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Chinese dream of Ukraine
Material posted: Publication date: 02-09-2016
Mysterious story happened in the evening of August 31. The Chinese TV channel CCTV in hisRussian-language account on Facebook said "with reference to the news website of Sichuan province, China airspace and the Ukrainian state enterprise "Antonov" signed an agreement on cooperation. Under this agreement, China transferred ownership of the aircraft An-225 "Mriya" and all its drawings and specifications. And in 2019, people's Republic of China plans to release the first An-225 self-Assembly.

The message became a sensation. Still, the An-225 is, perhaps, the last symbol of the former technological power of the Ukrainian Republic. Existing in a single instance of the largest aircraft in the world, the last valid element of the unique space system "Energia-Buran", a clear demonstration of the fact that Ukraine is not one of the poorest countries of the world as one of the poorest countries in the world can be such aircraft. And how the packages with three sugars, which in squalid Soviet trains with second-class cars were given a glass of tea, has always been depicted only in the Soviet Union high-speed train AYR-200 and "Mriya" was shown in all the pictures describing the modern Ukraine.

Antonov an-225 "Mriya", © RIA Novosti. Igor Kostin

It does not matter that the An-225 was created by one particular highly specialized task — transportation of the spacecraft "Buran" (which incidentally, he carried only once in history at the Paris air show). And that other tasks which may need such a huge plane on the planet there are well, if one or two times a year. With the rest of copes production aircraft An-124 "Ruslan", which there is a sufficient number, and modification (albeit quite serious) which is the "Mriya". Let him be, he was just standing somewhere and symbolized power. And would fly to air shows for all to see — Ukraine-hoo. And continued to set world records, because no other aircraft that could compete with him, no. And then suddenly — sell...

Antonov an-225 Mriya with space Shuttle "Buran" on the external sling. © RIA Novosti. Igor Kostin

However, no sooner had the scandal to inflame, as the enterprise "Antonov" has issued a clarification. Is written in the press release "Antonov", we are talking about China financing the completion of the second laid An-225, which is still from Soviet times is the degree of readiness of 70%. The current "Dream" is still sold, not sent to China and drawings with specifications, and only issued a license for production of the an-225 in the territory of China.

And then, frankly, became even more confusing. Yes, in may President Poroshenko, visiting Antonov during the celebration of its 70th anniversary, took the initiative to find partners for the completion of the second An-225. And China looks like a logical partner for such a project. But what "licensing" is not the transfer of all drawings? And most importantly — why China to mass-produce such a huge plane (a task for which, again, still searching), the more that second unfinished An-225, according to the same press release, "Antonov" will be owned by China?

Another strange thing: what license is going to Ukraine. One thing — manufacturing the body of the aircraft. It is quite another for the engines. The Zaporozhye plant "Motor Sich" produces engines D-18T, now bent from the fact that stopped the supply of helicopter engines to Russia. If Ukraine will teach China to make such engines (which is generally not a trivial task), it will destroy the plant, and with it another significant part of the Ukrainian economy as such. If Ukraine will supply engines, which China will install on the built "under license" fuselage — then it becomes unclear why this is necessary and China. After all, Ukraine with the same success could build housing for Chinese money.

Engine D-18T in the workshop of JSC "Motor Sich" in Zaporozhye. © RIA Novosti. Marina Lystseva

And here's the surprise: just a couple of days before the signing of the Treaty between China airspace and "Antonov" in China was established by Chinese Corporation of aviation propulsion engineering (Aero Engine Corporation of China). And the Chinese President on this occasion urged, quoting the Xinhua news Agency, "to accelerate the independent research, development and production of aircraft engines and gas turbines to increase the power of the aviation industry of China".

And because of such coincidences do not just happen, it is likely that we are dealing with the first variant of the above. That is Ukraine under the contract on the completion of the second An-225 is going to sell to China (if not sold already) manufacture of aircraft engine company "Motor Sich".

And this is not a sale of one, albeit unique aircraft. This means the sale of the last remnants of national technology. And the final transformation of Ukraine into a country of the thirty-third world. In the area situated on the spot where once could build the biggest aircraft in the world.

The Ukrainian authorities can be understood — they need somewhere to take the money. The amount of the contract with the Chinese was not disclosed, but a completion of the existing backlog of the second An-225 will fall under $ 100 million. And this is for Ukraine a significant amount. National pride is, of course, important, but if you do not feed a proud nation, it can and to raise the forks.

For Russia, the incident is also no good. Ukraine sells to China is not their own, and Soviet technology, whose sales will certainly suffer and we. It may well be that in this transaction there is an element of petty revenge our country, but even if not, and it is caused by purely economic reasons — we will not from this easier.

China and understand it is not necessary — he with his usual trick consistently, slowly but inexorably moves towards his dream. And now he has another piece of this dream — bought from Ukraine's Soviet technology, disguised as an unfinished plane, which is called "Mriya", that is a dream.

Antonov An-225 "Mriya". Archival photo. RIA Novosti. Igor Kostin

Maxim Kononenko


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