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Devyatov: Collusion in the US and China leads to a redistribution of Central Asia and around the world
Material posted: Publication date: 03-03-2019
Who determines the fate of the world? What Donald trump and XI Jinping say behind the scenes? What does the Crimea, Mountain-Badakhshan and the terrorists on the border of Turkmenistan? Questions Colossal meets military sinologist Andrey Devyatov.

— You participated in the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, and then worked in China. Why the choice fell on China?

— I graduated from the Military Institute of foreign languages of the red army, where five years studying Chinese language and flying bullets. The war began in the middle East, had someone to put in the crews. As a second language, I had English. For the radio have been forced to learn 200 words, put in a crew and flew.

Chose China to specialize because in March 1969 first around the damanskii island on the Ussuri river, and then fall in the area of Zhalanashkol the Chinese staged an armed border conflict. The situation in the East worsened. Graduates with Chinese language was not enough.

So at the top it was made a wise decision to increase the number of sinologists. Here I am, having finished a school with English, hit the Chinese language in the Military Institute of foreign languages. There I studied Chinese. Then 17 years lived in China for 11 years I worked in the Embassy, three tours, and the remaining time has been in business.

— How do You see the new world order? For example, Henry Kissinger paints a picture of "Big two" (G2) is the Union of the United States and China in the twenty-first century...

— New world order players of the "great game" is seen differently. Picture of the world at the Vatican one, the Chinese is different, from New Babylon to new York — third, the New Jerusalem, the fourth, the world of Islam — five.

The formula G2 was exposed to our propaganda, and then it was screened legend cover is that it supposedly does not exist. Real Chinese-American collusion exists since January 1979. This agreement was for 40 years (with renewal every 20 years), and in January 2019 agreement on constructive cooperation, which has hidden the "protocols of the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact" came to an end. Therefore, on February 27-28 in the Vietnamese da Nang was scheduled for a new Sino-American collusion. I'm talking about meeting Donald trump and President XI Jinping.

— What trump and C can collude in da Nang?

— Will come to an agreement about how to divide the world. In our TV said that trump and Kim Jong UN are meeting in Hanoi. And in da Nang was declared a separate meeting trump and si. Just Russian media is bad to follow the agenda in foreign languages. So often.

For example, few people reported at the time that XI met with Obama in the estate of Sunny land (June 2013), and then met with trump at Mar-a-Lago (April 2017). Announced just after the summit.

— Under the new division of the world which will play the role of a unified Korea?

— The fact that our "pundits" don't know the law of change. No one teaches, you can't read about this law in the encyclopedia. Chinese Taoists know him and I know him. The law changes the North overpowered the South. This is a cosmic constant. You can tell anything, to give any justifications, but the sky can not cheat.

For example, in the war between North and South in the United States won the North. In the Vietnam war won the North. In the civil war in Yemen won the North, which now also prevails. And in Korea, too, will win North Korea. Know that the Kabbalists and the Chinese Taoists. Ask our "wise men" because they do not know.

The unification of the Korean Peninsula will be held on the terms of the DPRK. That's the plan of globalism.

— You say that the new world order as a family of Nations, I quote, "be built with Russia, together with China, on the shoulders of China and through China." The US and China has agreement at General staff level, there are formats of high consultations in the economy and of diplomacy, which is not from Russia and China. Anyway, I don't see it in the public space. Then how could what You say?

— The story about who has what kind of agreements, who went where to visit — particularly, Analytics that does not display the picture. Moreover, all these generals and Ministers also did not know. They blindly cast. Do you think that Sergei Lavrov knows what the game is? Don't know. And Valery Gerasimov does not know. Why? Because we have no order intelligence as a system.

— And who it now exists?

And order intelligence was in the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin it was the party of exploration. The oldest intelligence in the world is the Union Sancta of the Vatican. This exploration of spiritual and Masonic orders and clubs. I was still have exploration of the Comintern.

— The GRU and the SVR has inherited the traditions of the Comintern?

— What the GRU and the SVR? This is not the order of intelligence and regular intelligence. They even have no idea what it is. There is no one to know. Yes, and they are forbidden to engage in such things. Here was the party intelligence — all reported there. Note the Russian Orthodox Church. She had not that intelligence there. The ROC even no intelligence. So lost in the eyes of Ukraine. Well, how true!

Not only did they miss... Other services also missed.

