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Chinese science continues to develop rapidly
Material posted: Publication date: 07-03-2018
A very interesting article was published February 26 in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). I was attracted by the catchy title of "China's Authoritarian State Has an Edge in Artificial Intelligence Development" (Authoritarianism is the highest achievement of China in the field of Artificial Intelligence).

Even more caught my attention was placed in the article table of research costs the main countries of the world. Namely:

In 2017, the share of America in total global expenditures on scientific research (R & d) amounted to 25.6%, China with 21.2%, Japan 8.8%, with Germany at 5.5%, South Korea 4.1% and India with 3.7%. Only six of the "scientific giants" provided about 70% of all global R & d spending.

Here is published the forecast of R & d expenditures in 2018: the share of America was up 25.3%, China 21.7 percent, Japan 8.5 percent, Germany is 5.3%, South Korea 4.0 per cent, India's by 3.8%. Only six of the "scientific giants", as before, will provide approximately 70% of all global R & d spending. While China's share will grow.

The figures are very interesting, but they need to make adjustments. For five of the six countries (excluding China) shows R & d expenditures more or less match reality. In China, R & d expenditures are summarized only about 7,000 objects, including the labs of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, leading universities and government research centres. In 2017, these costs amounted to about 2.25% of GDP or slightly above 280 billions of dollars (from the translation of RMB into dollars at the current exchange rate). This is against an estimated $ 350 billion in the United States. (And Russia, so only 15-16 billion dollars.)

Outside of this "total rating" was several hundred thousand small and tiny Chinese enterprises (laboratories) functioning in the sphere of R & d and scientific services; each of these businesses have sales less than 20 million yuan (3.15 million dollars) and, according to the Chinese statistical rules, it is not.

The result may be that the real China's spending on R & d as much as two times higher than the official. Please note that I specialize in scientific and technical sphere of China for more than 30 years and know what I write.

What all these numbers mean? To ensure that China in 2017 (or earlier) proved to be a world leader in R & d, and the undisputed leader in the field of development (OCD). It is bad for the West and around the world? Of course not. On the contrary. A huge number of new Chinese results in R & d, and primarily in the field of AI, is distributed worldwide and helping the world move forward.

But the point of view of the WSJ is completely different. It is clear their title of the article. The article lists and describes new Chinese AI technologies used purely for police purposes, i.e., for face recognition and identification of "carriers" of these individuals. "That's how China uses the latest AI technologies to gain control over the population, that's how konsolidiruyutsya the evil dictatorial regime of comrade XI Jinping!" It turns out – according to WSJ – has science advanced, Western, democratic; and there is a science of the Chinese, authoritarian, anti-people.

This is reminiscent of revelation of officialdom of the NSDAP "volkischer Beobachter" ("people's Observer") and other "flagships" of the Nazi press 1933-39 years (then was not up to science): "science is advanced, Aryan, progressive, improve after the expulsion of Einstein and other Jews and Marxists; and there is every other science, backward and decadent by definition." I can't recall the demagogy of the Soviet media of the late 1940s – early 1950s (and perhaps later) on the "advanced socialist (Soviet) science and Western science, which encourages the exploitation of workers."

It is in form. And now, in fact. Remember the "star" of American science Elon musk. Every new major success in space technology or in the development of electric vehicles, it causes gnashing of teeth of Putin's media. While in China?

Did you know that China supplies Elon musk tremendous amounts? For example, China's largest research and development company Tencent (very close in function and scope to the American Facebook) bought in March 2017 5% shares of Tesla Inc. for $1.8 billion. In the result, Tencent was one of the main owners-the investors of the electric car, Elon musk, experiencing chronic problems with liquidity.

Obviously this is only one example of direct financial support "Empire" Elon musk from China. Did you know that Elon Musk and the Shanghai government agreed in 2017 on construction of a factory for large scale production of "cheap" electric car Tesla-3 and its distribution across China?

Finally, the reaction of the Chinese space experts on very cheap to run "heavy missiles" Elon musk to Mars. Their reaction was joyful. "Now we know in which direction to move; Elon Musk has paved the way for us".

In short, for Chinese scientific and technical world Elon Musk is "the guy", and "Empire" Elon musk becomes the "adapter" between the scientific and technical spheres of China and America.

Everyone knows about the existence of California's Silicon Valley. But almost no one knows about Beijing's Silicon valley, in the North-Western Haidian district, the main base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His first brochure on the Beijing High Technology Zone Zhongguancun (Zhongguancun) I published in the Council "Cybernetics" of the USSR in 1988. Two more pamphlets on the same theme, in 1989-90.

For 30 years, the production scale of the Beijing Silicon Valley increased by several thousand times. Its sales in 2016 exceeded 4 trillion yuan (over $ 600 billion). And the Beijing Silicon Valley and California's Silicon Valley is extremely close.

Yes, of course, in China, at the top, there are a few strange and not very pleasant change. But Chinese science continues to develop rapidly. Once again, the real power in China is in the hands of "educated elements". And the Chinese economy is also developing fast on the basis of growing links with the "outside world". Myself and China, no doubt, is a powerful factor in ensuring stability and development (andin he vajani) world.

To what I it tell all? March 1 in the Arena, Putin said "mirosevecina speech" (to use the terminology developed even advocates of Tamerlane). In fact, it was an ultimatum to America. Senior military leaders understand it perfectly. And now the quote:

Vladimir Putin has made the country permanently inability. Europe will cancel the sanctions or not, will start in Russia, the liberalization and market reforms, or will again at the end to tighten the nut stripped the thread, all this is absolutely indifferent from the point of view of those who are responsible for addressing threats to the very existence of the United States. For them now acceptable only one solution: the elimination of Russia's nuclear potential, preferably together with Russia itself. If it is necessary to destroy the country, however reluctantly, to swallow the rise of China due to its control of Siberia, and indeed anything – then so be it. All this will create problems, but they will not be existential in nature. They will later understand.

Yes, for successful struggle against Putin's Russia, America will have to cooperate with China. And it is a reasonable way. And all sorts of nonsense, like the quoted article in the WSJ, is misplaced.


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