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China has created its own "Kuznetsov"
Material posted: Publication date: 29-10-2016
The Soviet school of construction of aircraft carriers is still alive – at least in China. Beijing announced the completion of the construction of the second, now fully Chinese, carrier – though made according to the drawings of a Soviet ship Varyag. However, the following aircraft carriers, China will already be created on the American model.

The representative of the Ministry of defense of China From Qian on Friday announced the completion of construction of the aircraft carrier, which has already begun installation of equipment. Construction is in full swing at the shipyard of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (Group) in Dalian. The ship will be the second aircraft carrier in the Navy after China "Liaoning".

Chinese seal calls the emergence of the aircraft carrier part of the country's plans to expand fleet capabilities amid growing challenges in the disputed waters of the East China and South China seas, as well as to protect national interests far from its borders.
On the construction of its own aircraft carrier, the Chinese defense Ministry announced only at the end of last year. The July issue of Jane's Defence Weekly published its satellite image. It is seen that the ship looks almost identical avanessa Soviet heavy cruiser "Varyag" project 11436. As you know, the ship was purchased from Ukraine in 1998, upgraded and renamed "Liaoning" (or "Shi LAN"). In the ranks of this aircraft carrier in 2013. On the "Liaoning" can accommodate up to 30 aircraft. On the aircraft carrier to date, successfully tested for take-off and landing carrier-based fighters.

Senior researcher, Institute of Far Eastern studies Vasily Kashin notes that Qian said only on the completion of the construction of the hull of an aircraft carrier, so to putting vehicle into operation can take years of debugging and testing. "But this is an important step. China is moving forward, its first aircraft carrier will be improved in comparison with the "Varyag". "Our "Varyag" – is the basis of the structure of the Chinese aircraft carrier, Kashin said the newspaper VIEW, Recalling that in the early 90-ies almost complete set of design documentation of "Varyag" was purchased by the Chinese Nevsky PKB.

Kashin pointed out that in the end, Beijing plans to build two ships, similar to the "Varyag", but then the time will come the construction of nuclear aircraft carriers on the American model. One of the main differences would be in the absence of jumps for takeoff. Instead, you will use electromagnetic catapults.

"Trampoline reduces the cost of the aircraft carrier, but it imposed severe restrictions on the use of aircraft. These limitations relate to the weight of the apparatus. It is impossible to use aircraft with low thrust, for example to put the aircraft radar detection with turboprop engines. He just doesn't have enough power to take off from the springboard... And they want to have a full carrier strike group. We allowed the Chinese to make the first move, and then they will move is not part of our school construction of aircraft carriers", – said Vasily Kashin.
That in the future China intends to bid on a nuclear aircraft carrier, reported earlier and the press of Taiwan. According to her, in internal documents of the China shipbuilding industrial Corporation refers to the priority of construction of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. The first such carrier with a nuclear installation supposedly already constructed in a different shipyard in Dalian – CSIC. The construction will take at least six years. However, us analysts believe that China will be able to build a few nuclear powered aircraft carriers only in the next 15 years.

In one of the expert reports of the Pentagon said that the Chinese aircraft carriers in the future will have advanced features in terms of load capacity, and models of aircraft that can take, and equipment of electronic warfare, anti-submarine and early warning of threats.

After Kashin's first Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems captain I rank of reserve Konstantin Sivkov also said a big milestone in the history of China's equipment of the future aircraft carrier.

Sivkov considers it equivalent to the composition of the carrier air group of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". Combat information control system (CICS) is also about equal, however on the technical equipment of the Russian ship is more perfect, the expert believes. This is especially true of air defense systems. Monitoring tools, "Kuznetsov" is also more sophisticated. If our ship has a phased array antenna, "the Chinese have no such". "But in General this is approximately equivalent to the ships," acknowledged Sivkov.
Thanks to this ship Beijing will be able to conduct operations far from its shores. "China will be able to demonstrate strength. He will be able to send the carrier anywhere in the world, together with escort ships and landing – and to realize its interests there," – said the newspaper VIEW Sivkov.

He does not exclude that China will use the aircraft carrier to protect its interests off the coast of Syria or Somalia where near China already has naval base in Djibouti. At the same time, the expert doubts that China will use the carrier in a dispute with neighboring countries over Islands in the South China sea. "These Islands are in range of the Chinese air force. They are numerous, powerful, and a new aircraft carrier will not have a significant influence" – the expert believes.

Andrew Carvers


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