively look for reasons unique phenomenon. A former military weather forecaster captain second rank in retirement Nicholas Karavaev put forward extravagant hypothesis about the possible use against Russia the so-called climatic weapons, using as the affecting factors of natural phenomena that are initiated by artificially - hurricanes, droughts, torrential rains, floods, cyclones, anticyclones, tornadoes, etc.

Is there such a weapon is real or is it far from the realm of science fiction?

- There are many real theoretical development of climate weapons. They are based on the achievements of civilian agencies in the field of artificial influence on climate and weather. We have become accustomed to the phenomenon Luzhkov, dispersing the clouds. There is far-reaching ideas — for example, creating a giant zone of high pressure with the help of space-borne near-earth space, high-power lasers.

Anticyclonic impact (when the atmosphere is cleared of the cloud cover, and in the impact zone is triggered by a breakthrough heated air from adjacent areas) leads not only to demoralize the population and troops, the loss of crops, but also applied to purely military problems: in the heated air increases the flight range cruise missiles, increased damage from applying aircraft and missile strikes, etc.

But this is at the level of speculation, is there any documentary evidence about the development of climate weapons?

- Officially climate weapon is prohibited, but there is no ban on the development, influencing the weather in the interests of civil organizations. Military keeping these developments under control.

Not so long ago the world press was published in English the report of the analysts of the air forces of the U.S., "Weather as a force multiplier: the subordination of weather by 2025". It describes the possible effects on the climate and weather in military purposes. Summing up his analysis, the authors write, the United States to withdraw from "the Convention on the prohibition of military impact on the environment", and believe that the value of their climate weapon in the world will make the same revolution as the first atomic bomb.

The lack of global regulatory documents on this subject increases the probability of occurrence and the hidden use of such weapons, and using his terrorist and anti-social groups.

Could you provide evidence of testing or the use of climatic weapons?

- Here is a compilation of press reports over the years. In August of 1952 in the British County of Devon 12 hour precipitation of 230 millimeters of rainfall - ten times more than the average for that month in other years. The flood washed away the village of Linemate.

35 people died. In the press it was argued that it is the result of the experiment of the air force call for artificial rain. In 1972 in USA in South Dakota for 6 hour precipitation of 400 mm of rainfall. The water washed away 750 houses. Killed about 250 people. Never floods here were not.

September 1977, USSR. "Petrozavodsk phenomenon" - residents of Karelia for four minutes observed in the sky a huge glowing bunch like a jellyfish. The anomaly was visible and from the territory of Finland - the videos were to the West. The newspaper "Washington post" gave comments by several influential scientists, predpologala that the phenomenon is associated with the military weather experiments.

In 1978, the U.S. multi-day torrential rains "drowned" two dozen villages in Wisconsin and caused 50 million dollars. Supporters of the theory of "climate wars" explain the cataclysm of the military experiment that got out of their control.

In 1981 in California reigned a strange drought. Climatologists call it the most unusual natural phenomenon in the history of meteorology in the United States. In the atmosphere for unknown reasons there was an area of high pressure, not podpuskayu to the mainland cyclones from the Pacific ocean. American geophysicist Manuel Sarao claims that this is the result of the Soviet station of weather control that is located in Cuba.

During the bombing of Yugoslavia in South-Eastern Europe was unusually good weather. And there were rumors that the Americans support it artificially. The Belgrade newspaper "Politika" wrote: "in the Evening of 5 April, the skies over Niese was covered, we waited that here-here you get rain. He heard the roar of the aircraft, then the sky suddenly turned red, the clouds began to curl and fade, the sun came out. That night NIS was bombed. The next evening the same thing happened over and Negotium by Prakhov". A well-known fact from the American-Vietnam war. Were held surgery, "Roman plow" (200 bulldozers with special knives) and "the hand of the farmer" (90 thousand tons of herbicides sprayed from the air). On the territory of 65 thousand square kilometers in Vietnam was destroyed all vegetation and removed the top cover of soil. The result is waterlogging of the terrain, local climate change.

After these "peacekeeping" activities in the UN has developed a "Convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques". Countries that signed the Charter undertook "not to cause harm to another state party to the Convention by deliberate management of natural processes of the Earth, including its hydrosphere and atmosphere". The USSR and the USA joined the Convention in 1977 in Geneva. But both countries used a "loophole" because the Convention does not preclude "the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes".

Well, as the current anomalous heat in Central Russia you are associated with climatic weapon?

- Look at the facts. First. Weather report shows: while in Moscow, the heat reaches 35-36 degrees, -18 in Berlin, in Warsaw — 25, Vienna, -20, Paris — 20 degrees Celsius. That is, the attack acts locally and purposefully. Second. The cause of weeks of heat became a giant cyclone hovering over the European part of Russia and the "uploaders" hot air from the Mediterranean and Central Asia.

These highs, there has never been hung. Third. In the zone of anomalous cyclone as the scientists say, part of the earth's atmosphere simultaneously fell by a record in the 43 years of observations values. The cataclysm occurred in the thermosphere - thin layer, located at an altitude of 90-600 km. It protects the planet from ultraviolet radiation. Natural explanations for this reduction are not. Fourth. The world's media reported that on the eve of the current weather cataclysm in outer space launched a new us unmanned spacecraft X-37B, able to carry powerful laser weapons.

The mission of X-37B is considered to be highly classified, the duration of the flight is also not reported. According to some reports, auto-ship will spend in space of not less than 270 days, after which will land on one of the bases the U.S. air force. The comparison of these facts leads to the idea of testing capabilities on new climate of weapons. There is another fact, well known to the relevant experts.

In Alaska, the territory prohibited for civilian flights, set of 180 antennas with a height of 24 meters, each capable of creating a magnetic storm, with consequences over the territory of any particular country. On the official Internet site of the project as a motto exhibited a very ambiguous sentence: "on September 11, 2001. We were United, we are determined, we will never forget!" Must not forget and we that whenever in the hands of the USA was the most powerful new weapons, it was used against the "opposing" countries for the purposes of intimidation.


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