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Overview of the Chinese media: who will be the next victim of Russia?
Material posted: Publication date: 22-03-2018
China expected tracks not only the changes in their political system, but carefully watching his Russian neighbor. In this regard, Chinese expert and journalistic community responded quickly to the news on the preliminary results of elections in Russia. They are not interested in short-term outcome: a victory for Putin, no one in doubt. Chinese media has been analyzed how to change the long-term vectors of development of Russia and how hard will the foreign policy. But the main question, which appeared on the agenda in connection with the elections in Russia for Putin to re-stimulate the growth of the Russian economy.

Wu in the article "Putin is not so much time to create a miracle" ("Guanica", 19.03) States that stuck in the quagmire of sanctions, the Russian economy has high hopes for the countries of the East, but the ""double eagle" miscalculated when staked to the East and in vain did not pay attention to US. During this time the United States had to nominate indioations strategy that is more attractive to the Eastern countries".

In the article "Putin and the "broken trough" to improve the economic level and not to start a war with the West" ("Chinanews", 19.03), the author considers it impossible the development of the Russian economy without interaction with the Western countries. "Despite the fact that relations between Russia and Europe in the short term, leave no hope for improvement, Putin is still necessary to establish trade relations with the West, at least in some areas," — said the rector of the China Institute of contemporary international relations Feng Yujun. He also writes: "Putin is able to raise the international prestige of the country, to effectively counter terrorist attacks, but it is unlikely to raise the standard of living of Russians".

Many Western media wonder how Putin again managed to get the broad support of the population, given that the economic situation in the country gets worse with every year. They are confident that after 2024 Russia will face chaos. As if in response to such alarmist materials in the article "Putin Again!" ("Phoenix", 19.03) arguments in favor of the unreasonableness of such belief. Leading Western analysts are guided by logic too primitive for such bold predictions about the fate of the Russian people. "The reasons for the support of the Russians Putin is obvious. For the Russian people — he is a symbol of political stability and economic prosperity. He will do anything to perform these people promises, why it's so popular", — says the author.

Lu Chen in the article "the Trap called "Putin" in Russian elections" ("Phoenix", 17.03) suggests that Russia is not going to happen radical changes in foreign or in domestic policy. The country spends too much money on wars and ignores the internal problems. In foreign policy over the past four years, Russia had to participate in two military conflicts: in Syria and in the East of Ukraine. Who will be the next victim? "Putin has already announced its decision, this time the main enemy will be the strongest and most vicious country in the world — the United States. But I hope that nuclear war between them will remain only in cartoon form," says Lu Chen.


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