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China is using New Zealand as a testing ground for the network of agents of influence
Material posted: Publication date: 08-09-2019
In New Zealand there are heated debates about possible intervention of China in the political life of the country. Beijing likely used the Wellington as a platform for espionage and created by the country's massive network of agents of influence. Because of this, the state can change the law.

China was at the center of the scandal with the implementation of governmental and legislative structure of the Wellington agents of influence, capable of changing certain decisions of the various organs in Beijing's favor. Community of quiet country in Oceania raced after it became aware of the donation received by the former trade Minister to the needs of the current opposition and the then ruling National party.

As writes the edition of the NZ Herald, in late August, the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern announced minor, it would seem that the sum of 150,000 dollars received from the opposition party of Chinese billionaire – but that money could be just the tip of the iceberg. Now because of these means the country wants to revise legislation on foreign donations.

The story began to develop, not today. In September 2017 Professor Anne-Marie Brady from the University of New Zealand Canterbury published report "Magic weapons: Chinese political influence in, XI Jinping, the". In it she reveals the impact of China on the governments of other countries and considering New Zealand as a testing ground for the formation of networks of influence in Western countries.

Pacific harbour ocean state to Beijing was comfortable ground for the creation of a network of agents. In fact, immediately after the publication of the report, the Professor's house was robbed, was stolen by the media and she received threatening letters.

Eyes and ears

For China, New Zealand primarily useful as one of the five countries initiative, known as "the Alliance of five eyes" (FVEY). FVEY is an English-speaking intelligence Alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Cooperation in the framework of this project implies broad sharing of information. Penetration in this system can be for Beijing real gold mine.

In 2019 Peter Mattis, a former CIA expert, made a proposal to exclude New Zealand from the Alliance of the "Five eyes".

Australia and New Zealand faced serious problems in connection with the intervention of the Communist party of China. In both cases, the CCP came close to the political core here and there.

- said Mattis.

Last stravodimos, commissioned a secret government study that revealed the attempts of the Communist party of China to influence all levels of political life. This situation led to the adoption of several laws governing espionage, political donations from abroad, and foreign intervention.

In New Zealand, in turn, movements in this direction had been taken, although some action Wellington takes. For example, companies Spark New Zealand were forbidden to purchase equipment Chinese software giant Huawei, the new 5G network for reasons of national security.

At the same time, the current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, said she is ready to explore questionable evidence, but at the same time believes that her country should follow the model of Australia to analyse the impact of China on domestic policy.

Agents of influence

A 57-page report cited a variety of evidence. The Chinese years have been working to bring its agents of influence in the New Zealand Parliament. For example, Yang Jian, who is granted citizenship of New Zealand in 2004, and in 2011 ispravila a MP from the then ruling new Zealand national party, worked closely with the intelligence services of the PRC during their stay in China.

Morgan Xiao associated with the Communist party of China, was elected to the municipal Council of Oakland from the labour party: he speaks with a hard Pro-Chinese positions. About it writes the local edition Newsroom.

Also revealed the facts of attempt of bribery of two members of Chinese origin in Beijing.

In turn, the heads of local intelligence in his address to the deputies said that they see China's influence at both the local and national level and called for support for "more strict" rules for disclosure of donations, at the same time stating that a complete ban on foreign funding is not the answer.

The higher the transparency of such donations, the better.

- said in a speech to the deputies of the General Director of the security intelligence service (SIS) Rebecca Kitteridge.


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