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China and its role in the new world order

The project is devoted to the study and analysis of contemporary China's role in world affairs. Particular attention is paid to the transformation of this role in the future. Attention is paid to the influence of the Chinese factor in the security of Russia as a whole, as well as its interests in various parts of the world. It has surprisingly been the rise of "Asian dragon", as they say American analysts?

The new silk road, or How China wants to unite everyone

It has been more than three years since Chinese President XI Jinping, speaking at Nazarbayev University in Astana, first mentioned the idea of creating an economic belt of the silk road. During this time about the concept, which is now called the "one belt and one road", learned and spoke in many countries. Moreover, in the next two days the leaders of about 30 countries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as thousands of experts, representatives of international organizations will gather in Beijing at an international forum to discuss ways of implementing this idea.

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China is going to turn the world oil market

On March 26 in China will start trading oil futures in yuan.

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Objectives of China's overseas: why the initiative "One belt, one road" is doomed to success

It seems that the initiative "One belt, one road" covers everything that relates to China, and at the same time, nothing. However, this does not mean that the draft is a smokescreen to divert attention. He's really outworking in practice, in courtrooms, in government offices, public enterprises around the world, the most important from the point of view of logistics strategy places, and also in special economic zones created in dozens of countries. This project is implemented regardless of the views of the American Minister of defence that "One belt, one road" is nothing more than a pompous attempt to dictate terms.

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2017 — the year of approval of China in the role of a superpower

China, whether we like it or not, continues to grow at a heightened pace. Not 12%, 15 years ago, but somewhere in the range of six and a half to seven percent given a base of 13 trillion dollars.

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Without the "Power of Siberia" in China, not enough gas, off enterprise

In the North of China where build a gas pipeline "Power of Siberia", not enough gas. Abnormal cold in the region since the beginning of December led to the fact that the regional authorities have started to impose restrictions on the consumption of "blue fuel", and the Ministry of environmental protection of China has temporarily lifted a ban on the burning of coal at thermal power plants for heating residential homes.

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