— What business intelligence services to other clergy and of the world, for which they pray? Military intelligence is a target to hit, where to shoot, aim, if you have a gun. But political intelligence is the enemy, its connections. All. Most of them do not have.

Who was in the Soviet times the informal leader of the party of exploration?

— Party intelligence confined to Stalin. It was his intelligence. They sat in the Central Committee. The last leader under the Soviet regime was a candidate member of the Politburo Vasily Kuznetsov. Although I think it was Ponomarev. No, it was Kuznetsov. Then she was gone.

— Back to the China and the new world order... What are his plans?

— At the XVIII Congress of the CPC Central Committee XI Jinping first announced the construction of a "community of common destiny" for all mankind. Heard it only in Davos in 2017, when si have already said under the English translation for "wise men." Looks like globalism in Chinese. For example, globalism is a Muslim is a Caliphate.

And Russia has its own global project, it needs subjectivity. What is the subjectivity? This is when you say "I do. I have my own conceptual framework, no one written off". It is the ability to assess opponents, to present their view of the world. After that, those who have the intelligence level of the order, will do "squats" and say, "Yeah, we get it, You know."

As a project of subjectivity neopolitical the said seven Nations — successors of a single state of Genghis Khan and the socialist camp of Stalin.

— What is the "neopolitical"?

To answer the question, it is necessary first to say a few words about geopolitics. The theory of geopolitics was invented by the Anglo-Saxons. In the English version of this Mackinder, and in the Saxon — Haushofer. Geopolitics is a doctrine of space. Geopolitics was built by the Third Reich.

As you know, the Nuremberg trials convicted Nazi war criminals, given a legal definition that geopolitics Nazi ideology. Geopolitics is blood and soil. Unfortunately, we have on every corner pours song about geopolitics... And no one understands the meaning of this definition. Soil — geographical position, terrain, local objects, climate. And the blood, than the Englishman differs from the Hindu.

Neopolitical — the doctrine of time and spirit. None this concept is not written off. No citation index we have. However, we refer to the Scriptures, mainly the Bible part. Well, sometimes the Quran. It's the Abrahamic part. Basically we have to talk about the Chinese, and the Chinese, no one knows. Sinology we had specifically defeated, so now no one to ask.

As Russia in its weakened state can build something on the shoulders of China?

— Neapolitani put forward the slogan "New world order, where Russia is a player in the great game should be built, together with China, on the shoulders of China and through China." This sentence contradicts the formula Brzezinski "the New world order will be built against Russia, at Russia's expense and on the ruins of Russia".

How to understand "together with China": this is repeating the socialist camp of Stalin, repeating a single state of Genghis Khan. It is an experience that is based on the Asiatic mode of production. He is the opposite of capitalism in the main meaning of capitalization.

"On the shoulders of China" should be understood as follows: China leads attack in accordance with its project "community of common destiny of mankind", it is "Chinese dream". And inside "dreams" — the strategy of "New silk road". Front the Chinese have deployed in the Pacific ocean. As an opponent of this front is the United States.

China needs a strategic rear, where there are stocks of raw materials, design base. On the rear, you can rely on, you can move away when the front will crack and bend. This is something that will never pass. At the front, when the waste can be something to pass. And the rear will never pass. Russia's strategic rear, where China back to back.

Currently, however, the front Russia deployed to the West. It has always been: poles, Swedes, Napoleon, Hitler — all came from the West. Supposedly the front we have Ukraine and the Baltic States. Although the real front in Russia is the South, where the world of Islam.

The Western front — is nonsense, the Stripping of the attention at the secondary and decoys. There is nothing threat and never will be. However, our General staff in this ambush once again got: deployment of the armies is in the West, the missiles... How are we going to fight in the South, where there's nothing?

Talk about the Syrian Victoria. And the land the theater who keeps? The Syrian army is sitting there on the reference points. We only fly. Well special operations Forces popped up, somewhere did something. Then what? Troops there. Some have a standing army in the Volga region...

— To the Volga region will return. First about Ukraine. What does it mean for China?

The idea to rely on China threw me. I have a very long text, before it began to implement. But where is the "New silk road"? He goes to Ukraine. The idea was connected with the Crimea. In Crimea there is a deepwater port under the big hub that it was necessary to create.

