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China and its role in the new world order

The project is devoted to the study and analysis of contemporary China's role in world affairs. Particular attention is paid to the transformation of this role in the future. Attention is paid to the influence of the Chinese factor in the security of Russia as a whole, as well as its interests in various parts of the world. It has surprisingly been the rise of "Asian dragon", as they say American analysts?

The analyst CIA: Beijing is a more serious threat than Russia

During the unusually Frank conversation, the CIA officer Michael Collins (Michael Collins) said that the growing confidence and determination of China's concern, and they are fueled by the lack of opposition to Chinese hegemony during the last few years.

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The views of the military-political leadership of the PRC on security and defense

The growth of global challenges and threats, further aggravation of the international situation in the regions of traditional interests of Russia and China, the complication of relations with the West objectively bring together the positions of our countries, which aim to conduct independent foreign policy experts believe that Sergey and Alexander Nebrenchina.

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Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight remains elusive leader of the TOP500 list

Today in Frankfurt presents the international conference on supercomputers. This event coincides with the publication of the 49th edition updated twice yearly list of most powerful systems in the TOP500.

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Financial Times: China's praying for his salvation "collapse in the style of Russia"

Hard decision to crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen square by force provided China three decades of economic growth and a leading position in the modern world.

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On the verge of an energy revolution: China was able to produce "combustible ice"

Oil companies from China were the first who managed to extract from the ocean floor "combustible ice" the natural gas hydrate. This was announced by China Central television, citing the Ministry of land and resources of China.

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