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China, the United States declared a "people's trade war"
Material posted: Publication date: 17-05-2019
China's state media launched a campaign denouncing the behavior of the U.S. in a "trade war", claiming that China is "people's trade war." State Newspapers and television of China, traditionally a very carefully commenting on the trade negotiations, said that the people of China "ready for battle" with the United States, as over the past five millennia "took place in every battle." The Chinese government yesterday announced the introduction against products from United States additional export duties in turn, beginning to give Chinese firms that depend on U.S. exports, exemptions from these fees.

The first unusual hard review appeared in the state political tabloid "Huanzhu, shibao", which is often used by the authorities to voice extreme ideas.

"The American side fighting this war because of greed and ignorance,— reads the front page of the newspaper.— If the United States will cease to fume and lie that their moral superiority will collapse. China fights to protect their legitimate rights and interests".

The authors of the unsigned editorials also called trade war "is the brainchild of one man and one administration, the hostages who had their whole country." The people of China, on the contrary, genuinely rallied in opposition to this policy. "For us this is a real "people's war," conclude the authors.

"Huanzhu, shibao" often publishes materials, the content of which is much more aggressive than the official Chinese position on a particular issue. Usually the articles in this publication is popular only among the nationalist segments of the Chinese Internet. This time it was different: an editorial published semi-official state Xinhua and even the website, which is an Internet division chief of the party newspaper "Renmin Zhibao".

Similar, although milder rhetoric dominates the television channels. Yesterday evening, the Chinese state channel CCTV-1 (similar to First channel in Russia) held a news release in which used rich metaphorical number, to appease the audience and to intimidate US.

"As the Chairman has said XI Jinping, the Chinese economy is not a pond, and the rain can blur the pond, but will not cause harm to the sea,— said the speaker.— After countless rains, the sea is unshakable!"

He also said that "China does not want this battle, but ready to battle." "After five thousand years of UPS and downs which the battle has not yet passed the Chinese people?" — asks the news anchor. A trade war he called "a small problem" in the way of national revival, which the Chinese people "will turn into an opportunity to become stronger."

Less than a day performance of the leading scored more than 2 million reviews, most of which is said support. This is an extraordinary case, usually the Chinese news very popular among users of social network Weibo is not in use.

We will remind that last Friday the U.S. was raised from 10% to 25% tariffs on Chinese exports of $200 billion to the US President, Donald trump has blamed the delay in the Chinese negotiations and the attempt to "peredogovarivatsya at the last moment". In response, China yesterday imposed additional duties on U.S. exports of $60 billion.

As noted by the sources of the newspaper South China Morning Post in Beijing, in this round of tariff war, China for the first time had to resort to the exceptions, that is, to start issuing exemptions from tariffs the Chinese firms that are heavily dependent on U.S. components and will go bankrupt from retaliatory action Beijing. The exception mechanism, according to sources, was developed about six months, but the authors "hoped to the last that the US and China will be able to reach the deal and he does not need."

Michael Korotkov


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