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China and its role in the new world order

The project is devoted to the study and analysis of contemporary China's role in world affairs. Particular attention is paid to the transformation of this role in the future. Attention is paid to the influence of the Chinese factor in the security of Russia as a whole, as well as its interests in various parts of the world. It has surprisingly been the rise of "Asian dragon", as they say American analysts?

China uses Russian-American confrontation to win big in Europe

Today, Beijing's influence in regional energy sector is comparable only with that which was used by Moscow during the cold war.

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China made new progress in the race of supercomputers

China is financing the development of the world's first prototype of a supercomputer for exaflops computing. The speed of the system will amount to a trillion operations per second. The power of the country will be directed on support of programs of marine research.

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China staged a "black Monday" for the cryptocurrency

The people's Bank of China outlawed the ICO primary supply of coins, according to forklog.

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The growth of China's influence is a little limited — shouldn't we worry about it the New silk road?

Investment program XI Jinping in the global infrastructures of the West is threatening not only economic dominance of China. Si has a serious political game.

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Well, that's all. Former Deputy foreign Minister of China was buried "age of America"

We parted ways with "American century" — this conclusion is drawn by a Chinese analystwho previously served as Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the PRC. But more interesting is his idea whose age has come (Chinese, anyhow). And if on the first point, the world already and have nothing to say, the latter will be the subject of clarifications and discussions of a hundred years or so ahead.

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