Plan of Maritime "silk road" comes from the Suez canal, separating into two channels. One goes to Greece, in Piraeus — where the Chinese bought the whole port. The second sleeve through the Straits goes to Ukraine, and from there sent to Belarus and further to Europe.

The calculation was 40 million tons of freight per year. The Chinese were simultaneously rented out to 3 million hectares of black soil. The grain and meat they are going to export from Ukraine of 10 million tons per year. The Chinese have no opportunity to increase arable land, and the people are living better, eating all satisfying. Therefore, Ukraine had become the breadbasket of China. It will become a breadbasket. 1.5 billion customers live in China.

By the way, in remote rural and mountainous areas, the Chinese are still malnourished. All that the Chinese could remove the existing farmland, they are already removed...

What is 40 million tons of freight? It's not the gadgets, not chips, no Slippers and cloth. This coal, ore, metals, grain, oil. That is, raw materials, fuel, metals and chemicals. Under this and wanted to do hub. Now you don't have to do that. And so all will be well.

Yanukovych just not crazy enough. You can't sit on three chairs. Two-it is difficult to sit... Just started the Maidan, Yanukovych immediately drove off to Beijing, where he signed the agreement, according to which Ukraine was going into China. Was it possible to endure? (Smiles. — Colossal.) Wanted to kill Yanukovych evil Bandera. > > Do you even know what you are doing? Didn't realize they were in their nationalist motivation... Global challenge Bandera, of course, did not know.

The history of the Crimea a long time. When the Americans went to lend-lease, which was produced in gold, a pledge that will be paid in debt, have become a valuable paper on the land of the Crimea. These papers were at Roosevelt, Hopkins...

Then occurred an interesting event Kosygin and Johnson met in June 1967 in Glassboro (new Jersey), where he agreed that the Americans forgive the debts of lend-lease. The question arises: on what terms refused to collect the debt in gold?

— The Soviet Union paid US lend-lease in gold to the early 1970s...

— To pay-paid, but not all paid in the end.

So, on the one hand, Ukraine. And colonization of China in the post-Soviet Central Asia. In particular, Beijing has received tenure in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region of Tajikistan. Legally this is not the base, but there is Chinese military. If China makes Tajikistan has territorial claims, where is the guarantee that the Chinese will not show Russia a similar claim?

— First, it is necessary to understand why the Chinese need Gorno-Badakhshan. Look at the map, where the height of 7 thousand meters. There was nothing growing, nothing. It's the sanctification! I mean other tariqahs and sash structure. Need to monitor some points. Such points are the Crimea and Badakhshan, including...

I remind you that in Crimea, the black soil, and moreover, there is no water, add nothing. We are not talking about the geopolitical joys of raw materials and fuel.

— Presenting the Chinese territorial claims to Russia?

In may 1989 were normalized Sino-Soviet relations. Then arrived in Beijing, Gorbachev, deciding the issue of territorial claims. It was proclaimed that China to the Soviet Union (and now Russia) territorial claims there. However, this does not mean that China is not "fair".

Our "clever" Harvard training, I think that once territorial claims there, so all is well. In Chinese "territorial claims" and "just claims" have different meanings and different characters. I think the Chinese characters. Therefore, the "just demands" they claim, there's nothing to even think.

— What can you require for example?

— "Just claims" relate to the fact that Romanov (Czarist) Russia, taking advantage of the weakness of China, the border curved, snapped off Primorye on the background of the defeat of the Chinese in the Opium war. Requirements can be presented in many treaties, which the Chinese believe is unfair.

Interesting move of Chinese thought. When the British, French, Germans, and our people suppressed the boxer rebellion against colonialism, the Empress Dowager Cixi hid. The Minister of foreign Affairs of China, grandpa old, signing documents, said the Englishman to the humiliating rebuke: "Let's get back to this issue in 100 years." (Laughs. — Colossal.) So they returned to this issue in 2002.

— When they got in the Khabarovsk Krai border area?

— Yes, then our God stored the Fatherland satisfy three major requirements. All the screens were singing: "there was a better relationship than now." That's not true. The relationship between Stalin and Mao was better than now. But it was the relationship between the USSR and China.

So when the Chinese say that between Russia and China had better relations, they do not lie: it is impossible to tell that relations of tsarist Russia and China was better than the attitude of the new liberal Russia and China. Although the relationship of the times of Khrushchev and Brezhnev was bad incidents on the Sino-Soviet, for example.

