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Material posted: Publication date: 01-12-2020

CPC Central Committee, CMC and the state Council of PRC in July 2016 published "Views on the development of the integration of economic and military development," which provides for the establishment by 2020 of a new system of integrated development of the military and civilian sectors of the economy due to the formation of new coordination structures and the adoption of regulations that facilitate the transfer of technology, exchange of personnel, implementation of joint training programs between the defense and civilian industry, private and public sector. Attention is drawn to the importance of centralized data management process for the efficient allocation of resources. The document applies not only to technological development but also other aspects of security activities of the armed forces. In it, in particular, provided important information about changes in the system of ensuring daily activities of the troops to improve their quality due to the transfer of some functions to civilian companies. However, the necessity of the reorganization of military industrial enterprises, increase in the share of private business and creation in this sphere of enterprises with mixed ownership.

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