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The report "The development of Russian-Chinese relations on the example of global projects"
Material posted: Publication date: 24-04-2015
In the press center TASS General Director of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin presented a new report on "The development of Russian-Chinese relations on the example of global projects", prepared by experts and center dedicated to the current state of relations between the two countries.

After presentation the round table in which have shared Alexey Mukhin, the director of Institute of globalisation and social movements Boris Kagarlitsky, the general director of Institute of the priority regional designs Nikolay Mironov, the president of the Russian-Chinese analytical Center of trade and economic cooperation Sergey Sanakoev, the analyst of the Center of the political information Azamat Lukmanov, a member of Public chamber, lawyer Artem Kiryanov and the general director of the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts Sergey Grinjaev has taken place.

In a centre of attention of participants of a round table there were the most significant designs implemented now at joint participation of the Russian and Chinese parties. It, first of all, pipelines "Force of Siberia" and "Altai", which building conduct Russian "Gazprom" and Chinese CNPC. According to the concluded contracts, the gas volume of deliveries in the Peoples Republic of China within 30 years should make over trillion cubic metre.

The important not raw design participants of a round table named building of a high-speed trunk-railway on an itinerary Moscow-Kazan. The big role in it is played by the Chinese companies, and in the long term this highway can be continued to capital Peoples Republic of China.

The design of creation of an igorno-entertaining zone "Primorski Krai" has appeared the most discussed by experts. Alexey Mukhin has noted that the total amount of investments into it according to all available information will make 2,2 mlrd dollars, and the first casino which will be built in this igorno-entertaining zone by the Chinese gambling magnate Lawrence Ho, will open this year. Installations of the largest investor of the design - the companies "Dajmond Forchun Holdings of Tonics" - will be put into operation since 2018. As a result of IRZ "Primorski Krai" should become the Russian analogue of world famous gambling zones of Macao and Las Vegas.

In the field of power engineering Russia and China carry out the whole complex of the designs connected with erection of new power stations. Domestic "Rusgidro" and Chinese Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd within the limits of joint venture volplane to develop in the Russian territory a network of small water-power developments. And other Chinese energy company - Sanxia - in partnership with "Rusgidro" will build four protivopavodkovye a river plant in basin of the Cupid.

Following the results of discussion experts have expressed hope of successful continuation of partner relations of the Russian both Chinese companies and the prompt successful implementation of the listed designs. They have underlined that mutually advantageous communications of two countries have deep history and have gained a new pulse as a result sanktsionnyh the measures injected concerning Russia by a row of the countries of the West.


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