By the way, the clashes on Damanski — initiative solely of the PRC. Thus they became an independent player, disconnected from the USSR. They do not need to capture. The task was to move away from the Soviet Union.

How did the normalization? The Chinese put forward three requirements in 1989. Border finished to share later, but decisions were adopted under Gorbachev.

Three requirements: pull troops from the border, print the Soviet army out of Mongolia, output of Vietnamese troops from Cambodia and will fuck off from Afghanistan. They were implemented. The surrender was held in Malta on 2 December 1989 and normalization with China was 17 may of the same year, after which in June there were events in Tiananmen square.

— The "new silk road" for Russia — a chance or damnation?

— Russia "the silk road" has nothing to do. All that talk on TV — the legend cover. If Russia was part of the project, it would receive Chinese loans. Russia has not received and will not receive the until the until the player.

No curse there. To understand why Russia is not included in the project, just look at the signs of intelligence. The Chinese thinking is concrete-symbolic. They are pierced. There is the Chinese Alliance cities "New silk road" — there is not a single Russian city. Take a look and see.

— Does this mean that the Chinese are betting on the middle corridor through Turkey?

Economic zone the "New silk road" consists of 16 countries. We are talking about 12 countries of the world of Islam, including Turkey. And four Orthodox countries — Georgia, Greece, Belarus and Ukraine.

For example, Kazakhstan receives from China a lot of money and 120 plants, which are now deployed. However, on older technology. This is what smokes and poisons, black and nonferrous metallurgy, chemicals, and agriculture (mainly Kazakhstan wheat). Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan — the big project for the power sector, which may go to China.

Kyrgyzstan is a transit point for container trade, the Cherkizovsky market of Moscow went there. And then we have Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It is a gas. Well, Afghanistan, Iran, Transcaucasia, and Turkey...

— I am interested in railway of Iran — Iraq — Syria, which would connect China with the Latakia. Is it possible given the current situation in Syria?

— Why is it necessary? What to carry? If there is no pressure, which is necessary to carry on the way, this is all just legend cover. Here we talk about high-speed railway Moscow — Kazan. It never will be because no passengers. No loss to build a railway will not. The four pairs of trains, which carry passengers on the route Moscow — Kazan, they have enough.

Believe in predestination of fate?

Believers must learn the first Psalm of David from the Psalms: "blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the wicked, nor standeth in the way of sinners, not sits in the Assembly of the scornful, but in the law of the Lord him, and on His law he meditates day and night!"

There is a law of the universe is the power of the sky. Its impossible to adjust, but under the will of heaven, you can adapt. Can a person change sunrises and sunsets? No, the person is not able to stop the space Foundation.

The wind of change from the person depends. It is the law of the universe, the cosmic base. Can't cheat fate. As we people say, who should be hanged, he did not sink, but if you don't have to be hung, it will sink easily. In this sense, the year 2020 will be a turning point. This is evidenced by the code change.

— There is evidence that the United States sent to Northern Afghanistan to 40 thousand fighters. Does this mean that the Americans have embarked on the destabilization of post-Soviet Central Asia?

— May be so. How many of them there is unknown, but the fact that they are there, no doubts. We are not talking about the destabilization, talking about creating a pretext for Russia and China joined forces in the "New Horde". This requires force majeure — force majeure.

The offensive is prohibited (in Russia) LIH from Afghanistan to the North — Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, with access to the Volga — that irresistible force that will make our liberal Russia (which is not) to connect China to the Horde. Westerners do we say it's terrible. It's a nightmare for friends of the US dollar. Well, we — the Europeans. Well, it's "Ukraine — TSE Єvropa, and Muscovites — TSE Horde".

By the way, across the river Panj has already built six bridges. In the area where the mountains. Not to cross the river, and to move quickly. And this is the secondary direction for Stripping the attention of the CSTO on a wide front.

The main impact will be applied in the direction of Herat — Mary, farther North along the Caspian sea at Guryev (now Atyrau). And then — in the Volga region. There the terrain is semi-desert and steppe. There are no mountains or natural barriers. The area available for wheeled vehicles without roads. Therefore, the scattered thugs (battalion tactical groups — about 300 people) can very easily cross the border and launch an attack.

As Turkmenistan is not a member of CSTO troops there, three years ago was conducted reconnaissance. Battalion tactical group (300 people) went its course on the territory of Turkmenistan of about 80 kilometers. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov mobilized everything you can, including traffic police, customs officers and firefighters. All who have guns. And they have worked this kind of fighting, as waste. Reconnaissance showed that no resistance there.

