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The main directions of development of innovative technologies in the interests of the armed forces of China
Material posted: Publication date: 04-05-2020
The state Council of the people's Republic of China implements the program of development of innovative technologies in the military sphere, aimed at the introduction of cutting-edge developments in manufacturing process of arms and military equipment (AME).

The scientific community and industry of the country is focused on the priority the search for new solutions in the following areas:

– artificial intelligence system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and multi-purpose robotic systems, allowing to carry out monitoring, assessment and modelling of the environment, theatre and visualization, information processing and the formation of draft decisions;

– reconnaissance UAV solar powered with altitude above 25 km;

– promising complexes of information security and means of warfare in cyberspace;

bioengineering development.

– hypersonic, high-precision, laser weapons are powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation;

– manned and unmanned submersibles;

– big data systems that provides the ability in real time to track current position and status of forces to apply the tools of augmented reality and private cloud services for storage, processing and transmission of information;

– electronic equipment, integrating system intelligence and electronic warfare into a single information network in the field.

Special attention is paid to gaining access to foreign technologies, the government encourages the acquisition of foreign companies who have unique achievements that is attributed in China to the national important. Expanding cooperation with leading world universities, research institutes and other research groups.

In addition, researches are actively involved scientists from other countries. Thus, the participants of the project "Thousand talents" (since 2008), providing for the organization of the activities in China of foreign experts and their assimilation into Chinese society, were more than 10 thousand people from USA, the former USSR and the Republic of Korea.

In Beijing expect that an integrated approach to solving problems for the foreseeable future will bring the production of the WME to a qualitatively new level and to overcome the military significant lag from the leading countries in the world, primarily from Russia and the United States.

In particular, the continued improvement of the system of personal electronic cards of members of the armed forces of China. The Central military Commission (CMC) of the PRC has decided to Commission a personalized electronic card (PEC) of the second generation of soldiers of the people's liberation army and the troops of the people's armed police of China (PLA and NVM, respectively). The personal electronic card of the first generation to be supplied to the in 2012 in the framework of creation of unified electronic system of records of personnel and management of comprehensive security of servicemen of the armed forces of the PRC. The life of the card or ten years, after which it must be replaced.

The main difference between the new PEC was increasing its capacity through the introduction of the microchip increased capacity, compatible with all modern terminal card readers (terminals). Giving it a single standardized electronic medical records the latest version allows soldiers to apply not only in military but also in civil medical institutions. In addition, it additionally gives the opportunity to use the services of the access control (on the territory of the military unit, the protected service area), as well as accounting personnel. The use of special software allowed to better protect individual user data from being compromised. Products latest versions have improved moisture and dust, which greatly increases the safety contained in PEK information.


Figure – A) Personal records of a soldier of the PLA of the old sample; B) Personal records of a soldier of the PLA of the new sample; C) military Servicemen of the PLA in issuing personal cards

The simplified procedure of re-issue of card in case of loss or damage. Thus it is provided the possibility of blocking by contacting the office of the authorized Bank. Replacement cards are made at the expense of the user. The service costs 60 yuan (about 600 rubles).

New media has completely preserved the functionality of maps of the first version and can be used to receive money allowances, uniforms, medical care, food rations. On the microchip are recorded biographical information, biometric parameters, position, military occupational specialty, military rank and electronic medical record user.

Cards are made of plastic. Is given a unique 18-digit number, the first digits are 81 (for the PLA founding day - August 1). On the face of the new cards are chip and bar code that gives access to uniform data systems of logistics of the PLA and troops of NVM, which simplifies the operations for supplying personnel with all kinds of supplies.

In carrying out financial transactions, personal e-cards for servicemen its parameters are identical to Bank cards. Can be used as a debit or credit card.

Ruslan Bolonchuk

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