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Well, that's all. Former Deputy foreign Minister of China was buried "age of America"
Material posted: Publication date: 22-08-2017
We parted ways with "American century" — this conclusion is drawn by a Chinese analystwho previously served as Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the PRC. But more interesting is his idea whose age has come (Chinese, anyhow). And if on the first point, the world already and have nothing to say, the latter will be the subject of clarifications and discussions of a hundred years or so ahead.

The case of the 92 trillion dollars

Former Deputy Minister Ho AFA not even bother thinking about the fact that we are now witnessing the beginning of the civil war in the United States or they have everything resolve itself. In fact, this story it is not even mentioned, it is particular, and there are deeper trends. Ho approaches the issue from the other side of the global balance of power. And concludes: the crisis of the "American world" started in 2008 (if someone remembers, then it may have a complete collapse of the entire global economy). He adds: 2017 — historic moment of acceleration, which began in 2008 process.

Its key idea is that overall, economic and other, the power of the "developing" world (where, incidentally, Russia is also included) have grown to a critical point. And, noticing this, China began to put forward all sorts of initiatives to become a leader in this world not only in economic terms but also in ideological (moral).

Globalization was a threat to the U.S. and its allies, they try to destroy it, and China, on the contrary, decided to lead it.

© AP Photo / Anja Niedringhaus
Former Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of China he Yafei

The author is right, of course, and no wonder he produces damning statements such as "military alliances with the United States at the head are not currently able neither to maintain global peace, or even to ensure its own security of America", why the reputation of the superpower was badly damaged. But let's look at the details of what is happening right now before our eyes, and think not so much of a bright future, but about a very strange present.

For starters — today's news: the U.S. Congress begins regular raising ceremony allowed the debt ceiling of the country. Next year it will exceed 20 trillion dollars. This means that even a newborn American today has 44 841 dollar. But if all goes as goes, after 30 years the debt will reach 92 trillion, and a newborn will be like anyway.

Ninety-two trillion — significantly more than it produces today, the whole world in General. The US economy now gives a year of 18.5 trillion. Imagine this situation for our family budget. And assume that the same civil war that the Democrats have recently been trying to organize other, relatively healthy in the head half of America, and will reduce its GDP. What will happen then... no, not just with the United States and China (and all other)?

He Yafei says that the old world rule of the United States had two load-bearing columns — military power and the dollar. Without American military power, China and us all will be well. But the destruction of the dollar as a world currency is still unknown at this stronger hit, so if someone wants to "Chinese century", it is necessary to explain to the world how it will look in the global financial system. If you're a leader, so liderul. In any case, the transition period will be difficult.

© AP Photo / Amr Nabil
Of a man near the banner with the image of greenback near exchange office
Who hurt us...

And once again postponed the view from the far perspectives on current events. In China the occasion. At the end of last week resigned the man who in the current administration of the United States, in fact, was Donald trump: his chief ideologue and adviser on "strategic issues," Stephen Bannon. Without it, how do you think trump will become a decorative figure, "Hillary Clinton in the easy version" and so on.

So. It is believed that Bannon was the chief ideologue of a trade war with China (and, in fact, trading is a strategic suppression of China), which he confirmed in an interview on the eve of his resignation. It is unclear what happens now, has just begun in the U.S. investigation about the kidnapping of the different Chinese intellectual property, which was to develop into the closure of the U.S. market from Chinese goods.

In fact, 59% of the chronic U.S. deficit in the 500-billion trade with China originates from the us investment in China. That is, from the removal of plants from the US into Chinese territory. The main campaign slogan of trump's "Make America great again" meant the forcible return of these plants home. But let us assume that the American Corporation was not very happy about this idea and removed'bannon, pleased China. Where now probably notice that "who hurt us, will not last long".

© AP Photo / Eric Risberg
Ship with containers in San Francisco, United States
Finally, the same civil war in the United States, purely by chance boil around a private question about the demolition of monuments. I thought the striking similarity of these events with the "cultural revolution" in China noticed only outside China, but no — it turns out that at least the blogosphere in this country is all very well see. And lamenting, suppressing a smile: what is it they do not guard themselves against our virus...

So, the idea of the "Chinese world" jump moved closer to us. But you don't want sbychi dreams. About how the Chinese will create a world without the dollar, we have already stated. And here's another problem: jihadism. Internal infection that destroys from within Muslim civilization and affecting the world as a whole. I remember a similar situation in the Christian world meant a half century of wars, civil and customary. Now the West has shown a complete inability to somehow explain what to do, and even to defend themselves.

So, if come a "Chinese century" the new superpower will be forced to take on the ideological and material burden of this problem? Something not very noticeable at least some perturbations in this direction.

Or, maybe, the world is not so Chinese, but still multi-polar? By the way, the term itself was invented by Chinese scientists at the turn of the 90-ies. And everyone liked it, including through key ideas of the Beijing: nobody needs to export the values, lifestyle and ideology, they are and will be different. This idea really helped China in its growing global "leadership without leadership", officially it is proclaimed to them everywhere.


But some writers — a lot of them — can't fight the joy from the obvious decline of the "American world". And especially to rejoice there is nothing, because there is nothing but problems and confusion. And it's not just the Chinese apply to us, too.


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