Further reconnaissance was conducted in Atyrau (together with Turkmenistan). There, in Atyrau, Kazakhstan is the regiment of special purpose. The bandits seized the headquarters of the regiment, a Park with equipment. Understand that there is no resistance, and dissipated. Nowhere there, nowhere dissipated.

Russia has nothing there. There are front-line aircraft somewhere and banned missiles, medium-range and shorter-range. Ground troops are in Samara. The control of the army is, and where the plethoric division? They are not.

To whom addressed at the time, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad? To Vladimir Putin, who sent some planes, "Gauges"... And in Central Asia turn to China, which is still a massive army. The PLA full-fledged division.

What division the team is different? It has the rear. After three days of war, combat-ready team becomes disabled. Because she shot ammunition, burned the fuel in the tanks and ate our MREs.

That is, the Chinese people will enter the troops of the rear guard that will provide the Economic zone of the silk road. Who will they play along? Trump will play si. The United States will push through the ugly terrorists on the border, and the Republic will immediately send a request for assistance in Beijing.

The Chinese long ago developed the redeployment of ground troops by rail, the transfer of the aircraft and direct air support from the Chinese airports in Kazakhstan airports.

Will do. And it will bring on the "Silk road" rest, because Chinese soldiers could take custody of any post and a POI. What will Russia do? Well, we'll shoot some time under the auspices of the CSTO. The experience of Syrian Victoria is applicable. And ground forces is not present...

— A symptom of collusion and a are contracts of the founder of the PMC "Blackwater" Erik Prince in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region and in Yunnan province...

— If you open your eyes, everything is seen. They're in cahoots. What were you talking about XI and Obama in Sunny-land? This is the same Kissinger organized. What he was talking about si and the trump Mar-a-Lago? And here worked for Kissinger. As our media praised the summit trump and si? They say, come si in the estate to the Trump and then the Americans shot cruise missiles... Well, it's a conspiracy.

— In this context to consider the history with the "Huawei"?

— The situation really has the issues of disengagement. "Huawei" is 5G. It is difficult to establish in cyberspace the dividing line. Before signing of the agreement on constructive cooperation in the new era, both sides present their arguments. The US arguments force things. We are talking about the disengagement. You just have to agree: that's yours, and it is our...

— China has the opportunity to win a trade war or will he retreat?

— The Chinese are winning the trade war.

— They depend on the American market...

No matter what the Chinese do not depend. They can their goods to sell to the Chinese workers and peasants. The Chinese market of 1.5 billion people.

— The workers and peasants will buy high-tech products?

— Necessary to give them the money, what happens.

— And how infinitely issue?

As long as you want... This is America bound for China. After market opening, a bilateral thing. The world's largest middle class is in China, not in America. The Chinese themselves would buy it all. Earlier, the Chinese ride bicycles, now transplanted to cars. Previously, we went by train, now by high speed train. Before the aircraft was flown by the commander of the regiment and chief of the County, now anyone can fly. The largest consumption of luxury goods in China. The biggest Antiques market in China.

— The KRA isthmus Thailand via the Chinese will build?

Why? It's all, "railway Moscow — Kazan". No need to do that. The Chinese have already built a base in Djibouti, Gwadar... Then they deploy six carrier strike groups, which will cover all the necessary points. Why look for an alternative to the Malacca Strait if China is in cahoots with US (laughs. — Colossal).

— In Venezuela, the Americans and Chinese agree? I mean the conspiracy of overthrowing Maduro...

— Venezuela is far away from China. This is the backyard of the United States. The question will stand as follows: China only needs to show strength. They show to convince Americans to make credit. That is, the Chinese give Venezuela, and in return receive everything that is in the Indian ocean — Nigeria, for example. United States do not prevent them from pumping oil in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Angola. Exchanged once and all. I think that they will soon agree, and good — bye, Maduro.

Will the Chinese keep Maduro to the last, until they agree with US. And what do our "dreamers"? They say that they will not intervene. Sent the Tu-160... Who they have shown strength? Americans why the Tu-160 or "Caliber", if they are humanitarian aid plan to take Venezuela? This is a hybrid war, when military tasks are non-military means.

Interviewed Sargis Tsaturyan

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