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As China Zambia bought
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2018
We used to say that the same pushes Ukraine into debt to the international monetary Fund and that the country will finally sold it to the owners.

However, to imagine how it will look, quite difficult. But it is possible.

Just look at one country in southern Africa. Zambia.

Замбия находится вот тут
Zambia is here

Zambia is one of the poorest country of the so-called "fourth world." During the British protectorate in the then Northern Rhodesia was producing copper, cobalt and some other ore. Then the country had declared independence, and everything became bad.

To assess how Zambia bad things, enough to be aware of the fact that the country common "cache travel." Here come the rich people from Europe (particularly the British) and just hand out cash to the local population. Well a lot of any charitable funds through the same scheme to launder money. In fact, it looks like this: Europeans arrived in Zambia with a bag of dynamites and oneeurope coins and bless a few villages, just handing them out right and left for the local is an asset.

Naturally, the local "economy" is held only by foreign investment and trenches. Only the largest tranches did not the IMF.

China is Zambia needs about 12 billion dollars (officially Zambia acknowledges 2.6 billion).


China has invested in business and industry, and various international projects. A partial list of Chinese investment in the 2013-2017 years looks so:

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport: $360 million (2014)
750MW Kafue Gorge Lower Power Plant: $1.7 billion (2015)
360MW Kariba North Bank Power Plant Expansion: $430 million (2014)
Lusaka L400 roads: $300 million (2013)
Copperbelt International Airport (Ndola): $400 million (2017)
Lusaka de-congestion: $286 million (2017)
Communication towers – the Topstar deal: $280 million (2017)
Copperbelt C400 roads: $418 million (2015)
Chipata-Serenje railway line: $2.3 billion (2017)
Mongu-Kalabo Road: $287 million (2011)
2,000 Military Houses: $157 million (2017)
Mansa-Luwingu road: $242 million (2012)
Mbala-Nakonde Road: $180 million (2011)
Lusaka sanitation project: $130 million (2015)
Kafubu water and sanitation project: $104 million (2014)
National Heroes Stadium: $94 million (2011)
Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Expansion: $90 million (2015)
Kafulafuta Dam water project: $449 million (2017)
Housing project for security wings: $275 million (2015)

A solid investment: airport and transportation arteries, and houses for the military, and reservoir, and projects in the health sector. In addition, the Chinese belongs to a couple of TV channels, including the main state.

The debt of Zambia is growing exponentially - according to the terms of the contract, the Chinese investors cover only 85% of the amount the other 15% should seek Zambians. Have no money and who need all new loans.

Представитель второго мира в стране мира четвёртого.
The representative of the second peace in the country the world's fourth.

In fact, the celestial Empire is now at least 30 years in control of almost all important spheres of life in Zambia.

Chinese miners and prospectors are forbidden to prosecute for theft of minerals. Chinese nationals appointed to positions in the police (however, immediately took off and tried to take the hype when the whole country started rallies and protests over this).

The last straw and the reason for the emergence of allegations that China bought Zambia made possible the transfer of state-owned power company ZESCO to China in part payment of the debt. When electricity (or rather, its 80%) in the country a little more than wholly owned by another state - to put it mildly, eloquently.

President Edgar Lungu on 15 September said that he "already got the rumors that Zambia buys China". However, immediately stated that they would continue to China to work "for the benefit of Zambia."

Фотография отлично характеризует отношения Замбия - Китай.
Photo perfectly characterizes the relationship Zambia - China.

Probably only the Asian overlord knows what "good" is to African vassal.

Methods of the IMF and China are not just similar - they are identical. The Chinese Communists are no better or worse than the Western capitalists - the title and cover are different, but the inside is the same. And it is naive to believe that Zambia is somewhere far away and does not figure.

Figure. How can be with any country.

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