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Chinese spy mortally insulted the Queen of England
Material posted: Publication date: 13-05-2016
New details have emerged of what made Queen Elizabeth II to forget British reserve.

British security services have prevented an attempt of their Chinese "colleagues" to introduce the spy in neither more nor less than the carriage of Queen Elizabeth II. The operation to eliminate the spy had to be directly in the carriage.

On Thursday, The Daily Mail has the details, which show that a breach of Protocol or decorum — it would be the beginning in comparison with what in fact brought the Queen out.

How to write "Fox" on the eve of Elizabeth II called members of the Chinese delegation that came to London during the visit of XI Jinping, "very rude."

The employee of the Protocol service, then noted how difficult it is to chief of London police Lucy D'orsi was to work with Chinese officials, but she was able to keep the situation under control.

"They were very rude," complained the Queen.

Commander of the police agreed with the monarch, adding that in her opinion members of the Chinese delegation were "rude and adiplomatic".

Cultures-multur is not enough?

Respondents 'Reedus' head of the Centre for Chinese media and culture Moscow state University Evgeny Zaitsev on Wednesday turned himself in mild surprise and said "I wonder what this could do to the Chinese guests, that even the British Queen could not resist to make a comment, albeit after the fact".

According to Zaitseva, most likely, speech can go about the absolute difference of cultures, not about what the Chinese delegation, especially when that "do not know how to behave at the table".



The Chinese have tried neither more nor less than to introduce your spy directly to the Royal carriage, on which the monarch rode along with XI Jinping at Buckingham Palace. What's the reason — arrogance or Chinese childlike, it's hard to say.

The spy who never came back to the Palace

Thursday D'orsi reported that the spy worked under the guise of an official interpreter of the Chinese delegation.

The guards of Her Majesty, at the last moment found out that the "translator" is a career intelligence officer, China, asked him to leave the carriage. The Chinese refused. Between him and the guards Elizabeth II there was a skirmish, she can't fit into the framework of any etiquette, or simply diplomatic, nor even Royal.



The desire to introduce his man in the Queen surrounded by the Chinese was so great that in 2014 the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang even threatened to cancel the visit if the program will not be included in the visit of the Queen, accompanied by the same "interpreter".

From the point of view of the Chinese, the Europeans all in white barbarians, if not a talking monkey, says Zaitsev. Therefore, outside the scope of the Protocol the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom are foreigners with a mixture of superiority and condescension: what to take with savages, not even able to eat rice with chopsticks.

All men are brothers — hold Chinese

As for such kind of talking monkeys like the British, then they do the Chinese have a special attitude.

"The Chinese on the genetic level can not forgive the atrocities of the British period of the two Opium wars, when the colonialists were repaired in the South of China real genocide. The Chinese can not forgive the British and a century of humiliation in the form of Hong Kong," says Zaitsev.

The heir to the British throne Prince Charles shares with the Chinese mutual dislike. He, under various pretexts, and often without them, avoids the appearance at any event where there are Chinese officials.

When Charles becomes the monarch, Chinese security forces just will not be able to introduce a spy into his carriage.

Igor Silver


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