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Chinese businesses are massively buying real estate in small towns in Germany
Material posted: Publication date: 13-06-2019
Small towns in Western Germany for several years, sees the influx of Chinese companies and private investors who massively arrive to Germany and invest, reports Reuters. As an example, the town of the hunsrück in the forests among the hills of the Saarland, an industrial region of Germany, has become home to several hundred Chinese private companies, aimed at European and especially German market. Of the 3,500 inhabitants of the Hunsrück, about 800 are Chinese.

In the former barracks of the American army opened a Chinese business complex with the romantic name "Oak grove". Chinese businessmen look at Germany as a point of entry into the European Union, primarily from a technological point of view, they discovered hundreds of joint projects with German companies. Only "business-visa" in the town and surrounding area is home to some 300 major Chinese businessmen who build here factories, offices, and Convention centers. For a small town, EUR 30 million of local taxes very well, according to the mayor, the arrival of money and new citizens "will help stop the demographic decline."


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