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Without the "Power of Siberia" in China, not enough gas, off enterprise
Material posted: Publication date: 20-12-2017
In the North of China where build a gas pipeline "Power of Siberia", not enough gas. Abnormal cold in the region since the beginning of December led to the fact that the regional authorities have started to impose restrictions on the consumption of "blue fuel", and the Ministry of environmental protection of China has temporarily lifted a ban on the burning of coal at thermal power plants for heating residential homes.

According to the state news Agency Xinhua, Saturday from Guangdong province in southern China to the North of the country daily delivery of 7.25 million cubic meters of gas. In the company of the Guangdong Natural Gas Grid announced that PetroChina and CNOOC will supply the volume of gas which will be sufficient to meet the 1.5 million households. If necessary, the supply will increase to 9 million cubic meters per day.
Earlier, as reported by Reuters, in Hebei province, encircling Beijing, the authorities have introduced the "orange" level. This means that in the main steel region, the shortage of gas is 10-20%. Therefore the regional authorities have limited the consumption of gas by commercial and industrial enterprises. Also, according to the South China Morning Post, the abnormally cold weather and the gas shortage has hit not only the North but also the center of China. The gas shortage now experienced in the provinces of Henan and Hunan. In Changsha, in Hunan province, reports TASS with reference to China Central television, discontinued gas supply to industrial and commercial enterprises, but for ordinary Chinese, otrebusy this year, more than 1.5 thousand cubic meters, has imposed a limit of 15 cubic meters.
In fact, Beijing has launched a CHP plant that runs on coal. As reported by Nasdaq, the situation is aggravated by the sharp rise in gas consumption in China this year. For 10 months it was 43% and is due to the government's program to shift away from coal and switching to natural gas. The sharp rise in gas consumption in China has led to a significant increase in gas prices throughout Asia. In December they exceeded $ 355 per thousand cubic meters. Deputy Director of the national energy security Fund (NESF) Alex Grivach believes that the gas shortage in the northeast of China, including in Beijing, will solve the construction of a gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" with a capacity of 38 billion cubic meters per year. "China is obvious. In the North-East of the country is now almost no gas. "Power of Siberia" will give the opportunity to reduce the dominance of coal in these provinces of China and little to blunt the acuteness of environmental problems, which each heating season turns into a disaster," — said the expert. According to him, in the Central regions of the country (North of the Yangtze river), the gas shortage is due to lack of sufficient infrastructure for underground gas storage: "Therefore, to cover the peaks due to the sharp temperature fluctuations very difficult."


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